Coffee Chat & Summer Reading

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Happy Saturday! Grab a cuppa Jo and join me for a fun look at the week in review including the last days of summer reading.

I love running in the summer. 80s – 90s are my happy place. Normally my workout routine involves 4-5 days/week of a 30-minute HIIT or strength training workout first thing in the morning on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss app along with my clients, but in the summer into fall I run a lot more. September and October are two of my very favorite months to run. October is actually my very favorite month of the year, so only good things coming!

Speaking of good things coming, this cutie got her first script for her first musical. She is the understudy for Little Lucie in A Tale Of Two Cities at CAVOD Performing Arts and is in the ensemble. One of the eight shows they do will actually have all the understudies playing the lead roles which I think was the coolest thing. So if any of you are local, I invite you to come see this curly-haired Little Lucie in A Tale Of Two Cities at CAVOD Theater at 2p on Saturday October 22. :-).

Our kids do a summer reading program through our local library and get all kinds of free things when they complete the required hours. This year they finished the entire program by the end of June, and between the 3 of them have probably read close to a hundred books. Zach and I both love to read, and although I will always reach for a real book first, I have fallen in love with the quick access of a Kindle.

I was asked once what advice I have for getting kids to read more? My answer: limit screen time. Our kids are allowed one hour of screen time every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Even then most Sundays we aren’t home to watch tv (except during football season 🙂 ) Monday – Thursday there are no screens. No tablet. No phone. No TV. As a parent this has been hard because, frankly, it makes my life a lot easier to stick them in front of a screen, but after responding to the life-threatening condition of boredom with “Go read a book” for the last couple of years they have discovered exciting new worlds through their pages pages. Now we rarely have to suggest it. #readmorebooks

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was excited for the kids to go back to school and enter some sort of routine once again, but I have enjoyed my summer coworkers. Like this week when I was served multiple dishes of food and hot drinks from our basement cafe.

Going into the weekend like . . .

This week on the podcast I chatted with Dr. Zac Bauermaster about his journey with depression and anxiety and how that journey made him a better leader. Don’t miss Zac’s incredible interview and his amazing new 40 day devotional that is a breath of fresh air for anyone struggling with confidence.

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Did you know there are things you can do to and in your house that have been scientifically proven to boost your mood? In this episode, I shared 5 easy DIY ideas scientifically proven to make you happier in your home.

Do you dream of gorgeous brick floors or custom brick backsplash but can’t handle the price tag? I shared one of our most budget-friendly DIY hacks for adding custom farmhouse-style charm to your home for a fraction of the cost by teaching you how to make your own thin brick tiles!

Let’s check out more inspiration from this week’s blog hop!

This classic gluten-free zucchini bread is easy to make with only a few simple steps. There’s a dairy-free option too!

Enjoy the last few days of summer with these simply lemonade popsicles – so refreshing and made with real lemon juice and no artificial flavors or colors.

Less than an hour or so of your time results in this lovely autumn wreath that is customizable and cheaper than a store-bought wreath!

Looking for even more DIY fall crafts? This list is super helpful and includes everything from twine pumpkins to Halloween candles.

With pumpkin season upon us, this pumpkin granola recipe combines oats, pecans, and pumpkin seeds to create a delicious breakfast or snack. 

Learn how to create a cleaning routine for your home that works for you! With a realistic cleaning schedule, you can simply maintain your level of clean.

Have a great Saturday!

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