Gracie Piano Recital 2021

Gracie’s 3rd Annual Piano Recital

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Watch Gracie’s 3rd annual piano recital, and learn a little about our family’s musical history!

Gracie Piano Recital 2021

Gracie started taking piano lessons when she was 5, and it is hard to believe it has already been 3 years!

Gracie loves music, singing, dancing, instruments , you name it, and she comes by it honestly.

Music is part of our heritage. Zach and I both grew up in very musical families.

Growing up I watched all 4 of my grandparents sing together in our church choir.

As a young girl I watched my mom’s parents sing in a music ensemble for years.

I loved the Sundays when my Dad’s dad sang in the men’s quartet while my grandmother accompanied them on the piano.

Once I got older I joined them.

How many girls can say they spent years singing in a choir together with all 4 of her grandparents?

Please forgive the terrible sound quality, but here I am singing in a trio (I’m the one in the middle), and my 4 grandparents are there in the choir.

Zach also grew up in a very musical home with lots of history on the stage.

When one of our kids has a birthday party, and we have all 4 of our parents and 6 of our grandparents there, we open dinner by singing the doxology.

Two years ago I finally remembered to record it. Gracie has not quite learned how to vocally “blend in” yet ;-).

I could dedicate a whole blog post to the rich musical history in our families, but the point is that Gracie’s love of music makes my momma’s heart happy, and watching her learn and grow in her musical abilities has been a joy.

Gracie Piano Recital 2021

She has come so far over the last couple of years with piano, and I keep reminding her that one doesn’t take piano to become a pianist.

One takes piano because it is the beginning of all music education.

You want to sing in musicals?

Piano first.

You want to play the cello?

Piano first.

You want to dance on stage?

Piano first.

Gracie Piano Recital 2021

This is a lot easier to say, however, when I am not the one teaching an 8-year-old how to play the piano. Haha.

We love Mr. John!

He is the one directing us in the video I showed you above.

I have known John for a very long time, and he is one of the kindest, most humble musical talents that I know.

Good job Gracie girl!

After the recital we went to our favorite ice cream shop in Lancaster.

If you are local and have not been to Fox Meadows Creamery, then you need to go asap.

It is the best. Lots of outdoor seating with a playground for the kids.

Look at all those flavors!

This boy polished off his ice cream cone and then mine. Ha.

That face.

Such a fun night. So proud of you Gracie!

Did any of you take piano lessons? Do you still play?

Have a great extended weekend!

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  1. I I love this. Great job Gracie.

    Yes!! My husband and I both have a very rich musical heritage, but neither if us had both sets of grandparents in the choir. That’s just amazing!

    Yes, I still play the piano. In fact I’ve been playing this afternoon and currently have my feet propped on the piano bench …I must continue the prep for my daughter’s graduation open house though. ?

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

    1. Awww thank you for sharing. I love that! Music is such a special gift to share. Happy graduation to your daughter!

  2. Great job Grace! You’ve come so far! Stay with it. If there’s any one piece of my life I would wish for a “re-do” on, it would be my piano experience. I had (have) the musical “genes” and the ear, but lacked the drive and discipline to meet my potential. I also had a teacher who was excellent, but very classically and performance oriented; I often wonder if I’d had a John Fry who might have better understood how to tap into my motivation for music, if things might have been different…

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