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How To Pay It Forward With Pajamas™

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Join us this week as Kimberly Wilkerson shares with us her pajama company, Token Clothing. Her journey is as rich and diverse as the tapestry of life itself, weaving through the stages of Miss Wyoming, a career in speech-language pathology, and the birth of a fashion line that champions the cause of empowerment through every stitch. 

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Sit back and absorb the wisdom Kimberly imparts on how language shapes our self-worth, the neurological shadows cast by violence, and the power of positive affirmations – a conversation that’s sure to leave a mark on your heart as well as your wardrobe.

Kimberly opens up about the pivotal role of reading in nurturing early language development and how second chances in life, like those found in adoption, can blossom into beautiful stories of love and learning.

Wrapping up with a spotlight on the Pay it Forward with Pajamas Initiative, we delve into the tangible impact of cozy comfort meets caring for women recovering from trauma. And for those who crave a bespoke touch, we unveil how Token Clothing caters to various groups with customized apparel that speaks volumes. Join us in this episode as we celebrate the fusion of fashion and language, interlaced with the threads of empowerment and the fabric of community.

About Kimberly Wilkerson

Kimberly loves living an abundant life! She pursued her first degree in Agricultural Communications while she was studying dance at the University of Wyoming and touring with the musical theater group, Centennial Singers.

She served as a public speaker for the state of Wyoming as Miss Wyoming 2000 (Miss America Scholarship Program) promoting volunteerism and healthy life choices and left her heels and crown in a box less than 3 months after fulfilling her tenure to serve an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kimberly then pursued further schooling at Portland State University and the University of Wyoming to start a professional career in 2008 as a speech-language pathologist (SLP). All the while, she had this not-so-secret love of fashion design and knew she would start a fashion business.

Little did she know the timing for that fashion business dream would crystalize 15 years later. Adventures as a Mary Kay business owner, SLP blogger, co-founder of MyFreedom MyFamily T-Shirts in 2017, and marketing/sales director sharpened Kimberly’s skills in the arena of business, and Token Clothing Company™ was launched in October 2022 with its first women’s fashion line, Pajamas With Purpose™.

Token Clothing Co. fuses empowering language and gorgeous apparel to create an experience that helps women overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

In April 2023, Token launched the initiative Pay It Forward With Pajamas™ which partners with organizations that provide services to women who have experienced trauma. Customers have the opportunity to gift these women a set of gorgeous pajamas and write the recipient a personal note of encouragement.

Kimberly loves God, her country, and her family. She recognizes the divine potential of all people and her mission and purpose is to help others see and share their own light and worth.

Connect with Kimberly

IG – https://www.instagram.com/token_clothing_co/

FB – https://www.facebook.com/TokenClothingCo

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/TokenClothingCompany/

LI – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberlywilkerson/

Website: www.tokenclothingco.com

Pay it forward Pajamas: https://www.tokenclothingco.com/pages/iam

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