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Question for all parents – at what age does the cute “puppy dog face because I want something” stop working?

At this particular moment, they all wanted a slice of chocolate cake, and as Lily has mastered the “I want cake, so I’m going to give you my cutest puppy dog face in hopes of getting what I want” the other two were relying on her to pull her weight. They all got a slice of chocolate cake. <sigh>

Zach was at a conference this week, so I had sole control of these 3 little rascals.

We were watching “Our Universe” on Netflix (similar to Planet Earth), and I reached over to grab Gracie’s hand. Before I knew it Caleb had pulled out his hand to hold both of ours.

It is the little moments like these that I take deep breaths of gratitude for everything that I am blessed with. There is little greater than the joy of loving and being loved by these little humans.

These two were having a morning chat on my kitchen floor before school which was cute except for the fact that the kitchen in this house is about 3 feet big which made getting breakfast ready a challenge.

Lily will be the one to give me my first gray hair. I used to think it would be Caleb, but now I am convinced Lily will do the job. We were in the ER again to look at her belly and it sounds like she has a transient intussusception that will come and go but is not surgical and she should grow out of it. This time I was able to talk to the pediatric radiologist in the ultrasound room which made her diagnosis a lot clearer, and she got to see her aunt this time!

Lily’s outfit of the day which included Zach’s hat, her Christmas jammies, my gloves, and Zach’s Christmas socks.

Remember those chicken recipe recommendations you guys gave me on Facebook? I have been slowly going through them, and this cheesy chicken broccoli casserole is one of our faves.

It’s a spin-off of a dinner classic that of course I made a little healthier and simpler. Coming soon!

THIS peach-baked oatmeal recipe is my favorite of all my baked oatmeal recipes, and I cannot believe I haven’t put it on the blog yet. It tastes just like peach cobbler but with a lot more nutrient density. Also coming soon!

Has anyone told you lately just how much you matter? Not because of anything you do but simply because of who you are. A man or woman who has been made in the image of God. Defined with infinite value. Worth of loving and being loved. Hugs friend. You are amazing, and I am so glad you are here. Have a blessed weekend!

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