Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman
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Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman with Erin Condren and a GIVEAWAY!

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Find dozens of gift ideas for the organized woman in your life, and be sure to enter to win an entire gift box from Erin Condren!

Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman

This post is sponsored, but all opinions expressed are my own.
Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman

I have an affliction that has plagued me since birth.

I suffer from the uncompromising affliction of organization.

I was the girl who matched her folders to her notebooks for each subject in high school.

I get giddy with excitement organizing my kitchen cabinets.

Completing check lists makes me feel as though all is right in the world.

I cried with joy when I found a pen that had 10 color options in 1.

My bathing suit top and bottom always match.

I wouldn’t dream of using a pillow case that didn’t come in the same set as the rest of my sheets.

The thought of wearing mismatched socks gives me palpitations.

But I digress.

<<<You are thinking one of 3 things at this point>>>

  1. Amen sister, preach.
  2. I wish I was more like that.
  3. This chick is crrrrraaaaazzzzy.

Regardless of which category you fall into bear with me because I have been giddy with excitement about today’s post, because it is all about gift ideas for the organized woman in partnership with one of my favorite companies – Erin Condren.

Erin Condren is all about helping you live a more organized life with less stress and more color, and the best part of all?!?!

At the end of today’s post I will be giving away an entire box of fabulous gifts for anyone who loves organization just like me!!

Even if you fall into the “crazy chick” category, read to the end because you could win this box to gift to that organized person in your life!


Home office

I use a lot of Erin Condren products in my home office which I shared in this post -> French Country Cottage Home Office Tour.

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Those are the products I have sitting on my desk right now as we speak, but check out the best selling home office supplies below!


Erin condren planners

Erin’s Life Planners may be the best selling item of her entire line. They have coiled life planners in monthly and weekly and daily formatting options.

They have planners for teachers that come in coiled binding, hard binders, or a soft bound planner for lesson plans on the go.

There are planners in Spanish, wedding planners, kids planners, budgeting planners, meal planners, and gratitude journals.

And of course you can add markers, stickers, grocery lists, and a million other fun accessories to make planning more enjoyable.

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Erin condren Bags and Cases

Oh boy. I won’t even get started on how happy organizing a bag makes me (wait until you watch the giveaway video below. Look at how happy my face is when I pull out the planner tote ;-).

Before I embarrass myself any further let’s get right to the super fun bags and organizers Erin Condren offers – tote bags, laptop sleeves, pencil cases, accordion zipper pouches, clutches, large planner cases, airpod cases, lunch bags.

To name a few.

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Wall Organizer

Ok the last thing I want to show you before the GIVEAWAY video is the new wall organizer for our command center. I have not done a full reveal of our command center yet, but as I had several questions on Instagram I did do a quick review of the wall organizer in my stories.

Here is a pic of our Erin Condren Wall Organizer.

Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman

There are so many ways to customize these wall organizers, and I have included a lot of the options below! I cannot wait to show you the full command center reveal! It turned out just how I had hoped!

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Now be sure to watch the video for all the fun things!

See what I mean? Isn’t that Planner Tote sooooo fun?! 😉

The winner will be announced NEXT THURSDAY on the blog when I will be sharing yet ANOTHER amazing giveaway (it may or may not have something to do with Christmas!!) and that one will have 6 WINNERS!

Happy organizing!

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pin any of the images below for later!

Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman
Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman
Gift Ideas for the Organized Woman

shop erin condren!

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  1. I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas. LOL! Thank you for sharing all of these great organizing goodies. I need some serious help in this department. I’ve never heard of Erin Condren. I can see why you love her designs.

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