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A couple of days ago Caleb came home with a stirring opinion piece. I have never resonated more with my child, and I think my work here is done.

I laughed out loud when I read this, but really, there is a profound truth in this short essay. How many disappointments in life could be curbed if we had simply taken the time to clarify a situation at the outset? Ask the question because let’s be honest, I have no time for raisins in my baked goods. I have to ask though – are you team “raisin cookies” or are you team “don’t you dare put raisins in my baked goods”? Comment at the end!

This little one is eating us out of the house and home after losing quite a bit of weight after her belly trouble two weeks ago.

She gets a follow-up ultrasound this week to make sure the intussusception has resolved, but if her appetite is any indication then she should be good to go.

Caleb is my early morning riser and once in a while he will be up super early instead of waiting for his alarm clock and come out and chat with me. I hope he still does that 10 years from now.

Am I the only mom who forgets when her kids don’t have school? Between in-service days and other days that I can’t account for, I totally forgot my kids were off yesterday. I am grateful I work from home and can flex, but what do you mommas do who work outside of the house 5 days a week? I’m sure you keep a much better calendar than me for one thing. Ha.

Caleb is going to do spring flag football for the first time this year, and I am intrigued to see how it will go. Other than Pokemon cards and long division, football is the only other thing Caleb has expressed any significant interest in, and I am super curious to see how an organized sport goes for him. And yes you read that right. Long division. Caleb is starting the gifted program at his school, and when we asked him what he was excited to learn more of he said “long division and coding.” Zach was so proud. #nerds

Have you ever heard of this product?! It’s a “spray” lifting powder. I got my hair cut this week, and as I am always looking for ways to add volume to my very flat, fine hair my hairdresser showed me this product. It is amazing. You “spray” the powder at the root of the hair and it creates this grippy lift at the base that instantly adds texture and volume. This white one is a softer grip and the black one is a heavier grip. The black one seems to be out of stock but this spray texturizing powder by Boldify was also recommended and is the one I got. I LOVE IT!

Speaking of recommendations, this past week I asked on my Facebook page for new chicken recipes because the kids are sick of mine, and oh my word did you all show up big time! There are dozens of amazing recipe suggestions. To check them out (and please add your own if you haven’t), visit my Facebook page. The thread is pinned to the top of my page as seen below.

There is a lot happening behind the scenes over here, and the number one thing on the to do list is getting my brand new website launched.

This screenshot is from the new homepage my website developer sent. If you are looking for a new website or want to elevate the one you have I HIGHLY recommend Chelly and her team at The Agency. This rebrand has already seen months of work and dozens of meetings, but I am just so thrilled to take this journey to the next chapter which includes the launch of Early Morning Habit. Invest in yourself -> Impact the world. Let’s GO.

Did you catch my podcast interview with Deanna Schultz this week? She has survived partial blindness and breast cancer which caused her to make a massive pivot in her life, and it is such an inspiration and story of faith. Maybe you need to take a leap of faith. Maybe you need to stop settling for a life of “just ok.” Listen to Deanna’s story now.

I used to post bonus features from the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on Saturdays, but for the sake of simplicity, I am going to move them to Wednesday’s posts. So be on the lookout for added features every Wednesday, and be sure to link up your posts on Wednesdays for a chance to be featured! I LOVE featuring you.

Have the most blessed weekend friends. YOU ARE LOVED.

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