90s Gap Kids Ad

Coffee Chat & A 90’s Gap Kids Throwback

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Grab a cuppa jo and join me for a fun look at our week in review including Gracie’s acting class and a 90’s Gap Kids throwback pic.

This child is the most maddening mix of trouble and cuteness. The latter makes the former more frustrating.

90s Gap Kids Ad

It’s hard to stay stern with her when we get the look below.

90s Gap Kids Ad

When I posted this on Instagram my SIL pointed out that she looks as though she was pulled out of a Gap Kids ad from the 90s.

Acting Class

Twice a year the performing arts center that Gracie goes to allows parents to sit in on their classes.

Acting Class

This semester they are learning how to do group scenes, and it was super fun to watch Gracie’s first-ever read-through and blocking work.

Mommy and Caleb

It’s crazy to think only 2 years ago our sofa snuggles involved helping this boy learn how to read.

Reading boy

Now we read our own chapter books. It’s one of my favorite things in the world to lay on the sofa with my kids and read books.

Inn At Leola Village Spa Hair Cut and Color

There is little more refreshing than a hair cut and color!

Inn At Leola Village Spa Hair Cut and Color

It was my first time getting my hair done at the Spa At Leola Village, and I will definitely go back!

This week on the podcast Elizabeth Stephens shared her incredible personal story and how she learned to THRIVE through life despite her heartbreaking loss.

YouTube player

Be sure to listen to Elizabeth’s beautiful story.

We also heard one of my FASTer Way To Fat Loss clients share her experience in my program. Emily also happens to be my sista! She is proof that whether you are in great shape or have a lot of weight to lose, this program is for everyone.

YouTube player

I want to help YOU reach your goals as well! In 6 weeks you can lean up and get results that can be sustained.

Sign up today for my next round that starts THIS MONDAY! Whole food nutrition + intermittent fasting + tracking macronutrients + carb cycling = fat loss the FASTer Way!

Family Bucket Lists

Did you see my post on our family bucket lists? I shared all of our lists and created a printable for you to use to create family bucket lists of your own. I’m in support of all my family’s ideas except for one.

It’s on Zach’s list. And it’s not happening if I have any say in the matter. You can check it out HERE.

Enjoy life and take a moment to create family bucket lists using the included printable and check our lists, because after all, YOLO.

Because after all, you only live once.

Let’s check out more inspiration to empower healthy hearts and happy homes from last week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

Banana bread french toast is a great way to use up your extra slices of banana bread AND make a delicious breakfast.

This budget-friendly bathroom makeover reveal is so inspiring!

Another amazing breakfast? This easy breakfast pizza recipe made with smoked mozzarella and the perfect sunny-side up egg.

As we enter spring, here are some helpful tips for how to grow herbs in a home herb garden.

These pretty DIY solar light mason jar lanterns are so cute and also so easy to make.

Warmer weather means more trips! This list of healthy snacks are easy to prepare, pack, and eat on the road.

Have a great weekend. See you here on Monday!

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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