I Laughed. I Cried. A Word From My 6-Year-Old We All Need To Hear.

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Yesterday I was in a typical mom-state of back-to-school madness.

Preparing backpacks.

Organizing school clothes.

Cleaning the house.

Last-minute hair cuts.

Lily was super excited when the hairdresser put curls in her hair.

All while trying to keep up with my own work schedule as I got ready for their first day of school.

Every mom here can relate.  

One of Caleb’s to-do items was writing an “About Me” letter on a blank paper that his 1st-grade teacher mailed him to be handed in on the first day of school.  

He was busy at work during breakfast, and I didn’t think anything of it until I got a glimpse of his finished letter whilst stuffing it into his backpack.  

At first glance, I laughed.  I never know what is coming next with this kid.

Then I cried.  

Despite news feeds laden with pain, darkness, and hurt, here in my 6 year old’s backpack was a simple, beautiful message of hope to his new classmates for the coming year.  

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A message our news feeds desperately need more of.   

I wish I could spread Caleb’s love for his peers to my own around the world, and to any little boy or girl who hasn’t heard this message recently.

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Be Kind.

Be Nice.

Don’t Forget . . . Take COURAGE.

You are loved. 

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