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6 Pillars of Fruitful Leadership at Work and Home

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I was fortunate to sit down with Zac Bauermaster, whose journey has not only shaped him into such a leader but also led him to pen the treasure trove of wisdom that is “Leading with People.”

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Venture with us through the pillars of this insightful book, where Zach decodes the PEOPLE acronym—Prioritize, Empathize, Observe, Pray, Love, Encourage—and applies it to fortify our leadership skills, whether we’re at the helm of a family or steering a professional team.

Zach and I share our personal battles with mental health, the silent specter of emotional loneliness, and the transformative solace we find in faith. It’s in these shared stories and vulnerabilities that we discover the bedrock upon which authentic leadership and profound connections are built. Join us as we uncover the strength that faith provides in anchoring our spirits during life’s inevitable storms. We also discuss practical ways to invite empathy into our daily routine, such as carving out quiet time each morning and resisting the urge to immediately reach for our devices.

About Zac Bauermaster

Zac Bauermaster is the proud principal at Kissel Hill Elementary School, located in the Warwick School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Zac has the tremendous opportunity of leading teaching staff, support staff, families, and most importantly the next generation of kids, each and every day. Zac describes himself as a missionary and his current mission field is at Kissel Hill Elementary. Through his role in education and coaching, Zac’s sphere of influence continues to grow by the day.

Zac was formerly employed by the Manheim Central School District where he served as a high school assistant principal and district administrator of online learning for three years, and assistant principal at Doe Run Elementary for one year. Prior to moving into administration, Zac served as a high school and middle school social studies teacher, along with coaching various scholastic sports such as football, basketball, and softball. Zac developed and has maintained tremendous relationships and connections at these school districts.

Zac received his undergraduate degree from Millersville University in secondary education and completed his Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems from Pennsylvania State University. After completing his Master’s Degree, Zac went back to Penn State where he earned his Principal Certification. Recently, Zac earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Drexel University. He is a lifelong learner always looking to learn and grow. His family jokes that he went to school in Kindergarten and hasn’t ever stopped.

Zac is passionate about people. One of his main tag lines is, “It’s all about people.” His leadership style exemplifies a people first approach as he seeks to glorify God in all that he does and all who he interacts with. Zac has gained a sense of humble confidence through his daily pattern of prayer and scripture that he seeks to share with others to advance God’s kingdom.

Zac is continuing to grow his leadership influence and share encouragement and positivity, along with the good news of Christ through various social media platforms, magazine publications, and speaking events. Zac was recently published in the Winter Issue of “The Pennsylvania Administrator” with his article titled: A Vicious Cycle- Rethinking How Principals Spend Their Time On.” In addition, Zac was selected to speak this summer at the PA Leadership Summit in early August. His breakout session is titled, “It’s All About People.”

Zac is in the process of writing a 40 day devotional for Christian Leaders, “Leading with a Heart of Humble Confidence.” Leading With a Heart of Humble Confidence is an invitation for Christian leaders to stare the challenges of leadership in the face through humility and confidence only found through God’s word and prayer.

Most importantly, Zac is a husband to his wife Carly, and father to three young kids. Zac is a firm believer in leading his family first. The family resides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Connect with Zac

Instagram: @ZBauermaster

X: @ZBauermaster

Facebook: @ZacBauermaster

Website: www.zacbauermaster.com

Purchase Zac’s Books here – Leading With People: A Six Pillar Framework for Fruitful Leadership: https://www.zacbauermaster.com/books

Zac’s Favorite verse 1 Thessalonians 5:11 

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