Hi, I’m Ahna!

(pronounced like the Frozen princess)

I am a wanna-be Wonder Woman thriving by the grace of Jesus and copious amounts of coffee (sans the 20-inch waist, hero hair, and superhuman strength).

although I can carry 15 bags of groceries in one trip

I am passionate about helping women to rise.

A dual-certified nurse practitioner with 10 years of emergency medicine experience, I want to empower you with practical, data-driven strategies to rise emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually well, fulfilling your God-given purpose with more confidence and joy – one imperfect day at a time.  

Whether you join me in the Early Morning Habit™, a premier virtual program helping busy women revitalize faith and fitness with a morning routine that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout while offering hope to a child waiting to be adopted into a forever family, on my top-rated health & fitness podcast, imPERFECTly emPOWERed®, or on the blog at ahnafulmer.com, you will be inspired to embrace imperfection as perfectly beautiful and mistakes as part of your unmistakable uniqueness. Because your story matters and YOU ARE LOVED.

“What’s A Blog?”

I asked my husband, Zach, one fall night in 2018 after another unfulfilling shift as a nurse practitioner in emergency medicine. My question followed his statement that I could make a career blogging about our home renovations after listening to my 10-minute tirade on the futility of our medical system.

After 2 Masters in Nursing, 8 years of emergency medicine, and 4 years as the assistant medical director of 2 stroke programs, a much-needed creative outlet was born at HammersNHugs.com, a DIY lifestyle blog sharing our family’s adventures.

I never imagined how that little corner of the world wide web would change my life. Keep scrolling to join me on a walk down memory lane.

Walk Down Memory Lane

July 2011

tied the knot

On my parents 30th wedding anniversary, Zach and I tied the knot. Fun fact, our grandparents have been best friends since middle school

meet Zach

High school computer programming teacher, Mr. Fix It, and football coach. Thank nerdy, handy, smoking hot jock, and that is my man.

November 2012

Gracelyn Donelle was born

The baby that made me a mama. Although I was a full time nurse in a crazy inner city trauma ER in Baltimore City about to wrap up my critical care nurse practitioner degree at Johns Hopkins University, there was no greater accomplishment than this little peanut.

December 2012

graduated from Johns Hopkins with adult critical care Masters in Nursing

November 2013

bought fixer upper #1 – the vintage victorian

Zach and I wrapped up our Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University and moved back to Lititz, PA. Energy rich but cash poor we bought a fixer-upper home.

September 2014

Caleb David was born

Zach has been a football coach since 2013, and he was more than a little excited to introduce his 4 week old son to the field.

September 2015

sold our first fixer upper

We did well, so we decided to invest in another fixer-upper home – a 3,000 sqft Colonial foreclosure.

bought fixer upper #2 – the colonial foreclosure

The basement flooded the day before we walked through this house, and it sealed the deal for us.

February 2017

graduated with family medicine Masters in Nursing

Nothing says congrats like a urinal bouquet. #ERlifebelike

July 2017

Lillian Elizabeth was born

Watching these two sisters love each other makes my momma’s heart so happy.

February 2019

bought fixer upper #3 – the french country cottage

3rd time is a charm?

April 2019

announced we were adopting

We surprised our kids and families at Easter with the exciting news that we were adopting a little boy from the Pacific Island of Samoa.

May 2019

sold fixer upper #2

August 2020

became a certified Faster Way to Fat Loss® coach

It was so rewarding to use my professional education and personal experience to help clients prevent disease instead of treat disease.

December 2020

retired from hospital-based medicine

After 10 years in emergency medicine and 5 years of building 2 stroke programs and serving as the assistant medical stroke program director, I stepped away from hospital medicine to practice preventative medicine full-time as a virtual health & fitness coach and host of the imPERFECTly emPOWERed™ podcast. 

December 2020

my last shift as an ER nurse practitioner.

February 2021

Hammers N Hugs became a legal business

My first professional photo shoot confirmed modeling is not my forte.

July 2021

celebrated 10 years of marriage

mom life be like

January 2022

launched the imperfectly empowered podcast

Rated in the top 2.5% of health and fitness podcasts in its first year.

May 2022

sold fixer upper #3

We capitalized on the post-COVID sellers market and were blessed to find a house to rent until we buy property.

June 2023

rebranded Hammers N Hugs to Ahna Fulmer

June 2023

matched with our precious son

The day after my birthday we got the call that we were matched with our precious son from Samoa. Pray for us and our sweet boy as we wait 12-24 mos to bring him home.

January 2024

Launched Early Morning Habit Pilot Group

Launched the premier virtual health and fitness program helping busy women revitalize body and soul with a morning revival that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout with a private group of women to pilot and test the program.

meet the team

My village of people doing all the things. Stop by and say hi!


Alex Schauer


Alison Kelley


Bente Weaver


Jessica Shraybman


Mike Zielonka


Rory Vaden

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