Coffee Chat & Selling Our House!

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Grab a cuppa jo and join me for a weekend chat including the adventures of selling our house in this crazy market!

As I type this our house has been on the market for 2 days and last I counted we are up to 41 house showings scheduled.

Needless to say, I am glad we made the decision to move in with my parents for the time being.

So far so good with the rare exception of a poor couple whose kid got sick on our brick foyer floor.

That was a first, but nothing that a hearty scrub brush and bleach couldn’t fix. I felt so sorry for the parents. Buying a house in this chaos is stressful enough without your kid puking on the homeowners’ floors. Ha.

Our kiddos can’t get over the fact we are having sleepovers at Gram and BawPaw’s even on school nights!

Their before-school mornings don’t usually include storytime with Bawpaw.

Or a speed round of Oceanopoly with Gram.

Mom called me to the kitchen one afternoon to look outside, and we saw Caleb’s ingenuity on display.

In order to appreciate this, you have to read about our Easter fun and what the kids got in their baskets this year.

DIY Tennis Court

Caleb wedged the hammock in between a car seat and a patio chair to keep it vertical and created a DIY backyard tennis court.

DIY Tennis Court

Mom and I both felt rather proud of our offspring at this moment.

We are still in the throes of house selling, but in case you missed the fun this week on the imPERFECTly emPOWERed POdcast I chatted with Jenny Swisher about her incredibly unique perspective on adopting transracially AND being an adopted daughter herself!

YouTube player

Do not miss this episode and hear Jenny speak authentically about her struggle with infertility and the beautiful blessings and real-life challenges of transracial adoption.

YouTube player

Have you ever wondered how much water you really need to drink each day? Like really? We all hear we should drink more water, but what does that mean? Listen here to learn the formula you need to use to determine how much water you should be drinking each day, why it is essential, and 11 practical tips to hit your daily water goal!

In case you missed my Easter post this week, I shared how I have been involved in music on Easter Sunday in some form for the last 15 years or so.

Church music

But this Easter Sunday was especially powerful in light of the heartbreak recently experienced by several members of our congregation. You can read more about it HERE.

sunday service

In the video below our Sunday service starts at the last song, and you will have to forgive the fact that 83% of us on the stage are crying as much as we are singing and playing (maybe it was just me). But if you have the time I encourage you to watch the whole service. Your story matters and there is HOPE no matter how dark and heavy your circumstances. I promise.

YouTube player

Whew. I just watched it again, and it still gets me.

Let’s check out more inspiration from last week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

These thumbprint flower pots are the perfect handmade Mother’s Day gift, or just a fun spring craft to do with the kids.

If you are looking to do some gardening this weekend, this list of the 13 most creative, surprising ways to make flower gardens in planters is so helpful.

I love a pasta salad recipe that takes advantage of in-season ingredients like fresh asparagus and tomatoes.

This creamy dill dip looks like the perfect side for a family picnic!

Learn how to make a table runner with this easy tutorial – perfect for beginner sewers!

Do you properly maintain and organize your messy yard tools? If not, these tips are perfect for spring cleaning the garage or shed.

Happy Saturday friends! I will see you here on Monday!

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