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Happy Saturday! This week has been a whirlwind of getting the kids back to a routine, fun pallet projects, football, and musical rehearsals!

Do you have a kid that gets up early naturally and others who don’t? This is always fascinating to me. The girls are like me. Definitely not early morning risers by nature. Caleb, on the other hand, has been getting up with the sun since he was born.


My kids have slowly been adjusting to the school year routine which includes getting up at 7a every morning. In this rental house all the kids are sharing a bedroom (which has been an adventure in and of itself), and my strategy to get Gracie out of bed is that she is the only one allowed to turn off the alarm which is across the room. This has the added benefit of the other two kids yelling at her to get up and turn it off when she is too slow to move. Ha. So far so good.

water gun fun

I have been busy on a couple of super fun pallet projects! I have been wanting to get an electric adjustable standing desk for some time now, but have you seen the price tag on these desks? A nice one is several hundred dollars especially if it includes a real wood top.

pallet projects

So I am building my own desktop out of free reclaimed pallet wood, and attaching it to this awesome adjustable base.

pallet projects
standing desk base

This base can be extended to a length of 37” to 74” and a width of 23” to 43.”

standing desk diy
pallet projects

I am super excited to pull it all together and share all the details plus a couple of other fun easy projects with these pallets.

standing desk

This cutie has been working SO HARD over the last couple of weeks rehearsing for her first ever professional musical production, Tale Of Two Cities. I have had a ton of fun watching her at rehearsal, and all of the cast (she is only one of 3 kids in the whole show) is so sweet and encouraging to her.

Not to mention the music in this show is phenomenal, and I have to say the cast for this production is definitely on par with the Broadway musical. If you are local, love musical theater, and want a fun night out be sure to get your tickets here!

delicious dessert

Finally photographed one of my favorite desserts ever for the blog. This treat tastes as delicious as it looks, and it is SO easy. Stay tuned.

On the blog this week, I shared two amazing quinoa recipes – Shrimp Fried Quinoa, which is soaked in a sweet maple soy sauce, and Balsamic Quinoa Caprese Salad, which offers a fresh burst of flavor.

On the podcast, Chas Greener shares her inspiring change of career journey and 5 amazing home life hacks you didn’t know you needed.

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I also chatted with FASTer Way client and rockstar, Cathy VanTash, who shared her experience with intermittent fasting to lose weight, the difference between a weight loss program and a lifestyle change, and a word of encouragement for any woman ready to reclaim her health.

Join my next round of the FASTer Way that starts this Monday, September 12th!

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Let’s check out more inspiration from this week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

These gluten-free oatmeal chocolate chip bars are full of hearty oats and loaded with chocolate chips (or chocolate chunks!)

Learn how to add minimalist fall decor to your home with lots of natural materials and neutral colors.

This rustic and gorgeous fall wreath can be made in 15 minutes and is super affordable!

Another easy and quick DIY is this fall garland made with things you can grab at the dollar store. It looks perfect on a fireplace mantel!

It’s officially soup season! This vegan butternut squash soup is quick to prepare, includes flavorful ingredients, and goes perfectly with a salad or a sandwich.

Another must-have for fall? This Instant Pot apple cider, which uses cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon sticks to give it a delicious autumn flavor.

Have a great Saturday!


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