It started out as a lovely morning.

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Last weekend we headed out to an Airbnb in the Pocono Mountains for my sister’s bachelorette party. It was a super cute little boho cabin in the woods with a sauna and spa in the basement.

It was a lovely slow morning albeit a cold one. The temp was reading -8F that weekend.

Em’s friend’s came up with the cutest games to play.

Which was exactly what we were doing when Brooke said, “Do you hear water dripping?”

And then I heard it. The sound every experienced home renovator dreads . . .

That of dripping water. A pipe burst in the ceiling and was running out the crack and then pouring out of the lightbulbs.

We collected every trash can in the house including the two large trash cans outside because it started to run down the walls and fill the hollow wood beam in the basement which started cracking.

At one point the ceiling alarm short-circuited and we heard a British woman’s voice start talking nonsense in the basement. Funny except for the water pouring out of every crevice. The owner was grateful for saving her home with copious amounts of trash cans and every towel available, but I did not envy her the post-flood demo that was going to be necessary.

We came back to Lancaster for the night and had a lovely time.

The fun is the people anyway.

A couple of days ago Lily brought me a sticky note and said “We are going to have a Lih-wee and Mommy night so write this down.” She proceeded to tell me the things we should do together and scheduled an evening.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with this cute face? Love the sweet, sassy, stubborn girl that is my Lily.

When the lights turned off after we finished reading in bed she wanted to “snuggle” (notice that was number one on the list), so she asked to hold my hand. A couple of minutes later she said, “Ok I’m done now. You can let go.” My girl. I mean, MY GIRL. Hahahaha.

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Have a great weekend!

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