Bomberger's John Deere Play Day 2019

Bomberger’s John Deere Family Play Day 2019

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Join our family for a super fun day of games and food at this year’s Bomberger’s John Deere Family Play Day.

Bomberger's John Deere Play Day 2019

As a family with three children 6 and younger, we are always on the lookout for family fun that is easy on the wallet. 

This event, hosted in the field behind Bomberger’s Home Store in Lititz, is FREE and LOADED with fun! 

I couldn’t believe how much there was for the kids to do.  The annual event is held every August and is sponsored by over 2 dozen local businesses and is a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  #giftofgrowingup

Bomberger's John Deere Play Day 2019

Amazing.  So grateful for local businesses.

Bombergers John Deere Play Day 2019

Gracie and Caleb had been talking about it all day.  They were so excited!


Oh and look who we found!

Bomberger's John Deere Play Day 2019

Fireman Blake Rich!


And his little brother Carter!  What’s better than a free family event?  A free family event with friends!!


Chris and Zach were teammates in college and now teammates for life!  #friendsforlife


Hi Jo!!  So gratful for “friend’s through marriage”!

Bomberger's John Deere Play Day 2019

Someone was super excited about John Deere Play Day.  There were easily over a dozen game stations set up with prizes!


Corn hole!


Frog Slammer (no idea what it was actually called).  Let’s go with it.


Yeah Caleb!  Frog in one!


This girl does not mess around, and for all of Zach’s family reading this post, at that very station in the picture above the game attendant literally called her a “machine.”  Not kidding.  #likemotherlikedaughter




Oh hey Will Rothenberger!  I ran track with this guy in high school over a decade ago and graduated with his lovely wife, Nicki.  Now he is a driver for John Deere 🙂  Ha.  I wonder how many kids ran over his toes this night . . .


Bouncy slides.


Go Lil!


Tractor train rides!


Daddy’s girl right there.  Mommy gets some love – especially when I am eating .  Any other mom’s out there?  Can I get an amen?  #lovedforfood   Daddy gets LOTS of love tho.  Like all the time.   And it makes my heart happy.


Caleb was showing me his “pointer fish.”  He told me I have to be careful when I swim with them because they “point people.”


Now Mr. Bob got the coolest job of the night (literally) – taunting little children while sitting in a dunk tank with a hose in hand.  Perks of being company CEO.  Get it Caleb!


Strike 3 which meant getting threatened with the hose.  Water in his face Caleb went for the button, wiped out in the grass, got up, and with the help of the above CEO’s sweet granddaughter . . .


down went Mr. Bob!


Muddy butt and soaked with water, first thing Caleb says, “That was so fun!!  I want to do that again!”  Haha.


Before we knew it, time was winding down and we hadn’t even gotten to the petting zoo or several of the other stations yet!


They served food for a donation to the Children’s Medical Network, but we were so busy having fun at the other stations we missed the food!


We will definitely come out earlier next year, so we can fit everything in!


Off to finish the night with homemade ice cream at Greco’s!


Oh hey there Ryan Gabers!  #smallhometown #loveLititz


Those boys.  Lots of heart right there.


Such a fun night.  Bomberger’s hosts this event every year in August.  It is free for families and the food tables offer donation boxes if able to give.  Pencil this in for 2020 and add it to your list of local family fun events!


For the month of August, Bomberger’s is offering a sweet back to school treat for my readers!  Take your family for a BOGO smoothie at the Elm Tree Cafe at Bombergers!  Print or save the coupon below to your phone and present it at the cafe!  Menu here!


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Call 717-627-6376 and place an order for rapid pick up!  Be sure to mention my blog over the phone to get $5 off of an order of $20 or more!    Menu here.

Happy August!!

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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