Helping busy women start their day with


Are you


of starting your day with endless to-do lists?


by the pressures of an overly committed calendar?


from the constant hustle without time for yourself?

Woman Lying on a Sofa with a Notebook on her Face
the good news

you are not alone.


of women ages 35-54 feel more stressed than men

From above of hand of crop anonymous female turning off alarm on mobile phone in bedroom in morning time


of women feel rushed in the morning

From above calm young Asian female in sleepwear waking up in morning and browsing mobile phone in cozy bed


of women check their phone 10 minutes after waking

What if you could start each day feeling

calm & confident

with a morning routine that didn’t sacrifice your sleep?

start rising now

Hi, I’m Ahna.

I have always been skeptical of people who smile as soon as they wake up in the morning.

I need a trip to the bathroom and 12 oz of coffee to form coherent words let alone radiate joy into the world. Despite this biological aversion to rising early, in 2018 I decided it was time to rise for myself.

I was tired of starting each day hustled, hurried, and overwhelmed by the pressure of too many commitments. I felt frustrated with the emotional & mental energy required to hype myself up for a workout only to end the day still wearing grungy workout clothes sans the workout.

I longed to start my day in the calm of the quiet – grounding myself in the Truth of God’s Word and casting my cares onto Jesus, whose peace passes all understanding. I wanted to feel fabulous by getting my workout done before the kids woke up and the chaos of my day descended.

After 2 years of fighting the snooze button and attempting to get my workout done before the sun, I established a science-backed, simple yet sustainable morning practice that revitalized every aspect of my life. Now I want to share it with you; the ultimate self-care routine for busy women.

Welcome to Early Morning Habit™. Let’s rise. (coming April 1, 2024).

XO Ahna


early morning habit™

The premier virtual course and community helping busy women establish a morning routine that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout (even if you are NOT a morning person).

Check out the proprietary 6-pillar Early Morning Habit™ program.

RECLAIM Your Health

rising with scientific selfcare for holistic healthcare

Establish a proven practice that efficiently & effectively revitalizes all 5 dimensions of your health.

PIllar 1

RESTORE Your Sleep

rejuvenating with the body’s holistic reset button

Energize your day with the Sensory Sleep Rehab System at night.

PIllar 2

RENEW Your Mind

finding peace in the calm of the quiet

Still fear & strengthen faith with emotionally intelligent gratitude practiced through God’s Word & prayer.

PIllar 3


moving smarter not harder

Live fit with daily home workouts & N.E.A.T. ways to boost your metabolism.

PIllar 4


radiating confidence from the inside out

Adore the skin you’re in with Outfit Formulas® and Makeup Geek® Academy guides to beautify on the fly.

PIllar 5


thriving with Divine influence

Rise for yourself and help a child wake up to the hope of a forever family with the Early Morning Habit™ adoption fundraising program.

PIllar 6

That’s not all.

Every morning you rise for yourself, you help a child wake up to the hope of a forever family.

After successful completion of the 6-week program on the Early Morning Habit™ app, your progress $ reward will be given forward to a mom enrolled in our adoption program raising funds to bring her son or daughter home with the 501c organization, Lifesong For Orphans.

Given To Bring Sons & Daughters Home

What if you could…

  • Rise earlier
  • Live healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Boost confidence
  • Stress less
  • Improve productivity
  • Save time
  • Strengthen faith

…with one daily habit?

Early Morning Habit 6-Week Program

You Will Get:

6 week holistic health & fitness program + live community on the Early Morning Habit app$199 Value
6 live group training sessions with Ahna & guest experts$499 Value
6 Week At Home Video Workout Plan + SIMPLY Lean Meal Plan: 6 Weeks Of High-Protein Dinners To Fuel A Fit & Fabulous You$79 Value
Sensory Sleep Rehab System: A Step By Step Guide To A Restorative Night’s Sleep$39 Value
Outfit Formulas® to Fit & Flatter Your Body $29 Value
Makeup Geek® Academy Guide To Beautify On The Fly$29 Value
Emotionally Intelligent Gratitude Journal: Research-Based Prompts To Calm Your Mind & Boost Your Mood$19 Value

Your Investment: $883


After the 6 week program, you will be automatically enrolled in the Rising Stars membership for $27/month. Cancel anytime. 

Choose Your Plan

General Offer

Earn up to $40 give reward

6 Week Program + month To Month membership


per month

one-time payment of $127 then $27/month

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one-time payment of $451 $343 then $18/month
Your satisfaction is guaranteed within the first 30 days or your money back. You have nothing to lose besides stress.

there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Early Morning Habit™

is for you if:

+ You want a routine proven to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

+ You want time to invest in yourself.

+ You want to sleep better at night and feel more energetic.

+ You want to decrease your stress and feel peace.

+ You want to stay fit and feel healthy.

+ You want to enjoy your clothes and feel confident.

+ You want to support an adoptive mom bringing her child home to a forever family.

Early Morning Habit™

is not for you if:

+ You do not have an email address.

+ You do not need time to yourself.

+ You do not want to sleep better at night.

+ You do not feel stressed or overwhelmed.

+ You do not need exercise accountability.

+ You do not need budget-friendly fashion ideas to fit and flatter your body.

+ You do not support the practice of adopting children into forever families.



Sign up for Early Morning Habit™ and download the app.


Unlock the Week 1 curriculum on the app, and say hello to the community in the chat room.


Track your quiet time and morning workout progress for 6 weeks in the app. Receive your digital progress $ reward and support an enrolled mom in the Early Morning Habit adoption program.


Enjoy ongoing accountability and support in the Early Morning Habit™ community including quarterly challenges (group challenge $ reward to a featured adoptive mom), loyalty gifts, and exclusive access to leading health, fitness, fashion, and family experts.


Enroll in the referral program and earn a 20% lifetime commission for every person you refer.



Available On

6 Week Program

Enjoy a research-backed digital 6 week course that offers structured guidance with ways to modify and personalize.

Daily Curriculum

Stay on track with daily workouts, teaching curriculum, engagement prompts, and action steps.

Weekly Training

Watch the weekly training videos or download the audio for learning on the go.

Progress Trackers

Track your morning progress with our sleep quality, quiet time, and workout trackers that include optional photo uploads or note taking for your personal benefit.

Community Chat Rooms

Find the support and accountability of like-minded women renewing each morning with God’s Word and a workout.

Choose Your Plan

General Offer

Earn up to $40 give reward

6 Week Program + month To Month membership


per month

one-time payment of $127 then $27/month

Most Popular

1 MONTH FREE + Earn up to $75 give reward

6 Week Program + 6 Month membership BUNDLE


per month

one-time payment of $289 $259 then $22/month

Best Deal

4 MONTHS FREE + Earn up to $100 give reward

6 week program + 12 month membership BunDle


per month

one-time payment of $451 $343 then $18/month

Meet Ahna

An avid lover of coffee and Jesus (not in that order), Ahna Fulmer is the founder and CEO of Early Morning Habit™, a premier virtual program empowering busy women to rise well with a morning routine that starts each day with God’s Word and a workout while offering hope to a child waiting to be adopted into a forever family.  She is the host of the top-rated health & fitness podcast, imPERFECTly emPOWERed™, and the author and owner of

A dual-certified nurse practitioner with 10 years of emergency medicine experience, Ahna is passionate about empowering women with practical, data-driven strategies to rise emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually well, fulfilling their God-given purpose with more confidence and joy – one imperfect day at a time.  

Ahna has been published by the American Heart Association and featured on major platforms like iHeartRadio, ABC NewsAuthority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

Read My Story


The Early Morning Habit is less about the time on an alarm clock and more about the importance of starting your day with a holistic health habit proven to revitalize every aspect of your life; the habit of starting your day with stillness and strength by prioritizing quiet time and workout before anything else.

Yes! We curated a strategic workout plan from the amazing MadFit library that is conveniently available as a daily video on the Early Morning Habit app, or maintain your current fitness regimen. Early Morning Habit is meant to be a holistic health accountability program to supplement and support any goal including your success in other fitness and nutrition programs.

The program implements 3 simple yet scientifically proven nutritional strategies that promote fat loss and fit living (including a 6 week dinner meal plan), but we do not track macros or keep a nutritional log.

During the initial 6 week program and the quarterly 6 week challenges in the Rising Stars monthly membership, you must start your day with quiet time and a workout 80% of the time as noted by tracking your progress in the app. That is 30 mornings of investing in YOU.

Yes! Not only are the course and curriculum conveniently located on the Early Morning Habit app, but there are live chat rooms, weekly group coaching, and expert interviews in the app as well. Think holistic health program meets a faith and fitness accountability app.

The outfit formulas, makeup guides, and hair tutorials are in video and pdf form and have been exclusively contributed to Early Morning Habit by our amazing professional fashion partners at Outfit Formulas, Makeup GeeK Academy.

The $$ reward will be given to the mom indicated on your feedback form at the end or to the mom who has the most left to raise if no name is indicated.

The goal is to start your day 5x/week with quiet time and a workout for a total of 60 successful check-ins over 6 weeks.

Calculate your give reward potential based on the program bundles below.

6 Week Program + Month To Month Membership

  • $40 (48-60)
  • $20 (30-48)
  • $10 (0-30)

6 Week Program + 6 Month Membership

  • $75 (48-60)
  • $38 (30-48)
  • $19 (0-30)

6 Week Program + 12 Month Membership

  • $100 (48-60)
  • $50 (30-48)
  • $25 (0-30)

It is time for YOU.

Time for women to empower women to RISE with the abundant calm and confidence found in Jesus Christ.

Let’s rise.