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In a surprise twist of events, Caleb came home a couple of weeks ago and announced he wanted to run for 3rd grade student council. His speech was called “Wanted and Welcome at School” and proposed ways to get to know new students and their families better.

It was really fun teaching him the basics of a speech outline, and even more adorable watching him practice it. He nailed it, and his 3rd grade class must have agreed because he was elected.

He is also my generous-hearted entrepreneur. His Sunday School teacher gave them each a $5 bill as seed money. The challenge is to multiply the gift and bring back the profit to buy Christmas presents for missionary children. So we came up with a plan; hot chocolate delivered right to your door.

I donated the gourmet cups (leftover from our adoption gala), and he bought half a gallon of milk and 8 packets of hot chocolate with $0.36 to spare. In one afternoon, going door to door in our neighborhood, he more than doubled his seed money. Now he has a whole marketing scheme drawn up. Watch out world.

Gracie and I are having a blast with Sound of Music rehearsals. It is hard to believe we are only two weeks from showtime.

I cannot wait for our son to come home, so I complete our mantel with all the Christmas stockings.

It is very possible he could be home by next Christmas! Ah, it makes my heart so happy. Our new home will be sure to include a mental being enough or 6 stockings.

Speaking of our new home, we got back the first draft of my home design! It was such a special moment to see it come to life after all these years.

Presenting the first rendition of our forever home.

I cannot wait to bring this home to life.

Every couple of weeks we stop by the property.

It’s fun to watch the neighborhood take shape.

If I don’t see you before then, have an amazing Thanksgiving and a blessed time with friends and family.

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