I scrolled past the selfies and saw this.

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Yesterday I opened my phone to find Caleb and Gracie had taken no less than 283 selfies before school. <insert me mumbling something about how many times I’ve told them not to play on my phone>

But then I scrolled past the selfies and saw this.

My babies when they were babies. I had recently gone through my photos for a project Caleb was doing in school that required a baby picture, and I had saved it to my phone.

*sniff* Not so upset about the selfies because in 5 years I will look back on those selfies and see “babies.”

How did we all feel about the Superbowl last weekend? Even though my Eagles lost it was one of my favorite games. Not only did I feel like I was watching really good football, but I enjoyed Chris Stapleton’s tried and true “Star Spangled Banner” and felt that Rihanna’s ability to let her music steal the show was unparalleled. It says something when my kids dance their entire way through a halftime show instead of sitting glued to the screen to watch a million set and wardrobe changes. Kudos to Rihanna for keeping it about the music and props for rocking it while pregnant.

Zach had a conference in the Poconos this week, and I tagged along for the free hotel room to focus on writing the curriculum for Early Morning Habit.

Despite the fact it was a business trip it was lovely to have the alone time for adult activities, er I mean, conversation. 🙂

And let’s not forget the coffee. Extra large nitro cold brew with sweet cream. Stirred. Not shaken.

So grateful for my Valentine.

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