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How Giving Birth To Death Brought Life

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The journey through loss is as unique as a fingerprint, and yet it binds us together in a shared human experience that often goes unspoken. Christina Varvel, a compassionate voice in the wilderness of grief, joins us to share her story of endurance through the stillbirth and miscarriage of her two sons.

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With honesty that cuts to the heart, she offers a beacon of “Living Hope” to those navigating the murky waters of sorrow. Her tale not only reflects on the personal trials following the loss of a child but also provides a platform for us to honor the difficult conversations that can lead to profound healing and connection.

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Through this episode, we tiptoe into the delicate landscape of grief, where Christina and I unpack the complexities that couples face when loss enters their marriage. We speak candidly about the divergent paths that partners tread in their mourning, emphasizing the pressing need for patience and understanding within the healing process. The episode is not just a narrative of sadness but also a guide for building bridges over the chasms that grief can create between loved ones. Our discussion illuminates the invaluable role of storytelling—whether through written words, voice recordings, or the silent language of presence—as a vessel for sharing the weight of emotional pain.

Christina’s presence in this episode is a testament to the transformative power of vulnerability, offering a lifeline to those who feel adrift in the isolation of their grief. Join us as we traverse the rocky terrain of loss and discover the lighthouses of hope that guide us back home.

About Christina Varvel

Christina Varvel is the author of Living Hope: Giving Birth to Death Brought Life, where she shares her story of finding hope in the midst of grief from the death of her two sons. She lives in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana, and is wife to Brett (a film actor and director), homeschool mom of four, church biblical counselor, Dietitian Nutritionist, and blogger at christinavarvel.com.

Connect with Christina

To buy the book: https://amzn.to/3VWUd0e

Here is the form for anyone who has lost a baby (miscarriage, stillborn, infant) and wants to share their experience: https://www.christinavarvel.com/griever-survey

Website: www.christinavarvel.com

Email: christinavarvel@gmail.com

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