Easy DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

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Looking for ideas to make traveling easier with your kids? Use this Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids.

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

We just got back from one of our favorite family vacations! 

It may have included some antique shopping, gorgeous scenery, massive bonfires, pinball machines, hours of swimming, and lots of yummy food! 

This annual road trip is about an 8-hour drive for us, and no matter how excited we are to get away traveling with a 6 year old, 4-year-old, and 1 year old always presents its challenges. 

As many of you do, mommy travels prepared. 

For the last several years, any lengthy road trip includes a fun pack of some sort, and the kids always look forward to finding out what it includes! 

I thought I would share what this last road trip entailed how to create your own easy travel fun pack for kids!

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

Backseat Car Organizer

The first thing I need to talk about is this backseat car organizer.

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

At approximately $10 each, this pack of 2 back seat car organizers is a steal.  They are well made, waterproof, and easy to wipe down.

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

The clear plastic pocket at the top is made for up to a 10″ tablet, and all 4 mesh pockets are capable of holding a standard size plastic or reusable water bottle. 

They are also the perfect size for crayons, markers etc.

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

This fun pack was Caleb’s who is 4 1/2 years old.  Obviously all of these items would need to be tailored to your child’s interests and age! 

I will also show you what Gracie’s looked like (6 1/2 years old) and what I brought along for Lillian (23 mos old).

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

#1.  Back Seat Car Organizer

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

#2.  Camelbak Kid’s Water Bottle

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

These are my favorite water bottles for our kids.  I have tried a lot of other ones for but for ease of cleaning and durability these come out on top every time. 

As a side note, I always remove the straw because they are nearly impossible to keep clean, and my kids have learned to tip their water bottles to drink.  These water bottles stay on the kitchen island at their respective seats 24/7 and are always filled with water. 

Also did you know you can buy replacement valves?  I buy this 4 pack and replace the bite valves when they start to leak.  Caleb has had that shark Camelbak for over 3 years.

#3.  Tablet or Movies

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

We have a tv in our Chrysler Pacifica (if you missed my review of our 2018 Chrysler Pacifica check it out here!), so I put movies into the clear pocket but it is meant for a tablet.  Consider Amazon’s Fire HD tablet for a cost-effective solution to individualized travel entertainment!

#4.  Auto Bingo

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

I grew up with these auto bingo cards as a kid, and they have clearly stood the test of time because my own children love them!  Keep a little scorecard in the car for a running tally!

#5.  Highlights Hidden Pictures Coloring Books

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

For school-aged kids these Hidden Pictures Coloring Books by Highlights Magazine are great because not only can you color in the pictures, but then every page has hidden pictures that you need to find. 

It’s great for my 4-year-old who is only just starting to read because it shows the images that need to be found so reading isn’t necessary.

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

Here is a sample page from Caleb’s book!

#6.  Step Into Reading Books


Step Into Reading Books are available in 5 levels – 1. Ready to Read 2. Reading with Help 3. Reading on Your Own 4. Reading Paragraphs 5. Ready for Chapters. 

They are great because they are small paperback books that only cost a couple of bucks per book, so it is not a great loss when food gets spilled on them or pages rip or the book gets lost on your trip.

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

As a side note, I have heard awesome things about this 12 book Step Into Reading Paw Patrol phonics set to help young children start to read.  (P.S. This set is only $10!).  I am planning on getting it for Caleb’s 5th birthday (this fall), so we will see how it goes! 

Maybe a review will be in order!

#7.  Twistable Crayons 

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

These are actually mini twistable crayons

They are perfect for traveling and only about $4 a pack.  I leave these in the car organizers when I remove the organizers and store them until the next road trip and replace as needed.

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

This one was Gracie’s which involved most of the same things as Caleb’s but girly.

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

These items were in a little box for Lily by her car seat.  Have you ever used the Melissa and Doug Water Wow books??!! 

Every single one of my kids loves these coloring books and plays with them for hours.  The best part – they are reusable.  As soon as the water dries the page goes white again. 

In the car I just refill the little brush with water from my water bottle.  They are about $4 a book when you buy a 6-pack like this one here, or there are princess ones, an animal lovers 3 pack etc. 

They have dozens of them.  These would also be perfect for plane rides.  No markers.  No mess.  And reusable.


Lastly, I wanted to mention these workbooks. 

Costco sells these at the end of every school year, and this is the second year I have bought them for the older two. 

They work on them all summer before the next school year.  They were only about $7/book I believe, and they are fun to work on together and end up going with us on vacation at the kids’ request.

Fun Pack Idea For Easy Travel With Kids

DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids

Here are the fun packs ready to go bright and early in the morning.  We tend to leave for road trips between 4-5am so the kids sleep for most of the trip. 

Goes so much faster for all of us!

20190617_091316 (1)

These books also serve as great entertainment while out of the car too!


Now we are headed home!  (Those giant coloring books I found in the dollar section at Target).


Until our next trip!!  (Kids’ neck pillows here!)

DIY Travel Fun Packs for Kids

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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DIY Travel Fun Pack for Kids
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