The FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Ahna

An Adoption Update!

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What do bunk beds and sloth bears, hair, baseball tees and coffee beans, football and an old church all have in common?  Read our adoption update to find out! 

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Ahna

We are officially number 5 on the waiting list to be matched to a sweet baby boy from the Pacific Island of Samoa!

Adoption Update

Bunk Beds and Sloth Bears

The other night as I was tucking Caleb into bed he asked me if he and his baby brother would get to have a sleepover every night like Gracie and Lily do (they share a room).    We talked about how he and his brother would share a room and how Caleb would need to take the top bunk so that his baby brother could have the bottom bunk since he will be little. Well that got Caleb talking all about how he would protect his baby brother which then progressed into sloth bears and African lions and other animal facts that would blow your mind as tends to happen every night before bed.  I love how excited he gets about sharing his room.  

Adoption Update


Speaking of Caleb and hair (See how I did that?  I’m channeling Caleb). Are you all familiar with his current hair situation?  The story is super sweet.  The process . . . well . . . not so much. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane.
August 2019
This was exactly a year ago.  Look at that sweet face.  And the short hair…
September 2019
About a year ago Caleb and Gracie asked me what their baby brother would look like.  We chatted about how he would very likely have dark brown skin, brown eyes like Daddy, and black hair.
October 2019
I pulled up some images on Google of Samoa and the Samoan people and Caleb asked why all the boys had long hair like girls?
January 2020
I explained that in their culture it wasn’t uncommon for boys to grow their hair long.  With his speech impediment, he said “That’s ‘tool’ <cool>.  I want long hair like my brother!”
March 2020
The irony in it all is that our adopted son will be 1-3 years old when we bring him home and very likely won’t have long hair, but in that moment Caleb demonstrated one of the most beautiful concepts of adoption.  Caleb didn’t see cultural, biological or social differences as a barrier but instantly found a way to relate.  He wanted long hair to look like his brother.
May 2020
If only we could see each other so simply.  As family.
July 2020
It was a rough process growing out this boy’s hair, but I believe we have finally reached the other side (insert all the praise hands here).
August 2020
And now this almost 6 year old is going into kindergarten (Forget the praise hands.  Insert all my sobs here!).  

Adoption Update

Bonfire Shirt Fundraiser

I had a blast creating the design for our adoption t-shirt fundraiser through Bonfire.  It was a really easy process, and who doesn’t love a cute shirt for a good cause? Of course there are lots of cute T-SHIRTS, and they are SO SOFT. I was very pleasantly surprised with the racer back tank, and actually I wear it to work out in all the time.  It’s a loose fit without feeling baggy. And so many cute colors!  Check out the racer back tank tops HERE. My very favorite shirt though of the whole fundraiser are these 3/4 length BASEBALL T_SHIRTS.!  SO soft, and I love the cut.  They are true to size. Or consider buying a LONG SLEEVED SHIRT or a CREW NECK SWEATSHIRT for this fall and winter!  These shirts are amazingly comfortable and soft. We are so thankful to everyone who has bought a shirt, and I know there are a lot of pics missing.  When you buy a shirt from our fundraiser send me a picture!  We want to thank you! Would you consider buying a shirt to help cover adoption expenses?
Check out our Bonfire Shirt Adoption Fundraiser here!

Adoption Update

Gobena Coffee Fundraiser

Gobena Coffee was the first organization we partnered with when we started raising funds to help cover adoption costs. This organization is absolutely amazing and anyone in the adoption process or who is considering adoption needs to check them out.  Even once we are done with the fundraising process we will continue to buy our coffee here. Notice the Keurig K-Kup brewer in the picture above?  It is no longer there.  Let me tell you what happened. The smooth, rich taste of freshly ground whole bean Gobena Coffee happened (delivered right to your front door) and now we’re hooked.  We said a cheerful goodbye to our beloved Keurig and I come down to a freshly ground and brewed pot of Gobena coffee every morning thanks to Cuisinart’s Automatic Grind and Brew Coffee Maker.

They have 2 pound bags of whole bean or ground.

Gobena 5 lb bags

Gobena K-Cups

Gobena Gift Boxes

12 oz bags

We are incredibly grateful for those of you who are now routinely buying your coffee from Gobena.

Would you consider trying Gobena Coffee to help cover adoption costs?

Check out our Gobena Coffee ADoption Fundraiser here

Adoption Update

Football and an Old Church

The Miami Dolphins have been Zach’s favorite football team since he was a kid.   So needless to say he was a little excited this past spring when they signed Samoan quarterback – Tua Tagovailoa.  

Miami Dolphins Sign a Samoan Quarterback

This Eagles fan will happily cheer on Tua and the Dolphins this season as well! Last but not least, do you remember seeing this photo on my instagram?  This beautifully renovated old church has been generously donated for me to host an adoption gala.
Bring Them Home – A Gala for Orphans  
It was supposed to happen this September, but thanks to the global events of 2020 it has been postponed to the spring of 2021. It will be an evening that highlights local adoption stories and the organizations that made them possible through a professionally done video presentation which has been so graciously donated by Carkel Media.  We have Forte Florals and Lindsay Rossman Photography gifting their unbelievable talent to the evening as well and multiple businesses donating raffle baskets and so much more. Oh my goodness.  The generosity that has already been demonstrated for this event, even in times such as this, makes my heart explode with gratitude. If you are a local business or know someone who may be interested in donating a basket for raffle or are interested in sponsoring this event please email me . We cannot thank you enough for supporting our adoption and also helping us cover the costs to bring our son home.  If you would like to make a donation, then please click below for our general fundraising page.
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