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Bright smiles and bouncy curls.

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This week was all things hair. Does that happen in your house? When we schedule haircuts it’s one for all and all for one. Get ’em done.

Zach goes to the Warwick Barbershop here in town, but we cut Caleb’s hair. We use this corded all-in-one clipper set which has been great, but we are still trying to figure out the best settings for a boy’s haircut. Any recommendations would be great. We always end up cutting it too short at the top.

I told Caleb to give me a real smile, not the lame tough bro football player kind.

There it is. I am hard-pressed to name two cuter smiles than those two right there.

Speaking of hair let’s talk about Gracie’s hair transformation. This week I took Gracie to my hair salon for the first time, and it felt like a big deal silly as that sounds.

Maybe because she is my oldest, but every time we do “big girl things” it reminds me that time is speeding by and my first baby is rapidly becoming a woman.

My hairdresser is Cayla at the Inn At Leola Village Spa & Salon, and she is AMAZING.

After cutting Gracie’s curls she used a small pump of Kevin Murphy’s killer curls cream and mixed it with a lemon size amount of mousse then diffused her hair. You guys. I have NEVER seen this kind of bounce in Gracie’s curls. Shop my favorite hair products.

What in the world. This hair. I am still learning how best to help Gracie love her curls, but apparently, one of the things I was using too heavy a curl cream and putting too much in. Gracie has fine hair, although a lot of it, and it was weighing down her curls.

It is wild to think that head of curls comes from my DNA. Zach has curls but not like that.

I can’t think of a personality more suitable to hair like hers. She is as bouncy and bright in life as the curls on her head.

Not to be left out, Lily wanted me to take a picture of her hair jewels. She got this kit for Christmas, and it is a really cool gift idea for girls. You can reuse those little jewels over and over, and they are super painless to put on and pull off.

This week I recorded some AMAZING interviews that I am seriously so pumped to share with you. One was with Kiki, an intuitive eating coach, who shared incredible, practical ways to overcome emotional eating. Loved this conversation. Another one that especially stood out, and may be my favorite interview yet this year, was with Joanna, a breathwork coach. Yes, she teaches people how to breathe. You guys the science and physiology of using breathwork to relax and release physical, emotional, and mental stress is FASCINATING. I will be mentioning this episode again before it releases (probably coming in April) because anyone who works with kids (teachers, principals) or has children needs to listen to this episode.


In the meantime, this weekend includes dinners with friends, a photo shoot + musical rehearsals for Gracie (get your tickets to see Lion King Jr tickets here), a sleepover for Caleb, and lots of coffee for me. I hope you have the most wonderful weekend as well, and in case you haven’t heard it lately, your story matters and YOU ARE LOVED.

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