An Event to Renew Connection and Confidence With Your Daughter

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This episode is a heartfelt invitation to explore the power of mother-daughter connections—a theme central to Traci Peterson’s transformative event in Utah. Envision a community where strong women and their daughters come together for two days of emotional and personal growth, engaging in activities designed to kindle self-confidence, compassion, and the nurturing of the familial bond. 

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Traci takes us behind the curtain of her life’s work, including her wellness-focused businesses Amare and Elevate Wellness and Aesthetics, painting a picture of a woman who has seamlessly blended her love for healthcare with her entrepreneurial spirit. Tracy’s story isn’t just about career success; it’s a blueprint for mothers everywhere who strive to be present for their children while fulfilling their own dreams.

We talk about everything from community service with Mothers Without Borders to sessions on nutrition and makeup, all created to empower the next generation of girls. Join us as we celebrate the enduring relationship between mothers and daughters, and the communal wisdom that supports young women in becoming resilient, self-assured individuals.

Connect with Traci

Instagram: @Tpete & @Motherdaughtermovement 

Buy tickets for the Mother/Daughter Weekend www.tracipeterson.com

Use Code BBG10 for 10% OFF 

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