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“The best inspirational speaker on daily prayer for Christians to rewire fear into faith every day at your next Christian conference for women.”

I loved every minute!

I was laughing and crying. It was just what I needed today.
Shelley M.

Real & Encouraging

Ahna is the absolute best! She is so real and encouraging and points us toward Christ and Biblical standards of wellness.
Ashley K.

So Eye Opening

Wish I would have learned this stuff 25 years ago.
Melissa W.

Scripture-based. Science-backed.

If you want to rewire fear into faith and rise resilient every day, then Ahna is the best inspirational speaker for your next Christian conference for women.

Combining scientific evidence, real-life encounters, and professional experience in an engaging yet relatable manner, Ahna delivers a powerful message that inspires audiences with her raw authenticity while empowering them with faith-based, research-backed steps to transform their lives by renewing their mornings.

signature program:


How to Rewire Fear into Faith and Rise Resilient Every Day

Personalized Keynote, Virtual Presentation, 1/2 Day or full day Workshop

Key Takeaways

– Discover the current statistics on how calendar chaos uniquely impacts women’s health.
– Clarify a crucial question your doctor is not asking to address your stress.
– Decode the brain-changing power of emotion to effectively revitalize all 5 dimensions of your health.
– Learn the simple, proven tool to rewire fear into faith and rise calm & confident in Christ every single day.

Do you feel behind and out of control amidst your calendar chaos? Do you often feel tired with a soul-level weariness that a nap doesn’t satisfy? Do you feel anxious that you are failing to meet the expectations of yourself and those around you? Do you struggle to feel the presence of God working in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you.

This is your crash course on a proven way to rewire fear into faith and rise out of chaos into calm every single day.

We often hear how the key to success is an early morning routine. While rising earlier is associated with higher incomes, reduced stress, and increased satisfaction, it can also intensify the pressure to hustle harder, do more, and be better, perpetuating feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. So what is the countercultural key to finally feeling ahead?

Start your day being not doing with emotionally intelligent gratitude practiced through God’s Word and prayer.

Backed by research, founded in faith, and powered by practicality your audience will leave transformed and equipped with a powerful tool they can implement the next day to revitalize their lives by renewing their mornings.

Let’s rise.

“Hard hitting and heart warming.”

Ahna has a way of addressing difficult issues with grace and compassion.


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topic 1:

Restore Deep Sleep

How To Energize Your Day With The 5 Senses At Night

Personalized Keynote, Virtual Presentation, 1/2 Day or full day Workshop

Key Takeaways

– Why sleep is the greatest deficit in your health strategy.
– How to evaluate your sleep at home.
– The truth no one has told you about your struggle with sleep.
– How to systematically restore your sleep by leveraging your senses.

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N.E.A.T. Ways to Remodel Your Body

How to Boost Your Metabolism & Move Smarter Not Harder

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Key Takeaways

– A mental hack to fit living the industry doesn’t want you to know.
– Why you need to ditch the scale for good.
– The best way to track your fitness & monitor disease risk.
– N.E.A.T. ways to boost your metabolism and move smarter, not harder.

topic 3:

Adore The Skin You’re In

The Countercultural Key to Unlocking Christlike Confidence

Personalized Keynote, Virtual Presentation, 1/2 Day or full day Workshop

Key Takeaways

– The lie the beauty industry is still selling you.
– Why it is essential to look in the mirror.
– An exercise to retrain your brain & boost your self-esteem.
– The countercultural key to unlocking Christlike confidence.

topic 4:

Let’s Rise

Unmasking the God-Given Wonder of Women

Personalized Keynote, Virtual Presentation, 1/2 Day or full day Workshop

Key Takeaways

– Recognizing the greatest threat to Christian women.
– A revolutionary perspective on why Satan targeted Eve.
– Why you need to confront “You Do You” culture.
– The life-changing prayer God always says “yes” to.

compassionately countercultural

Ahna’s approach is grounded in data-centered insights with a clear heartbeat for people making her an undeniable mic drop for your next in-person or virtual Christian conference for women.


Meet Ahna Fulmer - the best inspirational speaker on rewiring fear into faith with daily prayer for Christians at your next Christian conference for women.
health coach|Keynote Speaker |podcast host

Meet Ahna Fulmer

An avid lover of coffee and Jesus (not in that order), Ahna Fulmer is the founder and CEO of Early Morning Habit™, a virtual health program helping busy Christian women revitalize faith and fitness with a morning routine that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout while offering hope to a child waiting to be adopted into a forever family.

As a dual-certified nurse practitioner with 10 years of emergency medicine experience and host of the top-rated health & fitness podcast, imPERFECTly emPOWERed®, Ahna is passionate about equipping women with practical, scientifically proven strategies to redevelop their hearts and homes to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually well while fulfilling their God-given purpose with more confidence and joy.

Ahna has been published by the American Heart Association and featured on major platforms like iHeartRadio, ABC News, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

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