Galas, Girls and Gift Wrap

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It was such an honor to be able to sing with Gracie at this year’s CAVOD Performing Arts fundraising gala.

Creating music is one of my favorite things in the world, but doing it alongside my daughter is a precious treasure.

Do you ever feel like your kid just suddenly grows up? Gracie has grown so much in this past year. Not so much physically as she is still 4 ft nothing as was evidenced by the fact that in one of her acts, she was standing opposite an 8-year-old. Ha. But when she sings and speaks it feels like she is 10 going on 20.

And then there is her sister who, despite being 5, seems like she is already in her preteen years. Help. <sigh>

The girls DIY’d the gift wrap for their aunt’s bridal shower presents as my sister is getting married this summer and then a month later Zach’s sister is tying the knot. We are entering full blown wedding mode in the next couple of months with bridal showers, bachelor weekends, bachelorette parties, and then of course, all the weddings.

Nothing says I love you like bubble letters and Crayola twistable crayons.

Stay tuned because this Orange Creamsicle cake recipe is coming, and it is DELICIOUS. I am not sure which I like better my Scratch Lemon Cake recipe or this Orange Creamsicle Cake recipe. I am also not sure when I became a cake queen, but my kids keep asking for these cakes on repeat so summer treats here we come.

After several weeks of rain and cold, the sun is finally shining. I hope you have a bright, warm weekend friends. You are amazing, and YOU ARE LOVED.

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  1. So lovely! I would love to hear your music. Anything done on You Tube?

    diane, a piano enthusiast!!!!!

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