Heaven Will Sound Like Laughing Babies

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If we could bottle up one sound and give it away as medicine for the soul it is surely the sound of laughing babies. I am convinced this is what Heaven will sound like.

How has your first week of the New Year been? How are your goals coming? If you want help with exercise accountability, better sleep, quiet time practices, and pro fashion formulas to help you learn the trade secrets of beautifying on the fly, then don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the pioneer group of the Early Morning Habit.

Speaking of Early Morning Habit, this week I got back a few mockups for the Early Morning Habit merchandise, and I asked you to vote on your favorites. After almost 100 votes rolled in across the different platforms, these two were the clear winners.

Our first order should be arriving next week, and I’m excited to show you a couple of the products!

Pennsylvania weather is the weirdest. In the middle of winter, we will suddenly get a stretch of 50-degree days. The sad thing is historically this means we can expect a super cold spell to roll in at any moment.

Soaking in the warm sun while we can.

Overwhelmed by meal planning? On the podcast this week, I shared tips and recipes for meal prep to get a healthy, homemade meal on the table with less stress.

On the blog, I shared my favorite strawberry protein shake that tastes like a shortcake dessert and boasts 30 grams of belly-flattening, muscle-building protein.

Not sure what to do with all those extra jars you have around the house? Discover 9 DIY ideas to repurpose a glass jar and put that leftover glass to good use.

Check out this easy slow cooker fajita chicken salad that can be made in a variety of ways including low-carb, dairy, and gluten-free!

Let’s check out more inspiration from this week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

This farmhouse mason jar lid wreath is simple to make but really makes a statement wherever you hang it.

This quick and easy caprese salad can be served with grilled chicken, or a tossed salad for a meatless or vegetarian meal.

This slow cooker roast beef only requires 4 ingredients, making it a super easy weeknight meal perfect for the cold-weather months.

Pair with this simple no-knead Dutch oven bread for a complete meal!

Create this cute orchid planter with warm white paint and a soft mandala stencil – such an easy DIY gift too!

Learn 8 tips on how to have a more productive year in whatever area you are working.

Have a great weekend!

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