The Countercultural Key To A Productive Morning Routine

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Ahna Fulmer impacts thousands of women every year.

An avid lover of coffee and Jesus (not in that order), Ahna Fulmer is the founder and CEO of Early Morning Habit, a premier virtual program empowering busy women to rise well with a morning routine that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout while offering hope to a child waiting to be adopted into a forever family.  She is the host of the top-rated health & fitness podcast, imPERFECTly emPOWERed™, and the author and owner of

A dual-certified nurse practitioner with 10 years of emergency medicine experience, Ahna is passionate about empowering women with practical, data-driven strategies to rise emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually well, fulfilling their God-given purpose with more confidence and joy – one imperfect day at a time.  

Ahna has been published by the American Heart Association and featured on major platforms like iHeartRadio, ABC News, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

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RISE WELL: The Countercultural Key To A Productive Morning Routine

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Are you tired of starting your day with endless to-do lists? Are you overwhelmed by the pressure of an overly committed calendar? Are you emotionally and mentally drained from the constant hustle without time for yourself? Would you like to renew and revitalize your passion with an unshakeable purpose?

If you or your audience would say yes to any one of these questions, then this program is for you. This is your crash course on the ultimate way to start a pressure-free, productive day.

We often hear how one of the keys to a successful life includes an early morning routine, however, like many well-intended health habits, pushing back the alarm to get a jump start on a productive day often fuels the ongoing overwhelm of endless to-do lists and overly committed calendars offering little rest or renewal in return.

As a nurse practitioner, fitness/nutrition coach, and podcast host Ahna has interacted with thousands of women who start their day tired and overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally drained from the pressure to hustle harder and be more.  

And she can relate. 

In 2018 Ahna was desperate for a change; tired of starting each day feeling behind. After 2 years of fighting the snooze button, she established a countercultural early morning routine that revitalized every aspect of her life.

A routine that starts each day being not doing with the scientifically proven self-care practice of emotionally intelligent gratitude that is grounded in the truth that“Your value is not based on what you say or do, but in the God who created you.” 

Your audience will leave confident and equipped with a powerful tool they can implement the next day to revitalize their lives by renewing their mornings.  

Let’s rise.

Key Takeaways

– The #1 secret to calming calendar chaos.
– The crucial question [that no one is asking] to address your stress.
– The busy woman’s ultimate self-care habit to start a productive day.
– How to release the pressure of “not enough.”

inspire. empower. transform.

If your audience wants to improve their productivity with less stress and greater joy, then Ahna is the speaker you want.

Combining scientific evidence, real-life stories, and professional experience in an engaging yet relatable manner, Ahna delivers a message that inspires audiences with her raw authenticity while empowering them with research-based steps to transform their lives.

“Hard-hitting and heartwarming.”

Ahna has a way of addressing difficult issues with grace and compassion.


compassionately countercultural

Ahna’s approach is grounded in data-centered insights with a clear heartbeat for people making her an undeniable mic drop for your next in-person or virtual event.


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“Break free from a beautifully curated best life and start rising with an imperfectly empowered life lived well.”