Coffee Chat & A SOLD Sign!

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Grab a cuppa jo and join me for a coffee chat of the week including the celebratory SOLD sign in our front yard!

Cottage style home

After 50+ showings and 5 days living out of suitcases, our house is under contract (insert all the praise hands here).

Ever the realist I won’t be sipping champagne until the keys are out of my hand and the check is in it, but so far so good and we are grateful.

Truth be told sipping champagne would be more of a punishment than a celebration as I can’t stand the taste of alcohol, so here is to a celebratory massage at the spa in t-minus 4 weeks!

family fun

We aren’t the only ones closing one chapter and starting a new one. We said goodbye to old friends this week who also sold their house and are moving to Kuaui, Hi!

Nursing School

You may recognize the family as that of my best friend, Heather, who died in 2019 of breast cancer.


Her husband (he is under the facial hair somewhere) is now remarried to a girl I happened to grow up with (I’ve actually known Beth longer than I knew Heather!), and the story is a testament to God’s unending faithfulness.


But over the last 9 years our girls grew up as little BFFs which always warmed our hearts.


Grief is a fickle process and although the acute emotions of losing my best friend of 20 years are few and far between now, it is the moments I least expect that hit me the most.


Recently at bedtime Gracie tearfully told me she doesn’t want Seija and Halle to move so far away.

I talked about how grateful we can be for the memories they had together and the other friends God has given Gracie too.


In the darkness, I heard her tearful little voice say, “Mommy, I’m grateful for my other best friends, but they were my first best friends.”


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In fact, I couldn’t say much of anything for the next 15 minutes except choke out, “I understand.”

And do I ever.

This week on the imPERFECTly emPOWERed Podcast I chatted with visual branding expert Johanna White, who shared how a debilitating diagnosis catapulted her to start her luxury brand design company.

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Don’t Johanna’s inspiring story and expert advice on visual branding to create maximum impact!

Have you ever wondered how much water you ACTUALLY need to drink in a day?

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Don’t miss this episode where I share a formula to calculate your personalized water goal, why drinking enough water is essential to your energy and living well, and 11 tips to hit YOUR daily water goal!

Did you see the before and after of this old bookshelf I refinished for the girls’ bedroom?

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In the process of this DIY, I found a new favorite product from Dixie Belle Paint! It is the easiest way to neutralize those yellow wood undertones. I love it!

Let’s explore some more inspiration for the home and family from last week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

Check out the “after” of this old china cabinet upcycled to be a gorgeous potting station.

And while you’re at it, this list of upcycled DIY planters is another great resource for saving money and repurposing thrift finds.

These double chocolate sourdough cookies are rich in chocolate chips and cocoa, and are so easy to make.

If you need some ideas for the upcoming holiday, there are several easy DIY gifts to make for Mother’s Day that will be sure to make her smile.

This rainbow sangria is so cheerful, and is the perfect spring and summer beverage!

Do you have a blank space in your yard waiting for some color? You can fill it by creating an easy flower bed in no time!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! See you here on Monday.

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