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Why It’s Important To Grieve Adoption

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Have you ever paused to consider the intricate weave of emotions and identity that comes with being adopted? Vanna offers us a window into her soul as she recounts the heartfelt journey of being ‘half adopted.’

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Her personal narrative is layered with the complexities of family, the essence of ethnicity in forging one’s self-concept, and the longing for transparency in conversations about our beginnings.

Through our engrossing dialogue, we unpack the importance of openly discussing race and ethnicity with children, especially within adoptive environments. It’s not just about recognizing skin color or cultural heritage—it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and addressing the mixed emotions that adoption can stir. Vanna’s insights reveal how acknowledging the intertwining of loss and love can become a catalyst for healing, both for adoptees and their families. The exchange of stories highlights the necessity of grieving as a foundation for growth and understanding in the adoption narrative.

The episode culminates with an exploration of rejection, faith, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Vanna’s testimony is a beacon for those navigating the choppy waters of adoption, offering solace, perspective, and a collective understanding of the profound impact of shared experiences and gratitude.

About Vanna Padilla

Vanna Padilla is the founder & CEO of Your Skincare Expert, identifying the root cause of acne and simplifying skincare for the woman on the go. She currently practices as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, specializing in dermatology for nearly a decade. Her own experiences and research have led her to practice a more holistic approach to overall wellness. Vanna also hosts the Mom Guilt Podcast to introduce women to the life-changing habits that can create a life you never thought possible.

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