Bachelorettes and Bouncy Castles

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Between bachelorette weekends and end-of-the-school-year festivities, it is one big party over here.

A couple of months ago we had my sister’s bachelorette party, and last weekend we had Zach’s sister’s bachelorette party.

Can we take note of the potty squat in the photo above? Not to mention the horrible color scheme I had going on. Ha.

That’s because I was hustling from my DIY photo stand.

Classy. That’s us.

Grateful for amazing sisters and amazing friends.

End of the school year is almost here! I am ready for summer vacay.

Every year our kids’ school has a carnival, and it gets put on the calendar at the beginning of the year. The kids have so much fun.

I know Lily is small, but I am reminded of what a peanut she really is when she is standing beside her classmates. These two are just the cutest.

Every spring I receive the painful reminder that being in good shape is not the same as being in running shape. Don’t let me smile fool you. I was dying.

I hope you have the most blessed week! Are you guys still in school or are your kiddos done?!

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