Gracie's Acting Showcase 2021
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Gracie’s Acting Showcase 2021

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Today I’m sharing Gracie’s first-ever acting showcase where she did a monologue from the Disney movie “Tangled.” She rocked it!

Do you ever have those moments watching your kids do something when you suddenly get the sense that “this is just the beginning?”

It’s like . . . although they are nervous and even a little scared they are totally in their element and flourishing.

That was me watching Gracie acting on stage.

Gracie's Acting Showcase 2021

Over the last several weeks it took hours of conversations and practice to help her gather the courage to do her monologue in front of everyone, but she is such a natural despite her age and inexperience (not to mention she really enjoys it).

Gracie's Acting Showcase 2021

In her defense, she just turned 9 a couple of weeks ago, and she has been in an acting class this semester that is for 11-13 year olds. It was just the timing that worked best for our schedule.

She looks so little up there!

Gracie's Acting Showcase 2021

For anyone local, she started at CAVOD this fall in ballet 1 and acting 1. They offer all kinds of performing arts classes for various levels and age groups at a variety of times. It’s like going to summer camp all year long.

Gracie looks forward to it every week.

Gracie's Acting Showcase 2021

One of the things her class did at the showcase was to demonstrate some of the exercises they do each week which was super fun.

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Like this one where the audience had to throw out ideas for them to act out using strictly body language. As you will hear in the video, Caleb and Lily were highly entertained. 🙂

P.S. Gracie LOVES her acting teacher. Caleb Heckman was incredibly patient, encouraging, and understanding with Gracie. She never felt pressured or out of place. We are grateful for you Mr. Caleb!

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She was so nervous for WEEKS and then got up there and did her thing.

Afterward, she was SO PROUD of herself. She whispered in my ear, “Mommy, I kind of want to do that again.” Haha.

I was so proud of her, not just because she rocked her monologue, but because she faced her fear and conquered it.

It’s such a fine line when you have a kid who is truly good at something and genuinely enjoys it but is scared of failure. You don’t want to push them too hard, but you also don’t want them to settle.

You mommas out there with way more experience than me – how did you encourage your kids to excel at the things they enjoyed without pushing them so hard they no longer enjoyed it?

I will take all the advice because I feel very confident this is not the last time we will see Gracie on stage ;)!

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