Ice Scream, You Scream

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I learned early on that my son does not think like me. I assess a situation and determine the most effective way of getting from point A to point B while preserving efficiency. Caleb, on the other hand, starts at point A and then travels to points C, F, and H, before finally arriving at point B.

Such as how he eats ice cream cones. Unlike most of the world who would eat a cone from top to bottom, he eats his cone from the top and bottom simultaneously. While licking off of the top he bites the bottom, so that he ends up with a cone that resembles a donut with rapidly melting ice cream at the center.

It stresses me out EVERY TIME.

Last week I turned 37, and although I was in a 2-day virtual conference with Brand Builders Group, it felt like a birthday present because it is such a joy to see my virtual business take shape with more clarity and purpose.

We have been super busy behind the scenes getting ready to launch my new website, and it SHOULD be live next week! Fingers crossed! We might need to do a giveaway to celebrate…

One of my favorite things about summer is walking downtown Lititz for breakfast as a family.

Before one such family walk, Lily said she had to do her hair first.

Good thing Zach had pockets because about 15 minutes in these all came out.

Zach has been looking forward to his first biking road trip all year.

He got his new motorcycle last year but hadn’t done an extended road trip yet.

He met up with several of his buddies from our days in Baltimore although one wouldn’t know it because all I got were a ton of bike pictures.

We are hard at work behind the scenes on a number of things including the podcast. We have quite the line up of content, expert interviews, and some surprise twists coming.

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I hope you are having a great summer, and if you have days that you feel more like you are surviving than thriving, you are not alone. I am right there with you. A friendly reminder from my corner of chaos to yours, remember to take deep breaths, be still, and consider all of your many blessings. You being here is one of mine. Hugs!

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