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19 Inches Lost – A FASTer Way Story

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After 19 inches lost, FASTer Way to Fat Loss ® With Ahna client Diane Sudhoff shares her story and how to thrive through menopause.

Learn the benefits of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® strategies for women in menopause, and don’t miss this show to learn how to join Ahna’s next round!

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  • The concepts of intermittent fasting and mindful eating.
  • The lie menopausal women believe.
  • What Ahna said that initially drew Diane to the program.
  • The #1 life-changing result Diane has experienced because of the program.
  • Why Diane recommends the program.


19 inches lost and energy gained, FASTer Way With Ahna client Diane Sudhoff shares her story and the truth about thriving through menopause. Learn the benefits of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® strategies for women in menopause, and don’t miss this show to learn how to join Ahna’s next round!


Diane Sudhoff, the owner of South House Designs, has 30 years of expertise in producing and designing items, with a focus on home decor sewn textile products. She is also a content creator and a home and lifestyle blogger who loves her family above everything else.


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sustainable. I knew that I needed something a little bit more solid. And when I heard you talking about it and you said the ditch, the scale mindset, I went. Aha. Because I always always said, I don’t care how much I weigh as long as I don’t look.
Right. And what I didn’t realize, the biggest surprise for me was how much different makes me feel. To be rid of the fat because it isn’t and it’s, so I’ve found it really very easy to stick with it. I mean, I really did. I think the intermittent fasting. Is probably the easiest part for me. I was never really a breakfast person.
As long as I get myself busy, I don’t think about the food and I would get off in two o’clock, three o’clock in the afternoon when I can, I really do need to eat something. Yeah. Well, and it’s funny because with a lot of the clients, I don’t know if this was your experience or not. So for people listening and watching, you know, intermittent fasting, I promote the 16, eight methods.
So we fast for 16 hours eat for eight. And the key with intermittent fasting where so many people. Get it wrong is that it’s the important piece is what you’re eating in that eight hour window. So the problem is people don’t find it sustainable because one, they don’t have consistency in hours. So they’re all over the place.
One day they start at this time, the next day they started another time and you need to really protect that fasted window, but then it’s like you just said, Diane, it’s the eating window that you really need to dial in on because I think some people just, they haven’t practiced eating enough. And so they end up like quickly shoving food in their mouth and not being able to dial in over that period of time.
Did you find it challenging initially to get all your nutrition in, in that window? Yeah, most days, I honestly did not have my minimum of calories in it also went along with listening to your body more and knowing, am I hungry? Am I eating this because I’m hungry? Or am I eating this just because it’s sitting on the counter and I’m walking by that concept of mindful.
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That was a big one for me. I think another motivating factor for me was I heard from countless sources, even in the medical profession that, oh, once you hit menopause, everybody just has a belly. You can’t help it. It’s part of the process. And I just didn’t like to grab onto that. And so when I heard that this was really.
Losing the fat. It spoke to me also. And I wasn’t really to accept that I was going to have to have a belly the rest of my life. And so I thought that’s what I really want to go after was can I, and I found out that, yes, just because you’re in menopause, you really don’t have to have a belly. I mean, it really worked for me.
Let’s talk about how it works for you. Diane, you have rocked list. So the first six weeks you asked how many inches. 13 and a half, 13 and a half inches. And then you’ve lost how many inches till now? 19 and a half. I’ve added another six. So about your amazing. After my initial six weeks, then I feel like I’ve been losing about an inch.
And not really working that hard at it, still fascinating, natural, but I don’t log my food like I did during those six weeks, like I should, and I need to get back on that. So when I get back on that, I think it will be better even than this, but I’m happy where I am. I’m doing this current six week challenge and doing that just to make sure.
And I’m nervous that I’m going to backslide and let some of it inch back on. And I just don’t want to go down that path. Well, and what you’re saying, I think is something that is so important for people to hear, because I see this all the time with clients is. It’s not a quick fix. I mean, you’ve been implementing these strategies now, the whole food nutrition, intermittent fasting, effective 30 minute workouts.
We did track macronutrients, but that is like, I always tell people, you do not track food for life. Some people have to do it longer than others, but the goal is to be able to learn trends as opposed to having to track your food forever. So for anybody listening, that is the piece of it. Is not necessarily sustainable tracking foods, like a full-time job.
And then carb cycling is one of the other strategies that we implement. And what I appreciate about someone like you is that you were willing to take your time with it and keep going. I think that’s the piece that it really hard for people to understand that it’s. It’s just not a quick fix. These changes take time and you’re going to have those two steps forward.
One step back. You might put on some inches over a period of time, but then you dial back in and it’s finding that new baseline. It’s establishing that new, healthy body fat percentage, and that becomes your baseline. And I just have so much respect for you because. Done that you have done that you’ve established a new baseline for yourself and look at you.
You’re gorgeous. You look amazing.
I think easy for me now to not backtrack because I feel the difference and not even just in my clothes, but just in general. I mean, I literally, there are times that I just feel like I could fly. I wish I was a dancer. Um, I think it would make it, but I just, I’m so excited about it and I feel so much better for it.
And what I’ve encouraged friends about the program, it’s always just. I just want you to feel as good as I, and that’s just wonderful. Yeah. Well, it’s, we weren’t meant to live with tons of extra body fat. Like that’s the piece is that people forget, it’s not just about how you look. The reality is I don’t believe that God designed our bodies to carry.
Excess body fat. And that’s where Diane knows this, but I’m really passionate about helping people start to see these numbers with a more physiological mindset to try to take some of the emotions out of it. That’s why I’m passionate about ditching the scale because the number on the scale is a terrible reflection of your overall health.
It means nothing and muscle weighs more than fat. So you can weigh the exact same at two different stages in life. And look. Totally totally different. One person at 125 pounds could be lean and fit and preventing disease. Another person could weigh a hundred twenty-five pounds and have chronic disease because they’re super unhealthy.
So it’s that whole concept. And I guess get so excited when I hear clients like yourself who embrace that mentality and can start to focus on something more than just a number on the scale and find that new base. That healthy body fat percentage. Yeah, it is great. You know, I had hoped I have an issue with one of my Achilles and I had hoped that just having that extra weight off would make a difference and it’s a little better, but it’s more of a, it’s a different issue than the extra fat on and how much it hurts your back or hurts your knees or hurts your hips.
So I do need to back off on that expectation, but it has. I can do things that I didn’t think I would be able to do. I just feel so good with that. I love that. I think if you could pinpoint it, what surprised you the most about my program? Like, was there something that you’re like, oh, I was not expecting that whether good or bad, real talk good or bad.
I’m not hiding anything.
Surprised me. I thought, yeah, hopefully I’ll look better when I get some of this off and I’ll wear better than what I have. It has affected every side of me. And I think more because maybe this might say. Really extreme, but I feel empowered by it because I think we all get to the point where we just think this is what our bodies are.
This is what we, you know, what it is. And it’s not. It’s like I took control back and it’s giving me control in so many other things that I do, even in our job as content creators, it’s given me confidence. Yeah, I left that surprises me. I really didn’t think that I didn’t have the connection that much between the physiological part of me and the spiritual part and everything else.
Yeah. Really. Why was I not aware of that? Of course I was aware of it. I didn’t really think that there was that. Of a click and they’re really together. Yeah, my gosh. Yes. When one is bad, it affects everything else. So I’ve taken back the physiological piece. I feel like I’m so much happier and it makes me feel so much better.
Right. You know, I can just walk with confidence. Yeah. Well, I don’t think that’s extreme at all or exaggerating. I think it’s the sense that it feels it boosts confidence too, because you. It’s that sense of, I was, I think that’s true of anything that we put our minds to and we’re able to accomplish something it’s like that feedback loop it’s like sometimes the best way to boost your confidence is to just do it.
It’s like that sense of you just have to get started. And that’s, I think, especially when we talk about as women, I think when we talk about weight loss or fat loss, there’s such an instant emotional. Connection to it that sometimes I think people just feel discouraged instantly. It’s like they can’t even process the idea of starting another program, another diet, because they’ve experienced so many ups and downs already that they’re just tired.
So I love what you’re saying though. It’s this idea that you’ve been reminded how important it is to what, not just only do it for yourself for your health, but also the way that it is so drastically affected every other aspect of. What you do and who you are as a person, a hundred percent we’re holistic beings.
So when we can address the physiological aspect of who we are, and my clients hear me talk about this, but I’m as passionate about the mindset change as I am about the physical change, because as you just said, they are so closely intertwined. So I love. I don’t think that is extreme at all. And I think the mindset is really the hardest thing to get you started to say, okay, I’m going to start this Monday.
This Monday is my day to take back my life and I’m willing to do this, and I’m going to commit myself to be six weeks and I do really committed. Now I have to say I did not shoot once. And even though the program encouraged you to cheat on Saturdays or on the weekend have one sheet a weekend. I did at least the first four, because I was so I was seeing so much progress.
I mean, my week two, I was feeling the difference and week three in particular. And so I was just, I didn’t trust myself yet. Then if. Took that one step back. Would I be going forward again or would I just completely fall? And once I had that first sheet and it wasn’t a big deal to go back then it was okay.
I can’t let myself get into that. Yeah, shooting all the time and what I keep telling myself, it’s really the only person I’m cheating is myself. And why on earth do you want to cheat yourself? You know? And then when you start feeling better and you can really feel the difference now there’s no way I’m going to cheat myself.
Yeah. I don’t want to go back to how I felt. You have tried it all worried. He will never lose the extra weight or reclaim the energy you once enjoyed want to achieve fat loss without spending hours in a gym or eliminating entire food groups from your diet. Well, now you can, in the virtual faster way to fat loss with Ana.
The six week fitness nutrition program, you will learn how to pair effective 30 minute workouts with all natural evidence-based nutritional strategies to leverage what you eat. And when you eat to reset your metabolism and burn fat fast, even that stubborn belly. I am a dual certified nurse practitioner, passionate about teaching sustainable strategies to promote fat loss and prevent disease.
I have cheered on thousands of clients who have done just that with the faster way program in my six week program, the average client currently shed seven inches of body fat 93% report, more energy. 89% state that their mental health has improved 100% of clients report. They feel this program is sustainable.
Curious to try the program, but not sure if the strategies will work for you. Try the faster way strategies for free head to and sign up for my free seven day. Accelerator course today and start your own transformation story. Yeah. And there’s so many pieces to that. And I appreciate that insight because it is different for different people.
You know, I have clients who they need to be allowed to cheat on Saturdays. They need to be able to have those treats because they are so exhausted by the all or nothing. And they need to be able to give themselves permission to have. Sweets to have. And then there’s other clients like yourself, who, you know, that you need a period of time where you just simply need to take a hard left and make those elimination changes.
And you know what I’m passionate about as a coach? Not just meeting people where they’re at, but also helping people recognize that it is a long-term game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And so everyone might need to do something different initially, but the long-term goal is ultimately not just improving your metabolic flexibility physiologically, but also your mental flexibility.
It’s like, you will only destroy. I have clients that write me in a panic because they just ate six Oreos and they’re, they’re like mentally just undone. When the fact is you will only undo six weeks of work. If you tell yourself you’ve undone six weeks of work physiologically you haven’t, I’m telling you that you can believe me or not, but you cannot gain fat after eating six Oreos instantly you will gain fat.
If you eat six Oreos, every. And you don’t do all the other things that I’ve told you to do. So it’s exactly what you’re saying. It’s this idea that you build a new baseline and you give yourself grace. And so, you know, Diane didn’t cheat, but the fact is I have clients who they really struggle with. They make progress and then the next day they just blow it.
It’s one step at a time. You will only not succeed. If you tell yourself you’re not going to succeed and that you’ve totally messed it up. And so I love your story because there’s longevity there. You’ve taken it one day at a time. And your thing progress. And I love that. Well, then you maybe have to do a few tricks to make it work best for you.
Our house is a lake house, it’s an old lake house. And so the kitchen is downstairs closest to the lake because that’s where you do all your entertaining. And our bedrooms are upstairs. And also on the upstairs floor is where my office is and my studio. So I moved my morning. Toolbox, which has my vitamins and my fish oil and that kind of thing into my bathroom upstairs so that I could take them there and not even go by the kitchen in the morning.
And I don’t even go downstairs and go by the kitchen. Two or three in the afternoon. So I was able to just change some things around so that, that temptation of walking in and just grabbing, it’ll just be one ship or one prep, silver, one, something that wasn’t at me all the time. So there’s some things that you can do.
Yeah, absolutely. It’s being intentional and I think. Piece to point out is that it is different for every person. Every person’s situation is a little different. And for some people, the progress will happen more slowly than others for a variety of factors, whether it be your genetics or, you know, for my breastfeeding moms, I always tell them you will see results, but it may be slower because you can’t, you know, you can’t do certain things because you’re breastfeeding and you need to keep up your supply.
It’ll just take a little bit longer, but it’s not all or nothing. You know, it’s taking one imperfect data time. And so it is it’s different for every person’s situation. And that’s such a great point. Everybody has to take different steps, knowing what will work for them. What is, you said energy. Is there another non-scale victory that you’re most proud of?
Whether it be sleep food, freedom, ditching the scale. Whatever you did the energy. So that’s a good one energy and the confidence. I think the food awareness or not being tied to the food so much. It’s really good. And, but yeah. What I also love with this program is I don’t feel like I am restricted in where I can go to be with friends.
Like, I mean, we went on a vacation on week four and five. We were on vacation with some good friends and I was able to make it work with. Being Debbie downer for everybody, you know? Um, and it was just, I could, I could pick something off the menu and I’d have, uh, just a little mound of pulled pork and vegetables and I side salad.
And it was great. It was fine. I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on anything. My big weakness is ice cream. I only discovered in adulthood, honestly, I’ve never had an ice cream phone till I was a junior in college. Yeah. I see your favorite flavor. Anything as long as it’s creamy, I don’t like the nuts in it, but something like salted caramel is just fabulous.
You know, something along that line and it’s to have some depth and some real character to it. And then I was struggling with the idea of whole foods. Doing protein powder. It’s like, yep. Cause that’s not a whole food and you talk me through it and encourage me to use the or gain. And I tell you, during my six weeks, I had one of those every single day and I loved it.
Loved I used a frozen banana instead of ice. So it kept it really creamy and it didn’t want. And it was fabulous and I’m addicted to them. My husband now has one every morning. He has a fruit smoothie every morning. I love, um, I love it. It has replaced my need for ice cream and has satisfied that creamy, cold, sweet treat.
You know, it’s another example. Being innovative and figuring out again, it’s not all or nothing it’s figuring out. Okay. It doesn’t mean you never ever have an ice cream, but what do I need to do in the meantime? So that my new baseline is something that is fueling my body more effectively, but it doesn’t mean you never eat ice cream again.
I think that’s another great example of just sort of doing what you need to, to establish a new baseline. And I love what you mentioned about the food awareness for people watching and listening. One of the really important things that we talk about is not pursuing a diet of elimination, but pursuing a lifestyle of moderation and this idea that food was meant to be enjoyed.
And it’s a learning how to effectively fuel your body with that food and pairing it at the right time with the right exercise, et cetera. So I appreciate that insight because I think it’s important for people to understand the goal. In my mind as a coach is to help you think less about food and enjoy the time around.
So you think a lot about it. Initially we track food. It’s a huge pain in the butt I’m dialing in right now, myself. So I’m tracking again, listen, even the professionals when they want to dial in, they start tracking. Like, that’s just the reality, but the goal is to get yourself to a place where your baseline, you don’t have to track, you know, your trends, you know, what your body needs.
So the goal is to eventually think less about food experience, that food freedom. So I think that’s also a great. Tell me, Diane, for people listening for your own followers, for anyone listening or watching, who’s sharing some of your concerns who hears what you’re saying and is wondering. I just don’t know.
Why would you ultimately recommend the faster way to them? Why would you recommend my pro. ’cause I think done that you look amazing. It’s not just all about looks. We know that, but she looks amazing. It does help. It does help. I would say because it’s based in science. A whole look at science. It’s not just taking that microscope down to one thing and saying, oh, ha if we do this one thing and then the quick fix one thing and yeah.
And I appreciate that a lot. And the fact that it’s not a quick fix, the fact that it’s flexible and you can, it’s a livable kind of diet, a livable kind of lifestyle now. Yeah. And I really, really appreciate that. It helped to have. He was a coach, somebody who I felt accountable to somebody who was there, checking in on me.
That was awesome. I will say the more negative side. Not necessarily negative, but it may not be a program for absolutely. Everyone is. If you cannot do the technology side of it, a hundred percent, you need a face-to-face person that you can sit across the table from. Then this may not be the program for you, but if you can, you don’t have.
Join Facebook be Facebook person, a daily Facebook person, but you need to be able to access Facebook to juice and be in a private group so that you’re not involved in all the rest of the Facebook folder, all going on. If you’re okay with that, then this is a great program that is such a great point. And you have to be patient the first three or four days can be frustrating because you don’t really know.
Understand what’s going on. And then it’s like, kind of clicks. Okay. Well, that’s why they’re not giving me everything. Once we’re going to start just with the intimate fasting, then we’re going to start with the track. Then we’re going to start with the carb cycling and it all falls into place where I was expecting day one.
I wanted, all right now. Let’s go. I wanted this huge enlightenment and that’s not how it, you know, it’s like cramming before the finals. You wouldn’t be pulling an all-nighter if you had. But we’re coming up and that’s what this is. Yeah, no, I think that’s great. That’s great feedback. And it is true. This is a digital virtual program and the technology can be challenging for some people.
And if, I think again, to your point, it’s not a one size fits all. It’s still what’s right for you. And I’ll be the first person to say that I entirely disagree when somebody promotes their product and says, this is for everybody because I think. At least in my life, other than the Bible and Jesus, there’s very little.
That is for everybody. Not necessarily for everybody, but the bottom line is. We would love to have you experience the same energy and confidence and food freedom that Diane has talked about. Not to mention the results the inches lost. There’s going to be a link on the show that you can sign up for my next round.
My next round is open. And again, it is virtual. There’s more information on my website, but I would love for you to use that link. If you resonate with what Diane is saying, I would love to have you click on her link to sign up. She does get a commission for that. And just to thank you for being willing to share her story and a congratulations for all her results, but we would love to have you join.
And like Diane said, we want you to feel. So I have more energy, more confidence. Yes. And then you can fulfill your God given purpose with more freedom, joy, energy, all of the above, and do what you were meant to do with just a little bit more pep in your step. That’s right. That’s right. Diane. Thank you so much for being willing to share your story.
Yeah, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for joining us for this episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. It is my honor to be here with you. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. If you were watching on YouTube, be sure to click the subscribe button below. So you don’t miss a show and leave a comment with your thoughts from today’s episode.
If you are listening via your preferred podcasting platform, would you help keep us on the air by rating our show and leaving an honest review of your thoughts from today in case you haven’t heard it lately, your story matters and you are loved. This is your host on a former, and I will see you here next time on the, in perfectly empowered podcast.

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