Our 8th Annual Christmas Fondue Party – OG Style

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This year our annual Christmas fondue party was smaller than normal, and it ended up being the original group first in attendance 8 years ago minus one in Heaven.

Fun fact, this is the 4th house we have hosted our fondue party in the last 8 years.

It took a little creativity to set up this rental house, but we got it done and had a lovely evening.

Mmmm. So much amazing food. If you want the recipes for my entire fondue party, then be sure to get my FREE Fondue Party Planning guide!

My kids enjoying the leftovers.

I found Gracie changing her new earrings for the first time, and she apparently raided my earring drawer.

Ha. We clearly need to go earring shopping.

This week Gracie and I had our showcases at CAVOD Performing Arts. This year Gracie is taking Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Acting, and she talked me into acting with her (I’m in the class right after her).

I’m having a blast with it. This semester the showcase involved a monologue and open scenes. I enjoyed the challenge!

Gracie rocked both of her showcases. Her song choice for musical theater was “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. She is currently prepping for her next musical audition in the spring – Lion King Jr.

I heard Lily calling out for me to take a picture and this is what I found. Moments like these make all the chaos of motherhood worth it.

This week on the blog, I shared how to start a family Christmas cookie night tradition with kid-friendly recipes your family will look forward to every year! 

One of those recipes is sweet and salty toffee crackers – a family favorite, easy to make with your kids, and a crowd favorite every time! 

Need a SUPER EASY sweet treat? With only a couple of ingredients, this mint oreo ice cream cake is homemade and absolutely DELICIOUS.

Do you want to create algorithm-proof videos that maximize your view count? On the podcsat, I chatted with Hilary Billings, video expert [with over a BILLION views!!], about the science behind how short video creators go viral.

Let’s check out more inspiration from this week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

This french toast bake is full of flaky layers of buttery French croissants, fluffy eggs, and sweet cream. Perfect for Christmas morning!

If you’re in need of some gift-wrapping inspiration, this list of ideas is super helpful as we head into the holidays.

This DIY snowglobe tray is a pretty way to serve your holiday cookies or treats. 

This homemade holiday potpourri will have your home smelling like pine, cranberries, and all the scents of the holidays.

This Instant Pot Hot Chocolate Cheesecake is ready in a little bit over 55 minutes and is a fun twist on a classic favorite.

Does the packing away of Christmas decorations send you in a spin? Learn the best way to store your Christmas decorations.

Have a great Saturday!

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