How would a 7 year old change the world? Join us as Caleb shares about his favorite dinosaurs, which dinosaurs his sisters remind him of, and the advice he would give to moms everywhere.
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Dinosaurs, Sisters, and How A 7-Year Old Would Change The World

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How would a 7-year-old change the world?  Join us on this podcast for kids as Caleb shares about his favorite dinosaurs, which dinosaurs his sisters remind him of, and the advice he would give to moms everywhere.  

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  • Caleb’s favorite dinosaurs
  • Which dinosaurs Caleb’s sisters remind him of
  • Caleb’s favorite thing about being 7
  • How Caleb would change the world
  • Caleb’s suggestion for moms
  • Caleb’s top tip on living your best 7-year-old life


How would a 7 year old change the world?  Join us as Caleb shares about his favorite dinosaurs, which dinosaurs his sisters remind him of, and the advice he would give to moms everywhere.


Caleb is Ahna and Zach Fulmer’s only son (for now!). He is seven years old and going into 2nd grade.

How would a 7 year old change the world?  Join us as Caleb shares about his favorite dinosaurs, which dinosaurs his sisters remind him of, and the advice he would give to moms everywhere.

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If I could do one thing better as a mom, what would it be? I’m more candy. you think this would help you live your best seven year old life? If I bought you more candy? Well, it would help me and my friends be happy when we have a party. Welcome to the imperfectly empowered podcast with DIY healthy lifestyle blogger on a former empowering you to transform your life.
One imperfect day at a time. Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. I am your host, Anna full. Today is a special episode today. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Caleb fuller. Caleb is seven years old. He is going into second grade. He also happens to be my second child currently my only son until we bring our adopted son home.
And we are going to chat about his expert knowledge on dinosaurs and how to live your best seven year old. Welcome Caleb fuller. Hey buddy. Welcome to the podcast. Hello. Hey, tell everybody what just happened today. What happened when we were eating breakfast? My tooth fell out. You lost another tooth? oh, cow, man.
Do you think the tooth fair can afford another tooth? Yeah. You think so? I don’t know. I think she made the little house of small teeth. He, yeah, I’ll tell you what. I might not be able to build our future house cuz of all these teeth. Holy smokes. Your mouth is expensive. Well, Hey, we’re chatting. Hey, come back up here.
All right. I have some questions for you. So you just finished up first grade. And you are going into second grade. Tell me, what was your favorite thing that you learned in first grade this year? The fourth thing I learned in first grade, your favorite thing? Um, probably some math stuff. You love math, don’t you?
Yeah. Yeah. You have. So for all of our friends listening, I get the kids workbook summer workbooks every year after. Oh, he’s sitting there with it. Okay. Show us your workbook. Summer brain quest. They’re incredible. So like that book is for kids between the grades of second and third grade. Yeah. I complete my first to second and then this one, and now I’m on the same one as, so the four.
That is exactly right. This is my, uh, this is my bright one. Here. He is flying through these books. So now he’s on the third to fourth grade, summer quest book and he’s flying. So you loved math. That’s not surprising. Tell me something you learned in math. Did you learn subtraction edition? I division, no.
Well, they didn’t teach. Do. But in the, in the past, like things I won multiplication or whatever multiplication. Yeah. You learned that in first grade? Um, well, I didn’t know it, but I got try to know it. Okay. Caleb, you are starting a sports camp tomorrow. You have two camps this summer. What are your camps?
Flag football, NIC, and tennis. And it’s both to autumn really think. At the literature center. Yeah. Yeah. which one are you most excited for? Tennis or flag football. Tennis. Tennis. Yeah. We got you guys tennis rackets for Easter this year. That was fun. If you could be the best at any sport, what would it be?
Tennis. Tennis. Well, that, that works out well. Okay. Let me ask you this though. If you were gonna play on a sport team, what team would you want to play? Um, who’s your favorite sports team in ears? The buck ears. Yep. Do do, do do that is true. Okay. And tell everyone who it is that you, why you like the buck ears?
Tom Brady. Oh, oh, Tom Brady. Yeah. I have a video of you saying how much you hate Tom Brady because he always wins. Right. Yeah. I a big, when you were younger, it was like, you were, I think four years old and you were devastated cuz Tom Brady’s team won the super bowl and you were cheering for the other team and you started crying the next morning because you were so angry at Tom Brady because he always wins.
um, it’s the love, hate relationship we all have with Tom Brady. Yeah, but you love him cuz he is a good football player. Yeah, I’m just gonna mute. Can I just mute myself right now? Um, no. Cause we want to hear all of your advice because I need to ask you about dinosaurs. How did you first become interested in dinosaurs books, books?
Reading about dinosaurs. Yeah. Are there different families of dinosaurs? Teach me a little bit about dinosaurs. Uh, we have sale pods sale pods right now. Those are the only two I can think of S no. Oh, that’s another thing. Oh, seems like it should be so, okay. Teach me about SPOD. What the Sam hill or Sarah pods?
Sarah pods are basically stuff like the big diamond, like Rocky SOS, our sauce, like big, the big ones. Are those plant eaters? Yeah. Vos. Oh, herbivore. Okay. Who’s your favorite herbi? Well, some of them are omnivores. The SPOD, some of them are omnivores and herbivores. No, wait, no, wait, don’t forget about that Novo.
Okay. Who’s your favorite? Sarah PODD? Uh, bra bra SOS. All right. And then who is the other ones? Oh, with Argentina. Okay. And I think there are a few level ones just can’t remember them. Those are all Sarah pods. Yeah. And then what’s the other family fail pods. Sarah pods. Yeah. Those stuff like , gigantis some of the mostly carnivals, but some of them are on the board, like only, or whatever it’s called.
Wait, who you said gigantic SOS gigantic. So that sounds made up. Is that a real thing? Gigantic SOS. Well, it’s basically this thing as chicken. So what. It’s a chicken
Nona. So Nona SOS, you are making these things up. No chicken Nona. So ISNT bake, chicken, Nona SOS. Wow. Never heard of that. What does it look like? Um, it’s basically looks like a white, a big white D it’s kinda white Uhhuh. so with lots of like, Well, it’s really, it’s better. It’s it’s the same as gigantic gigantic, so, okay.
It’s still the, like, they could also be like we and blue sometimes. Huh? Um, interesting. But they are also. Big and strong than key. Really? Yes. They live in, uh, like giant. They live in like packs. They, huh? So now I have a question for you. If you could be any dinosaur in the world, which one would you be?
Does it have to be a di a dinosaur? Can it be like a flying reptil or, or in erectile? Oh, flying reptiles are not the same as. No, like stuff like the tailed adapt and SWA. Those are it’s Aless bless you, huh? Yeah, it can be any of those. Uh, so it can be Marine leftal reptiles, tail or Marine reptiles. Yeah.
Um, well I would probably be Moses sous among left. Mosos. Yeah to moon. What tile? What is a Moosa sous? Well, Kyle, I need to check. Where are you getting these books at? I’ve never heard of these creatures. Dinosaurs. Sorry, dinosaurs. Forgive me. What is a Mo? Okay. So a Moosa sous is in the water. Yes. Is it like a whale, a shark, a dolphin?
Well, it’s with the size. It’s like the size of it’s basically like something like, I don’t know, as big as a PE, so it’s okay. And that is the dinosaur that you would want to be of all the dinosaurs, like the dinosaur. Or the Marine reptiles or flying reptiles or flying reptiles. I like to be the best the most.
Yeah. So that’s the one that you want to be mm-hmm yeah. Okay. Now another question, if you could have any of these dinosaurs as a pet, which one would you want? Well, I don’t want it huge, so, yeah. Yeah. But then it could take you everywhere. It could be like your car, as long as it doesn’t eat you. That would be a downside.
you’d have to get an herb before. I probably have like an, which eat plants and animals, but it, it just eats bug nice animals. Okay. So which one would you. Once it’s probably 3, 4, 9. Okay. Cause so that it’s so fast, but it, but I, so then I, it might be as fast, like as a call, so I could be in blow, go anywhere.
Yeah. And it’s an herb before, right? It’s not gonna eat you on the. No. Okay. That’s that’s a positive. Okay. Now this is a really, really important question. Hmm. You ready for it? Yeah. If Gracie, your sister Gracie was a dinosaur, which one would she be? Most like my tops. Really? Why is she like a triceratops?
Because she has a horny head? No, because she, like, I dunno, don’t the triceratops. They have three horns on their head, right? They like this. Yes. Thank you. See, I know a little bit about my dinosaurs, a little. Okay. So why is Gracie your nine year old sister? Most like a triceratops? Um, I have no idea. So kind of like, I dunno, girlish or something.
She’s what I don’t it’s atop. I don’t Andy she’s girlish or triceratops girly well, just cause they don’t eat meat. Hmm. Ah, Interesting. Well, I dunno you, I pick picture her. I just dunno. That’s fair shes blanket, which is one reason. Hmm. Okay. So now the more important question if Lily you’re now five year old sister was a dinosaur, which one would she be?
Um, you’re distracted by your camera. Okay. Do you hear the question? Yes. I think be a, I think she would like a T up until being a T. Why? Cuz she has little arms. Um, and cause she says it’s so big with dinosaur, but she had to pick like, but if, but she probably say you are home for no reason, even though it’s not dinosaur.
Yeah. Lily is definitely like a T-Rex for a lot of reasons. Yep. Yeah. She is the more threatening of your two sisters that is for sure. What do you wanna be when you grow up? Police or something? Police a police ma’am police officer. Yeah. Yeah. We are going to take a quick break, but we come back, stay tuned for speed round of this or that with Caleb and his expert advice on living your best seven year old life.
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Free seven day fat loss accelerator course today and start your own transformation story. All right. We are back here with Caleb for this or that, buddy. I’m gonna ask you two things. This is like, um, would you rather questions? Okay. Mm-hmm all right, here you go. Burger or hot dog cheeseburger. Yeah. Good choice.
Um, would you rather be captain America or a Thor captain America? Why. But he has like these arrows in the sword, in the shield. Well, for, is really strong. he? So you like captain America’s equipment better? Yeah. And now, and now my, now I lost my face. Well, let’s not do that. Okay. Next question. Would you rather be a ninja or a.
Yeah. Yeah. Would you rather be a professional tennis player or a professional football player? Tennis. All right, you’re ready for football. I would be a favorite football best you would be. Yeah. Yeah. Football. And, um, what position would you wanna play? Um, offense, offense, which position on offense? Um, probably the like quarterback, the quarterback.
You’re gonna be the next Tom Brady. Yeah. yeah. All right. Would you either have French toast or pancakes? I don’t know. Probably pancakes, no French toast. And then that that’s one. Dad will usually make bacon. Oh, you like the French toast for the bacon? Yep. Okay. So Caleb, I have some questions to ask you that might help some other seven year olds.
All right, for other seven year old, who might be listening to this? Tell us what is your favorite thing about being seven? Seven’s a lucky number. Oh, it is a lucky number. Have you felt lucky this year? Has this been a good year for you? Mm-hmm you loved your teacher. You had a great year in school. yeah. Do you, did you ever feel stressed out in school?
Um, not, not really. Not really. You enjoyed school. Yeah. Yeah. Do you ever feel stressed about things? Do you feel stressed in your little seven year old life? Does that mean embarrassed? Oh, good question. Stressed is like being anxious or concerned or scared or fearful? No, I wasn’t scared of anything. No. So you didn’t feel anxious at all?
In your seven year old life? Yeah. All right, Caleb, if you could be the president, what changes would you make, um, in the country so that you could live your best seven year old life and other people could live their best seven year old lives. What changes would you make if you were the president end the whole end, the world.
The wall I thought you said end the world. I mean, that would,
that would solve any everyone’s problems. I mean, it’s like, but it would kill everyone.
I guess, I guess that would solve everyone’s problems though. Okay. So not in the world. All right. End the war. That’s mm-hmm that’s fair. Which war there’s a lot, which you Ukraine and Russia, you would end the war and what you, Ukraine win. How would you end the war? I’m curious. How would you end it? What would you do?
I dunno. I have no idea. Give everyone hug. Uh, um, that wouldn’t end. Woo. But yeah, I guess so kinda okay. I have another question for you. Yeah. Listening. I’m listening. . Hi, mama. Okay. Question. If I could do one thing better as a mom, what would it. Buy more candy. you think this would help you live your best seven year old life?
If I bought you more candy, I thought you said help, what your mom should do, and you think I should give you more candy. Would that make you. Live better, be happier. Well, well, it would help me, me and my friends be happy when, when, when, like we’re having a party or stuff, we don’t to buy some stuff. Right.
What kind of candy would you want me to get you? Well, maybe.
Cheese. Yeah. Doritos is this candy for you? This’s candy for junk food at two . So though, is that your favorite junk food Doritos? No. What’s your favorite junk food? What do you always ask me to get for you guys? When we go on vacation, what is your junk food? So I always let the kids pick one junk food item.
When we go on vacation, what do you often ask me for Skittles? Oh, Skittles. Yeah, you do like that candy. I was thinking there’s a cereal that you guys always want me to get. Lucky charms. Yes. Lucky charms is the go-to request on vacations. Mm-hmm well, Caleb. I have one last question. Listening. What advice, what advice would you give out to other seven year olds listening on how to live their best seven year old life?
What advice would you give them? How can they live better and love their life? Be nice. Being nice. Well, and doing some chores so you can get some more money. what it’s true. All right. You heard it be nice. Do chores. Anything else, be happy of what you be happy that you’re seven and it’s a lucky number. Oh, be happy that you’re seven.
It’s a lucky number. I am very grateful that you are seven. You are much loved Caleb. Let me see that cute dimpled smile. One more time. Oh, here’s to hoping that tooth fair shows up tonight. There it is. Folks. tooth is coming in. Well, that’s why you lost it. Yeah. I don’t think we need to see it quite that closely.
And now goodbye. I love you, buddy. Love you. goodbye. Thanks for listening to this episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. I would love to hear your thoughts from today. Head to your preferred podcasting platform and give the show an honest review and let me know what you think. Remember, you cannot be redefined only redeveloped one imperfect day at a time.
Your story matters and you are loved.

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