Coffee & Conversations

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Grab a cup. Get cozy. Let’s chat the latest, and check out some of my favorite finds for the home and family this week.

Coffee and Conversation

It’s the weekend! PTL!

Grab a cup of coffee. Wrap yourself in a blanket. And let’s take a look at the week in the review including some of my favorite finds for the home and family.

If you have been following along on Instagram stories, then you know that this week I have been on a mission to declutter our house.

This fall I am going to start the basement renovation and my brain cannot wrap itself around that project until the rest of my house is organized.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s the way I work.

Lord have mercy. Real-life before photo right here, friends.

600 unfinished sqft of subterranean chaos.

Gracie girl is getting so big, and we seem to have a hair theme going on this week.

Thursday I shared the story behind Caleb’s long hair, and you should see what it looks like today! When did he get so big?!

We put Gracie’s hair up in a clip for the first time this week.

And no I am I’m not jealous at all of her little ringlets that air dry to curly perfection. #lies

It is so sweet though because for the first time it seems like she is starting to enjoy her beautiful hair.

Speaking of sweet don’t miss my favorite icing recipe that I shared on Tuesday (see what I did there). It’s my Whipped Cinnamon Icing recipe, and it is delish.

This week we went to Plaza Azteca to celebrate our wedding anniversaries, and it was delicious.

If you are local I highly recommend it.

In case you didn’t catch it, 10 years ago Zach and I got married on my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary which means this year was our 10th and my parents’ 40th!

In case you have ever wondered what my brother is like, this picture from our wedding pretty much sums it up.

This was likely capturing one of his spontaneous interpretive dances in between shots.

And don’t be fooled by Zach’s side-eye.

My face, on the other hand, more accurately reflects that of a sister who has been privy to such antics for the past 33 years.

Love you, Andy.

Have you gone on vacation yet this summer or are you headed out sometime this month?

As we speak we are en route to the Outerbanks for our beach vacation, and yesterday I shared 9 tips to enjoy a fit and healthy vacation.

My family personally uses all these tips. I hope they help you feel even better after your time away!

Now let’s check out some of my favorite blogging finds for the home and family this week.

unfinished table

See what this table looks like now.

colorado town

How fun is this adorable Colorado town?

I needed these 10 DIY hair accessory ideas for girls.

diy pumpkin sweater

Fall is almost here, and I am all about the cute DIY sweater pumpkins.

And can we talk about this pumpkin cheesecake bundt cake recipe? Yum.

poolside gazebo

Lastly, I loved reading about these fabulous entertaining ideas with a poolside gazebo.

Happy weekend, friends!

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