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Check out the new website, meet the dream team, peek at what is to come, and enter the giveaway to win coffee on me!

Welcome to! Come on in, and make yourself at home. This new website and rebrand has been in the works for 8 months. That is right. We have been working on this since last December and now we are finally here!

Whether you have been with me since the beginning or you are visiting for the first time, let’s take a fun stroll down memory lane.

A Look Back On The Past Decade

July 2011

tied the knot

On my parents 30th wedding anniversary, Zach and I tied the knot. Fun fact, our grandparents have been best friends since middle school

meet Zach

High school computer programming teacher, Mr. Fix It, and football coach. Thank nerdy, handy, smoking hot jock, and that is my man.

November 2012

Gracelyn Donelle was born

The baby that made me a mama. Although I was a full time nurse in a crazy inner city trauma ER in Baltimore City about to wrap up my critical care nurse practitioner degree at Johns Hopkins University, but there was no greater joy than this little peanut.

November 2013

bought fixer upper #1 – the vintage victorian

Zach and I wrapped up our Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and moved back to Lititz, PA. Energy rich but cash poor we bought a fixer-upper home.

Septemeber 2014

Caleb David was born

Zach has been a football coach since 2013, and he was more than a little excited to introduce his 4 week old son to the field.

September 2015

sold our first fixer upper

We did well, so we decided to invest in another fixer-upper home – a 3,000 sqft Colonial foreclosure.

bought fixer upper #2 – the colonial foreclosure

The basement flooded the day before we walked through this house, and it sealed the deal for us.

July 2017

Lillian Elizabeth was born

Watching these two sisters love each other makes my momma’s heart so happy.

February 2019

bought fixer upper #3 – the french country cottage

April 2019

announced we were adopting

We surprised our kids and families at Easter with the exciting news that we were adopting a little boy from the Pacific Island of Samoa.

May 2019

sold fixer upper #3

August 2020

became a certified Faster Way to Fat Loss® coach

It was so rewarding to use my professional education and personal experience to help clients prevent disease instead of treat disease.

December 2020

stepped away from hospital medicine

After 10 years in emergency medicine and 5 years as the assistant medical stroke program director for 2 hospitals, I stepped away from hospital medicine to practice preventative medicine full-time as a virtual health & fitness coach and host of the imPERFECTly emPOWERed™ podcast. 

February 2021

Hammers N Hugs became a legal business

My first professional photo shoot confirmed modeling is not my forte.

July 2021

celebrated 10 years of marriage

mom life be like

January 2022

launched the imperfectly empowered podcast

Rated in the top 2.5% of health and fitness podcasts in its first year.

May 2022

sold our 3rd fixer upper

We capitalized on the post-COVID sellers market and were blessed to find a house to rent until we buy property.

June 2023

rebranded Hammers N Hugs to Ahna Fulmer

Before we take a tour of the site, let me quickly introduce you to the dream team. Transparent moment because life is too short not to be real, it is hard to do an extensive rebrand like this on a budget. I have invested all the start up income I have made over the last 3 years back into my business and launching an app.

The team you will meet below?

Every single one of them has gone above and beyond the dollars I paid them – thousands of dollars beyond because they support the vision and mission of Early Morning Habit. I am so grateful for each of them, and they are deserving of your business. If you are a blogger, have a website, or host a podcast then I personally recommend every single one of these amazing human beings. They would love to meet you and share how they can help build and monetize your brand. If you have any questions about what they do or want to ask about my experience don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

meet the team

All my people doing all the things. Visit them below!


Alison Kelley


Bente Weaver


Mike Zielonka


Chelly Thielke


Alex Schauer


Adam Adams

So what is this vision and mission? It is to empower busy women, like you and like me, to invest in ourselves with practical, research-driven self-care [that ACTUALLY works] because our stories have the power to impact the world. Not just sexy, superficial, look-good self-care, but scientific strategies that actually have the power to transform our lives from the inside out. On the Early Morning Habit app we are going to build a community of women who want to RISE with the ultimate morning routine (created by yours truly who is not a morning person by nature); a morning routine that starts with being not doing. A process that has been proven to restore your sleep, renew your mind, remodel your body, and refresh your skin [with pro-on-the-go fashion formulas to beautify on the fly courtesy of the most amazing fashion entrepreneurs you will ever meet]. The best part? When you show up for yourself in the app, you will help another woman overcome the financial burden of adoption as she raises funds to bring her son or daughter home. Invest in you. Impact the world. You can read more about Early Morning Habit when you tour the new site below!

Be sure to check out all the pages, and if you find a link that isn’t working please, please let us know in the comments as we are still ironing out all the kinks. I appreciate you! Scroll to the end and simply click “enter” to win coffee on me.

I am so grateful that you are all on this adventure with me. I am here BECAUSE OF YOU. Be sure to enter below to win coffee on me!

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  1. Ahna, congratulations on your new website and multiple endeavors! May God continually bless you and your wonderful family in every way.

  2. The new website is absolutely beautiful and so easy to navigate! You’ve worked really hard, and it shows. Wishing you all the best.

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