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How To Fit & Flatter Your Body

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Get ready to elevate your style and radiate confidence with the exceptional Alison Lumbatis of Outfit Formulas. As a best-selling author and style savant, Alison graces our show with her wisdom on curating a wardrobe that celebrates every body type.

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Struggling to find that elusive perfect pair of jeans or wondering how to build a timeless capsule wardrobe? Worry no more, as this episode serves as your definitive guide, teeming with practical tips for dressing with intention and poise, regardless of age or budget.

We delve into the transformative nature of personal style, dissecting how to construct Pinterest boards that truly mirror your fashion aspirations. Alison introduces us to Outfit Formulas, the ingenious approach to organizing your wardrobe akin to meal prepping, which is soon to become even more accessible through an innovative app. The power of community in shaping and supporting our style narratives is also underscored, proving that a collective spirit can elevate the individual fashion journey.

Her insights resonate with a spiritual undertone, reminding us that embracing our unique beauty is not just about style but also about nurturing our souls. So, whether you’re stepping out in timeless jeans or those leopard print shoes, this episode is your stylish companion, ready to inspire a wardrobe and confidence transformation.

About Alison Lumbatis

Alison is the founder of Outfit Formulas, an online styling program that’s helped over 150,000 women get dressed every day by empowering them to build stylish wardrobes that make them feel more confident no matter their budget, size, or age. 

Alison is the best-selling author of “The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas” and has been Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Redbook and Life & Style Magazine.

Connect with Alison

Website: Outfitformulas.com

Instagram: @alisonlumbatis & @outfitformulasofficial

Grab Alison’s Book: https://amzn.to/3uvU9e3

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