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Family-Friendly Shows To Watch This Winter

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Baby, it’s cold outside which means the babies don’t go outside . . . Check out this list of family-friendly shows to watch this winter.

This fall weather brings a delightfully crisp coolness to the air, and then the smell of a freshly cut pine tree with stockings hung over the fire instills the awe and wonder that only the Christmas season can bring. 

But then the tree dies. 

The house goes from a magical land of holiday wonder to a cage of cabin fever because your kids can’t walk outside without snotsicles forming.  (snot + below freezing temperatures = snotsicles).   

Stock up on hours of family-friendly entertainment that you may not know about as we enter this winter season!

As a kid I lived in Scotland for 4 years, and even after we moved back to the States, the influence of the British culture persisted in our home but primarily in the form of film.  Now with my own children, I still turn to British family-friendly shows. 

 Most of these recommendations are available on Amazon Prime so grab some popcorn, and enjoy a movie night with the fam!

Family Friendly Shows #1

Wallace and Gromit 

family friendly entertainment

These British family-friendly films in clay animation, created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations, are about an innovative man (Wallace) and his shrewd dog (Gromit) who are frequently getting themselves in and out of scrapes.  Film titles include “A Matter of Loaf and Death,” “A Grand Day Out,” “The Wrong Trousers,” and “A Close Shave.”  At this time, all four are available on Amazon Prime. 


Family Friendly Shows #2

Shaun the Sheep

family friendly entertainment

Shaun the Sheep is a British family-friendly series with witty humor that is guaranteed to bring a smile. 

The music is charming and the entertainment provided is nothing short of astounding when you realize the entire production is without any intelligible dialogue.  Also in clay animation created by Nick Park, we follow Shaun the sheep, his best friend, Bitzer, and their animal compatriots on a countryside farm with a farmer who remains blissfully unaware of their frequent antics. 

Season 1 – 5 are available on Amazon Prime and although the film, “Shaun the Sheep Movie” is only available for rent, it is well worth the couple bucks of wholesome entertainment for a night in with the kids.


Family Friendly Shows #3

The Snowman

family friendly entertainment

This lovely 20-minute British family-friendly film based on the book by Raymond Briggs is a Christmas classic whose hauntingly beautiful theme song, “Walking in the Air” composed by Howard Blake, continues to invoke the warmth of seasonal nostalgia when we watch it year after year.  The Snowman is also available on Amazon Prime.


Family Friendly Shows #4

James Herriot – All Creatures Great and Small

family friendly entertainment

Based on the real-life memoirs of a British veterinarian surgeon, this family-friendly series is available in series 1 – 7 dvd box collections. 

Full of animals and beautiful British landscapes, the witty dialogue, and heart-warming storylines provide hours of wholesome family entertainment. 

I would add that these series are more enjoyable for elementary-aged kids and older.   I grew up watching All Creatures Great and Small and still enjoy them today.

family friendly entertainment

I hope your family enjoys one of these options as much as we do!   What family-friendly entertainment do you recommend for a night-in this winter??

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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