Sweatshirts, Swings & Stands

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I should know better by now. I have lived over two decades of my life in Pennsylvania, one of those decades with children, and I still make this mistake every year.

I put away the winter clothes too soon.

For three weeks it was in the 70s and 80s, and I felt sure that I was safe to make the “switch,” and then in typical Pennsylvania weather nonsense, it has been in the 50s, rainy, and FREEZING cold. <sigh> So this week you will find us in layers of sweatshirts, jackets, and pants.


Last weekend Zach and friends from church flew to Texas for the Iron Man in Houston.

Clarification, one of them did the IronMan and the rest were there for moral support (and the food). I’ve never thought of Zach at 6’1″ as short, but they were there to cheer on the “tall guy” on the far right. Lucas, you are amazing!

While the guys were in Texas, the girls and the kiddos were partying at home.

Partying looking a lot of like sand boxes, swings, and ice cream cones.

Be still my heart. This picture. These two.

My kids and our neighbor’s kids wanted to do a lemonade stand, so in support of young entrepreneurship, I contributed cookies to the roadside stand.

In case you haven’t made these yet, you must try my mint chocolate pudding cookies. They are delicious.

That face. <sigh> She has one of those faces that is hard to resist.

And then there’s this face. Ha. Which we also see frequently.

My precious girls. Gosh, I love these moments.

They raked in $41 from our little neighborhood and the first place they wanted to go with their riches? The candy shop. Go figure.

The last time Zach was gone for the weekend my kids all wanted to sleep with me for a mommy kiddo sleepover. It was like Tetris with children, but my king-size bed just fits Caleb on the bottom then the girls and myself along the top. And now it’s a thing. Amazingly, we all sleep great.

These two are buddies from church and school playing flag football together, and this pic Zach took made my heart smile. I am soaking in this season of life when they are still babies with high voices who fit in the back of our tiny KIA Forte and get as excited about candy and Pokemon cards as anything else.

Happy weekend, my friends! Here is to dancing in the rain. The sun is coming.

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