Bring Them Home

Raise funds, find resources, and revitalize faith & fitness with the ultimate morning routine while waiting to bring your son or daughter home.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your forever family.

Are you considering adopting a child or currently waiting to bring your son or daughter home? If you are like me, then you might feel . . .


about the extensive adoption costs and how to cover them.


by the complex process and paperwork amidst an already hectic life.


of the uncertainties that come with being Mom to another woman’s child.

What if you could…

  • Raise money to cover adoption costs while you sleep
  • Access a comprehensive library of reliable adoption resources
  • Connect with a community of adoption-minded women
  • Find live support from other adoptive moms

. . .while revitalizing your body & soul with the ultimate morning routine?

Hi, I’m Ahna.

bio mom of 3 and adoptive mom of 1

In January 2019 our family started the adoption journey. Despite having renovated and sold 3 homes, graduated with 2 Masters in Nursing, and pioneered a hospital-wide stroke program from the ground up, I had never felt more overwhelmed in my life.

After 30 minutes of research via Google, I had more questions than when I started.

What was the difference between foster to adopt, domestic adoption, and international adoption? What countries could we adopt from, and what were the requirements? How would we interpret the 8-page list of pediatric medical diagnoses and determine which conditions we would and wouldn’t accept? Which agencies were reputable? And if we lasted long enough to figure all that out . . . how on God’s green earth would we afford it?

Buckets of tears, hours of prayer, and mountains of paperwork later, we were officially on the waiting list to adopt our precious son from the Pacific Island of Samoa. We anticipate being matched in 2023 to bring him home in 2024.

Whether you are a prospective adoptive mom or a current adoptive mom, here you will find authentic guides from real-life experiences to help clarify and consolidate the information to help you take the next step in your adoption journey.

From the Early Morning Habit™ adoption fundraiser program to a library of adoption resources, my prayer is that you will feel more equipped to rise above the unknowns and thrive with faith as we bring our sons and daughters home to their forever families.


Early Morning Habit™ Adoption Program


A course + community on the Early Morning Habit™ app empowering you to revitalize body & soul with the ultimate morning routine. The proprietary 4-phase curriculum restores your sleep with the Sensory Sleep Rehab System, renews your mind with emotionally intelligent gratitude practiced through God’s Word and prayer, remodels your body with time-efficient, physiologically-effective workouts, and refreshes your skin with pro-on-the-go fashion formulas to beautify on the fly. while helping you raise funds to cover adoption expenses through Lifesong For Orphans.*

*must have an account through Lifesong For Orphans

“The beauty of adoption is less about changing the life of a child, but how the life of that child changes everybody else.”




Enroll as an adopting mom in the Early Morning Habit™ 6-week program and download the Early Morning Habit™ app. Your Lifesong profile will be added to the Early Morning Habit™ fundraising partner page.


Sign up for the Early Morning Habit™ referral program and earn a 20% lifetime commission for every woman who signs up for the program through your link.


Unlock the Week 1 curriculum, and start rising with a community of like-minded women.


After successfully tracking your morning progress during the 6-week program, you will receive an e-gift card reward from Early Morning Habit™ to give forward to an enrolled adopting mom (or yourself!) raising funds with Lifesong For Orphans.


Enjoy ongoing accountability and support in the Early Morning Habit™ community including quarterly morning quiet time and exercise challenges, loyalty gifts, and exclusive access to leading health, fitness, fashion, and family experts.


CASE STUDY: Amanda, a bio mom of 2 and adopting a little girl from China, wants to start her day with the calm of quiet time and feel fabulous by getting her workout done before the kids get up.
Amanda enrolls in Early Morning Habit™ and refers her mom, aunt, cousin, 2 sisters, and 5 friends to the 6-month membership program. Amanda and her 10 referral partners successfully complete the program and are enjoying the support and accountability of the live community on the app.
Amanda is thriving with her morning routine and has raised over $1,000.00 for her adoption expenses.


Every morning you rise for yourself, you raise $ to bring your child home.

After successful completion of the 6-week program on the Early Morning Habit™ app, your progress reward will automatically be given forward to an enrolled adopting mom raising funds to bring her son or daughter home with the 501c organization, Lifesong For Orphans.

The $$ reward will be given to the mom indicated on your feedback form at the end or to the mom who has the most left to raise if no name is indicated.

The goal is to start your day 5x/week with quiet time and a workout for a total of 60 successful check-ins over 6 weeks.

Calculate your give reward potential based on the program bundles below.

6 Week Program + Month To Month Membership

  • $40 (48-60)
  • $20 (30-48)
  • $10 (0-30)

6 Week Program + 6 Month Membership

  • $75 (48-60)
  • $38 (30-48)
  • $19 (0-30)

6 Week Program + 12 Month Membership

  • $100 (48-60)
  • $50 (30-48)
  • $25 (0-30)

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27


Early Morning Habit™

is for you if:

+ You want a routine proven to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

+ You want time to invest in yourself.

+ You want to sleep better at night and feel more energetic.

+ You want to decrease your stress and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

+ You want to stay fit and feel healthy.

+ You want to enjoy your clothes and feel confident.

+ You want to support an adoptive mom bringing her child home to a forever family.

Early Morning Habit™

is not for you if:

+ You do not have an email address.

+ You do not need time to yourself.

+ You do not want to sleep better at night.

+ You do not feel stressed or the need to spend more time with Jesus.

+ You do not need exercise accountability.

+ You do not need budget-friendly fashion ideas to fit and flatter your body.

+ You do not support the practice of adopting children into forever families.


Face the day with more energy, joy, strength, and confidence while relieving the financial burden of adoption expenses. Enjoy the support of like-minded women empowering each other to RISE.