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Smaller Waist & Tighter Abs – A FASTer Way Story

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Tighter abs, smaller waist, flexible fitness, and nutrition – listen to Kera Jeffer’s Faster Way To Fat Loss® With Ahna story! Are you looking for someone to assist you in navigating the complex world of fitness and nutrition?

Join Kera Jeffers on this episode as she discusses the impact of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® program and why it is so successful. Stay connected to learn how to join us for the next round!

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  • The physiological benefits of intermittent fasting
  • The most difficult aspect of the FASTer Way program
  • Why is it important to dial in your nutrition?
  • Two reasons why you should consider the FASTer Way program 



Kera Jeffers is a DIY blogger, interior stylist, and mom of 4. She has a colorful collected eclectic style with nods of modern vintage and boho cottage. She hopes to inspire you to create a home you love through the projects she creates, the rooms she designs and the methods in which she organizes it all.


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Getting back to tracking my nutrition and making sure that I’m doing the work. With kind of just what my body needed to reset. And so that’s what I attribute those inches to is to just kind of giving myself a hard reset, welcome to the perfectly empowered podcast with leading DIY lifestyle blogger on a Fullmer where women are inspired with authentic stories and practical strategies.
To reclaim their hearts and homes by empowering transformation. One imperfect day at time here at Jeffers from Haute house. Love. She is a DIY pro and an organizational expert. And would you say your style is I was thinking about your style. Would you say like eclectic, Bohemian, how would you describe your design style?
Currently it’s leaning more toward that way. Yeah. It’s like boho. It’s, collectic, there’s a lot of mix of a lot of things, but mostly it’s the things that I love. So. If anybody’s watching this and you are not following curate, you need to go check her out on Instagram at her house love or on her blog house. and she is a designer. And if you love that eclectic boho, lots of colors, mom of four. Super organization, which is right up my alley, then you definitely need to check her out and give her a follow. But she is also a faster way client of mine. And we are having on here because I’ve mentioned before the best people to hear about a program are always the clients themselves.
Oh my gosh. So anyway, we’re talking about accountability, the idea that so many people like they know what they need to do, even when you’ve had the education, the training, even for people who haven’t the idea of. Having an organized program, a structure that kind of gets you kickstarted. Was there anything when you started the program, so it’s initially a six week program.
Was there anything that surprised you, like pleasantly surprised you that you maybe weren’t expecting going into the program? Yeah. So when I first began the program, I was not like mentally on board with the whole intermittent fasting thing. And I know you’re laughing cause we talked about this and I was like, oh, why do I have to do this?
Why can’t I have a glass of wine after my kids go to bed? Like, and I just remember you saying that it’s not about that. You can’t have it. It’s just about doing it. More times then you’re not doing it. And just trying to get your body used to this kind of structure. And once I kind of shifted my mind change, it’s surprised me how easy it actually was.
So, I mean, I, wasn’t a huge breakfast eater to begin with. So it was easy for me to not really have my first meal of the day until like 10 30 or 11 o’clock because I wasn’t too off from that. Anyway, the morning coffee was a little bit of a shift. I learned. Put less creamer in my coffee. And it was, I mean, I still do it.
I’m like giant, you know, but just not as much. And every once in a while, I still have that glass of wine or whatever, after my window closes. But for the most part, I mean, I stick to that eight, sometimes nine hour window, depending on the day, but I allow myself flexibility and, and really it took about, I want to say two weeks and I felt comfortable doing that.
And I was really surprised because I just never tried to do that. Yeah. And for those people watching who are not familiar with intermittent fasting, it’s not a diet intermittent. Fasting is a schedule of when to eat. So in the faster way, and as a nurse practitioner, I can definitely say the 16, eight method where we fast for 16 hours eat for eight.
Definitely has the best research behind it in the program. I go into more of the physiological benefits of it because it’s kind of a fad term right now. And I’m all about people understanding the why behind the, what I think it empowers you with. Not just knowledge, but also motivation, which then should convert to discipline.
And the idea with intermittent fasting is that you want to get all your nutrition in an eight hour window. That being said, it’s hard for a lot of people to jump right into eight hours. And what I admired about you is. You were willing to flex because what we struggle with, I think a lot of times as women is we’re all or nothing.
It’s like, we feel like, okay, if we can do something to a T and do it perfectly well then, well, I just failed. I might as well not do it at all. And the problem is then it’s like, you never even allow yourself to see progress because it’s like everything or nothing. And so I loved cause you did a really good job at that.
I think initially I recall you had actually. Extended your window in the evening. Cause you were realizing you could not get all your nutrition in cause you’re a night owl. So if I’m remembering, I think we actually extended your window to 10 hours and a little bit later in the evening. I respected your ability to flex, and then you were pretty consistent with that.
And it sounds like you may have been able to whittle it down a little bit to nine and then eight, but it’s such an important thing to communicate here for anybody listening or watching is it is all about progress. It’s not about perfection and it’s about learning, taking it one day at a time, picking yourself back up and.
From what you maybe didn’t do as well, the one day and try to improve the next day. But anyway, I remember that and I admired your ability to, instead of just totally giving up on it, being like, well, Nope, I will do that. I’ll extend it in the evening. And you did a great. Thank you. And if I’m going to be honest with that, like I think that that’s something that I have learned how to do better because of DIY, because I used to be such a perfectionist in all or nothing and things went wrong.
I was scrambling and doing everything possible to fix it instead of trying to be flexible. And so. As I’ve learned how to DIY these last couple of years, I’ve tried to implement some of those strategies into other areas of my life. And to be more flexible because I mean, by personality, I’m like very controlling.
So I like to have my parameters and be able to control it. And so, like I said, learning to be flexible, if it’s a huge. Just thing for all lot of different areas of my life. So yeah. I love that. It’s a great correlation. I mean, it’s yeah, that’s basically my whole brand is the idea of empowering transformation, one imperfect data time.
And that absolutely goes with the DIY world, for sure. And sometimes those mistakes, they end up with your best work because you’re like, wait a second. This looks amazing. Sometimes those pivots in the middle of, of whatever. The project so much better. I mean, and no matter what the project is, you know, whether it’s your body or whether it exactly, exactly.
Right. Absolutely. Okay. So on the flip side, so we talked about the positive, what was the most difficult aspect for you of the, okay, so, and this is all just totally. Since we moved into this house three years ago, we have a home gym in our basement and I cannot believe how much harder it is for me to walk to the beach.
Then it’s for me to get in the car and go gym. You know what I mean? Because I think when you get to the gym, it’s like you’re meeting people there and it’s almost like you’ve told people you’re going and people are expecting you. And so you just get up and you go, and sometimes in the morning it was just easier to drop the kids off at daycare.
Instead of going to the basement, I’d be like, oh, I’m going to answer a few emails first. And then I’m like, yep. And then I’m two hours in. And I’m like, yeah, You know, well, eight hours later. Yeah. So I think, I mean, I think I told you a couple of times to like lead to texting and be like, get your workout in today, please.
So, and my husband does a good job of that. Now I’ve took, cause I told him that something that I struggle with, I definitely struggled with it in the summer. So my kids are. I have a hard time getting down there. And now that they’re back in school, they started school this week and everyone’s gone. And so I be get everyone dropped off when we come back and I immediately go downstairs, I’ve gotten like what’s today, Thursday, I’ve gotten three of my workouts and say, I usually do four times a week.
So I’ve gotten three of my workouts in this week already, which is. Way more consistent than I was this summer. Let’s just say amen. When it’s school’s starting. It’s kinda still like another week and a half for me. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. We were ready. We were ready. You have tried it all worried. You will never lose the extra weight or reclaim the energy.
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And when you eat to reset your metabolism and burn fat fast, even that stubborn belly. I am a dual certified nurse practitioner, passionate about teaching sustainable strategies to promote fat loss and prevent disease. I have cheered on thousands of clients who have done just that with the faster way program in my six week program, the average client currently shed seven inches of body fat 93% report, more energy.
89% state that their mental health has improved 100% of clients report. They feel this program is sustainable. Curious to try the program, but not sure if the strategies will work for you. Try the faster way strategies for free head to and sign up for my free seven day fat loss accelerator course today.
And start your own transformation story. Oh, I’m ready for school. Yeah. And it’s funny because I think I hear feedback from different people and I think this is true for all of us, that we all struggle with different elements. You know, some people are really dialed in on nutrition when they come into my program.
Like they really are already in many ways, practicing. We’re teaching in the program, but they really struggle with the fitness part of it. And there’s people on the flip side, actually more commonly people are good at working out. They’re really bad about dialing in on nutrition. And a lot of that is people just don’t know.
They just don’t realize or understand. Okay. Carbs. I think being the big one, what are the right carbs and when and why, you know, why are we actually getting them and proteins? Another big one, people are not eating enough protein. So anyway, the point being everyone comes in with different struggles. And I think that’s what I love seeing clients in the program is it doesn’t mean you come out an expert or that you’ve got it all nailed down, but there’s progress.
You see progress in some way, shape or form, and that translates into results. I mean, you saw, you looked amazing your before and after photos. And this is something that I constantly tell people is if somebody who already doesn’t have a lot of body fat percentage to lose is seeing results. These strategies work.
If you’re able to dial in and do the best that you can, if you’ve got more bodies, To lose to ultimately prevent disease and live well, then these strategies will work for you. And that’s, I love when clients like you see those kinds of before and afters, because it’s encouraging, it should be inspiring to people.
I did. And it was super encouraging to me because this is what I’ve noticed. So, and I don’t know if I told you this part actually, but so after having my fourth child, I really struggled to lose. Like, it was the first time I’d ever really struggled to like lose all the baby weight. My fourth is the one I had gestational diabetes with and I mean, super randomly, like people look at me and they’re like, what?
You have gestational diabetes and you have to explain to people. Yeah. So it’s just like, it’s, you know, your pancreas just like hates your body. And it’s like, it has nothing to do with anything with your hormones, you know? But I noticed that even after I had him, the way that my body reacted to sugar was so completely different than it ever had before.
And the only reason I knew that is because I’ve just always been very in tuned with what’s going on with my body, but it’s always been in a. It’s like, whatever one describes as the mom pooch, you know what I mean? And I had never had that before, but all of a sudden after I had him and as I’m getting closer to 40, like I just noticed more of the bloating and I just couldn’t figure out what was triggering it.
And so for me, it was like, almost like that reset of getting back to tracking my nutrition and making sure that I’m doing the worst. With kind of just what my body needed to reset. And so that’s what I attribute those inches to is to just kind of giving myself a hard reset. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I mean, you really, I loved your before and after picture, so.
Busy moms. And we all know that this is one of the hardest phases of life. I think to see any kind of consistency, because it’s like, your kids need this. Your kids need that a spouse needs this or that. And so I think especially as busy working moms, even if you’re at home or not at home, you’re working because you’re a mom, a sustainable lifestyle of wellness is really different.
Why would you recommend the faster way to fat loss to busy moms or to busy young women wherever stage of life that they might be? Two things come to mind. And I’ll talk on the food side and I’ll, and I’ll talk on the workout side. As far as the workout side goes, I have never been in a workout program or I can literally get in and get out in 30 minutes and feel like I’ve had an adequate workout.
Like I am sore the next day after many of these workouts. And it’s great. I feel like I’ve gotten enough in where in the past I would do programs. And I feel like I’d have to do that full hour. And sometimes I just don’t have that full hour. Like I need to just be able to do it quick. So for the time and how much you get in, in a quick period of time, And how it makes me feel is a huge benefit.
And then on the food side, for me, it was more about like prepping things at the beginning of the week. Like I would make a big batch, like I just did on Monday. I made a big batch of like the crust. I’ve seen like several of the frittata recipes or quiche or whatever, like those kinds of recipes. I just make a big one and that’s like my breakfast all week long.
So I’ll make that a Monday and then I have it to eat on all week. And so I think it’s just kind of getting back to those basic fundamentals of the quick and fast workouts and food prep. And I mean, those things. Or just, I mean, it doesn’t take a long time, like in an hour on Monday, I have my workout done if I have breakfast prep for the entire week.
Yeah. The hardest parts for me are there and ready for me. And all I gotta do is walk down and turn on the micro. Right. And then get the way down to your basement eventually. Yes. For anybody wondering the exercises are several days of strength training that are all doable from home. And then several days of cardio also all doable from home, all included on the app.
And then in terms of nutrition, a lot of people don’t understand tracking macro news. And that’s one of the greatest hurdles for most people in the program. But the idea is that we’re not a calorie counting program, which really anybody watching this should be like hallelujah and amen. Because if you spend any time with me, you’re going to hear very quickly that counting calories is really a.
It’s an incomplete way of approaching nutrition. And so tracking macros, what’s great about it is it’s very flexible and adaptable to what you like to eat. You learn how to eat the right macronutrients, proteins, fats, and carbs with foods that you like within the right parameters. So kind of what Cura is talking about for breakfast.
And that is when you break your fast, the idea is you’re trying to get the right amount of macronutrients that we custom create. For you and the plan that you specifically need based on your goals. So I love that Kira was able to share with us, I love your adorable office. And if anybody is watching this, probably a lot cleaner than mine is right now.
And verbally cuter too. If anybody is watching this, my next round starts on August 23rd. So that is this Monday. And there is a link in Kira’s Instagram bio. If you are resonating with her story, I would love to have you sign up for my program. Through her link. She does make a commission. Anybody who has a client of mine is able to get their own affiliate link and refer friends and family.
To my program. We’re so grateful for the business and the opportunity to work with any of your friends and family. But now through August 23rd, that’s this Monday, if you want to sign up, I would love to have you click on the link in her bio. You get instant access to the app. You’ll get my new client toolkit.
We’ll get you into the private Facebook group where all the interaction happens and listen, I realized that people need to. People need to process the information and for a lot of women, it’s not necessarily if, but more, a matter of when and I’m cure. I don’t know how long you’ll keep that link up there, but I’d love to have you sign up for this round, but if not, stay tuned, keep following along.
Follow Kira. You hang out over at hammers and hugs and I would love to have you at some point. And again, if you follow Kira and resonate with her story, I’d love to have you sign up at any time. Through the link that is in her bio. Is it in, just in your link tree? Like if they click on the box? Yeah, I have, well, I have a landing page on my blog.
That’s specifically for like Instagram has, like it said. Yeah, it has like, they can go to my blog posts. They can go to I’m like drawing a blank right now. Like shut my home. Like anywhere that they would like a quick link for something of mine it’s on there. So I’ll put a button right down there and add that.
Perfect. So you just click on the link on our Instagram bio and then it’ll take you to that page where you can. All the things. Well, I was so glad to have you on here. Thanks for hopping on after you all your children into bed, tossed them in there. I have one that started kindergarten this week and I’m like, you are rough.
You’re having a rough time. You needed to get in bed early tonight. God love. Oh, they’re so cute. Oh my gosh. All right. Well, thank you so much. You guys have a good night. You’re welcome. Thank you so much for joining us for this episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. It is my honor to be here with you.
I am so grateful for each and every one of you. If you were watching on YouTube, be sure to click the subscribe button below. So you don’t miss a show and leave a comment with your thoughts from today’s episode. If you are listening via your preferred podcasting platform, would you help keep us on the air by rating our show and leaving an honest review of your thoughts from today in case you haven’t heard it lately, your story matters and you are loved.
This is your host on a former, and I will see you here next time on the, in perfectly empowered podcast.

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