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Caleb’s Long Hair?!

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Do you know the story behind Caleb’s long hair? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what it looks like TODAY!

I know what you may be thinking.

You dedicated an entire blog post to your son’s hair?

Yes. Yes, I did. And I might even cry a little. I can’t get over how old he looks now.

You see 2 and a half years ago at Easter, we surprised our kids with the announcement that we were adopting a little boy from the Pacific Island of Samoa.

You can read all about how we announced our adoption HERE.

adoption announcement

No one has been more excited about bringing a baby brother home than this little man.

The other night Caleb pointed out that he is the only one who has to sleep alone.

“Lily and Gracie get to share a room and you and Daddy get to share a room. How much longer until I get to share my room?


boy map

About a year and a half ago, Caleb asked what his brother would look like.

I explained that he will probably have darker skin, black hair, brown eyes, and as I was explaining I was showing him pictures of boys from the Samoan culture.

Caleb noticed that the boys tended to have long hair and said, “I want to have long hair like my brother.”

It was such a sweet moment to me because Caleb didn’t see the differences in his future brother as a potential challenge, but instantly found a way to relate.

Longer hair = A way to connect his brother.

Despite the fact that his baby brother will likely not have long hair when we bring him home, I didn’t want to discourage Caleb’s desire to connect in this way.

So the process of growing out his hair began, and he would tell people his hair was “for my baby brother.” 🙂

boys long hair style

<sigh> I cannot say I loved the in-between stage.

boys long hair style

This was the first time we were able to get it up!

Hey there, Bam-Bam.

boys long hair style

Growing out a 5 year old’s hair was not without it’s challenges.

boys long hair style

That being said, I quickly realized my son has much nicer hair than I do.

boys long hair style

The problem was keeping it nice.

This child has trouble remembering that his backpack goes on AFTER his jacket let alone shampoo + conditioner + brushing + hair ties.

Case in point.

I am told that those with higher IQs often lack common sense which consequently means my IQ must be in the negatives. Ha.

boys long hair style

Smarts and sense aside, this boy is the sweetest.

boys long hair style

Does anyone else ever feel like everyone in the world can rock a hat but them?

I swear there is an art to wearing hats that I, for one, have never mastered.

boys long hair style

Got our passports in preparation to hopefully be matched with our son by the end of this year with approval to travel sometime next year.

boys long hair style

Give the boy some California sunshine and waves to surf, and he is set.

Despite rocking the “messy look” for the last 18 months, it is a lot to maintain at this young age and Caleb has finally agreed to let us cut his hair again.

And now I hardly recognize this boy!

Big shout out to Gee-Gee’s Cuts for those of you local. My kids love sitting in the cars and watching tv while they get their hair cut.

Here . . .

. . . we . . .

. . . go!

Shut the front door.

Where did my little boy go?! 🙁

Seriously having a moment over here.

I am suddenly seeing him drive off to college. :/

This was the look he gave me when I told him he needed to stop growing up right this second.

I saved locks of his hair and put them in his memory box.

Short hair or long hair, Caleb’s future baby brother has no idea just how blessed he is to have a big brother who loves him so much already.

Maybe one day they will grow their hair out together.

In the meantime, you can find me here crying into my coffee begging time to slow down.

Thanks for letting me have a mommy moment with you all.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Ahna, I have the biggest smile on my face, and I want to cry at the same time! How precious can one boy be? VERY!!! What a blessing to have such a tender, connective heart. He’s very intuitive! I’m touched by your blog post and your adoption story. What a beautiful family you are. Prayers for your baby to be, and all your family.

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