basement stairs renovation

Coffee Chat & Basement Progress

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Grab that hot mug of coffee and let’s chat including an update on the basement renovation progress!

basement stairs renovation

I have 3 projects I have currently stalled out on because I am waiting for a product.

Project #1 is the basement stairs. I am going to strip the paint and sand the treads to the natural wood and then either stain or leave it natural.

But before I decide I need to see the flooring because I ordered this khaki oak LVP without actually seeing it in real life.

khaki oak lvp flooring
khaki oak lvp flooring

Some of you just cringed, but this is pretty typical of the way I roll. Ha. I figure matching stain to the floor is a lot easier than the other way around (cheaper too).

Stay tuned! The flooring arrives today actually!

Reclaimed Oak BAsement Bar Top

Project #2 is the bar and sink countertop. I have never had so much difficulting sanding down a varnish which means this wood must have been coated 326 times or it is professional grade.

Regardless I am going to strip it off using a super simple process that I will be sure to document and post!

Reclaimed Oak BAsement Bar Top

Project #3 has to do with this wall where the bar top will go. I have been wracking my brain to figure out a way to add some dimension and depth to the basement walls without over-investing. I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution.

Time will tell! I will give you a hint though. I am channeling the last fixer-upper basement reno as seen below . . . 🙂

Basement Bar

For the last month, Zach has been telling people that he is getting a nose job. There has been more than one woman a little irked at the idea until he explained that his nose job was a sinus surgery.

Zach and Kids

Like I would let anyone mess up that pretty face. 🙂 Here’s to breathing better!

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Have an amazing weekend friends!

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