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Coffee Chat & New School Shoes

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Grab a cuppa Jo and join me for a fun look at the week in review including Caleb’s uncurbed enthusiasm for his new school shoes.

Is anyone else back to school shopping? I got a gift card for my birthday to Nordstrom Rack, and not to the shock of anyone who knows me, I got stuck in clearance shoes.

I have never been much of a fashionista. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute top and a pair of comfortable flattering jeans, but my heart doesn’t skip a beat at the thought of spending a couple of hours sorting through clothing racks.

Shoes on the other hand. <sigh> There was a reason half of my custom open concept closet was a shoe tower.

And of course, while I was there I picked up some new school shoes (on clearance of course) for the kids. After I brought them home, Lily wanted me to get a picture of everyone in their new shoes.

new school shoes

Still can’t believe Lily is going into kindergarten. All 3 on the same schedule. Praise the Lord.

new school shoes

Gracie is super excited to take jazz this year. She loved her first year of ballet and asked to add jazz to the schedule. In addition to her second year of acting and fifth year of piano she is also taking musical theater WHILE enjoying a role in her very first theatrical production this fall. I’m going to need a lot of coffee.

new school shoes

Caleb’s uncurbed enthusiasm over new school shoes was such that the girls put the shoes on his feet themselves and I’m still not sure as I type this if he is aware a photo was taken.

new shoes

Lily insisted I show off my new school shoes too. I have a weakness for stilettos and a soft spot for boots. My wallet didn’t stand a chance. Thanks, Aubrey, for the gift card!

I was trying to record a podcast episode when this shirtless quarterback waltzed in.

Apparently, Zach’s team was getting rid of old helmets.

I walked out of my office to get coffee and found my suitcase in the middle of the dining room floor. I went to move it when . . .

. . . my mischievous 5 year old informed me this was her new motor home and that, in fact, she was waiting for someone to transport her to another room.

I initially deposited her on the front porch, but she didn’t like that.

Daddy’s desk was the next stop.

This is precisely why I can never find anything.

This week on the imPERFECTly emPOWERed Podcast I spoke with pro beauty expert, Gina Delano, who has recently launched her own line of natural beauty products at Cor Vitae Beauty, with a passion to help women redefine society’s perception of beauty and help them learn how to DIY beautify at home!

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Do you often wake up with neck pain? Be sure to tune in to this episode as I share my own journey to creating a more spine friendly desk space that significantly improved my neck pain (and back pain!).

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Rich and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, the secret ingredient of instant vanilla pudding makes this the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Need a break? Come join us for a recap of our fun in the sun at Ocean City New Jersey for the past 2 weeks.

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Happy weekend friends.

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