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It’s the weekend! PTL!

Grab a cup of coffee. Wrap yourself in a blanket. And let’s take a look at the week in review including some of my favorite finds…

Coffee and Conversation

Happy Saturday friends!

How are you all doing? Are you surviving or thriving? In all honesty, I’m hanging out somewhere in between at the moment.

Probably leaning more toward the surviving end of the spectrum.

Every football season we coaches’ wives become what is known as “football widows.” Obviously not in the truest sense of the word, but for about 3 months of the year, we are for the most part single and single parenting.

kids at a football game

Those of us that have been doing it for long enough learn how to manage, but this is the first season I am also working full time from home.

It’s a lot.

But I know many of you are in the same boat (or should I say the same ocean), hustling hard and doing your very best to stay afloat.

I don’t need a life vest yet, but my legs are pumping hard!

So let’s take these couple minutes to rest ok?

While you’re here, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

Grab that cuppa jo, and relax.

cheddar mac n cheese bake recipe

This week I have dived headfirst into all things fall including one of my favorite cool-weather dishes – my cheddar baked mac n cheese – that can be made in a variety of ways with different cheese combos and pasta.

fall fireplace mantel decor

If you are looking for more fall inspiration – recipes, crafts, decor, tablescapes – then you don’t want to miss this Fall Blog Hop that I participated in with 29 other bloggers. SOOOOO many amazing ideas HERE!

Before we talk about anything else, let’s talk about these leggings.

capri leggings with wide waist band

I am super picky about pants. Shirts I don’t feel are as difficult to be satisfied with, but pants, even leggings, have to be just right.

These capri leggings are perfection. I am wearing them as we speak.

capri leggings with wide waist band

They are super soft, come in a million colors, and can also be bought full length, but the secret ingredient?!

That wide waistband.

I should do a whole post on my favorite pants because I get unreasonably excited about pants that are comfy + flattering + cute.

Ok, moving on.

cottage style living room

Yesterday I shared an AMAZING way to refresh a room on a budget.

This one change made all the difference in our living room, and if you click HERE you can see the before and after!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite blogging finds this week!

Pumpkin Pecan Toffee Bars- Big Green House

I am here for all the pumpkin recipes including this amazing pumpkin pecan toffee bar recipe.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post on the benefits of giving kids a weekly allowance. Zach and I are still trying to figure out a good system. What do you guys do? I would love to hear tips on teaching children to manage money.

outdoor fall tablescape at night

Look at this adorable outdoor fall tablescape. I love the warm color palette of autumn.

These DIY chunky yarn pumpkins are adorable, and a great fall project idea as it is surely not possible to have too many pumpkins.

Overhead view of three Small jars filled with pumpkin cheesecake overnight oats with a maple walnut crumble on top.

Or too many pumpkin recipes for that matter. These pumpkin overnight oats with walnut crumble look amazing.

Happy fall friends and happy Saturday!

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