From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget-friendly fitness essentials.
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33 Of My Favorite Fitness Essentials

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From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget-friendly fitness essentials.

I am frequently asked about home gym equipment – the dumbbells I use, strength band recommendations, protein powder ideas, and workout clothing go-to’s. So I compiled a list of the exact sources that I have and do use.

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From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget-friendly fitness essentials.

Before we dive in this is a final call to join my next 6-week round of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss on Monday, October 24 to get control of your health and feel fabulous BEFORE the craziness of holidays.

Here are my 33 favorite budget-friendly fitness essentials.

1. Before And After Body Measurements Sheet

This is the before and after measurements sheet that I give my FASTer Way clients to use and the one I use as well to track my progress. If you haven’t read why you need to ditch the scale and take measurements instead then read all about it HERE.

2. Body Tape

This is the body tape that my clients and I use to take measurements.

3. Flavorless Collagen Peptides

These unflavored collagen peptides are a go-to supplement that get a lot of attention in the fitness category but is really more beneficial for hair, skin and nails (as well as your joints). I put one scoop of this in my coffee every morning.

4. Workout Body Mirror

Did you catch this DIY home gym mirror that I posted recently? Super cheap and super easy.

5. Workout Bench

I actually use our piano bench for my home workouts, but this is the perfect space-friendly workout bench for your home workouts.

6. Lifting Power Rack And Plates

This is the power rack that Zach uses. I do not use it frequently because our workout spaces are in two different rooms of the house.

7. My Fitness Pal free app

This is the macro tracking app I use and m clients use.

8. Racerback Pack Of 4 Crop Tops

These Racerback Pack Of 4 Crop Tops are my go-to budget friendly workout tops. Only $24 for a pack of 4 tops. I do recommend sizing up. I normally wear smalls, but these tops I wear a medium.

9. Keyhole Crop Top Tanks

Keyhole workout crop top

This Keyhole Crop Top Tank is possibly my favorite workout top ever. It is slightly longer in the back. It comes in a lot of different colors. This top is TTS.

10. Slim Fit Joggers

Sim Fit Jogger Pants

These Slim Fit Joggers are my FAVORITE workout pants in the world no question. I call them magic pants. They have a wide high waist band that is incredibly comfortable and flattering. I even dress these up with a casual crop top and wedge sandal sneakers. These are TTS.

11. Quick Dry Running Shorts

quickdry running shorts

These high waisted Quick Dry Running Shorts come with a zipper side pocket and look great with the two crop tops above. These shorts run TTS.

12. 7″ Compression Yoga Shorts

7 inch compression shorts

I love these 7″ Compression Yoga Shorts. 7″ is the perfect length.

13. Fitness Watch

fitness watch

14. Orgain’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

orgain whey protein powder

This is my favorite protein powder. Be sure to check out How To Choose The BEST Protein Powders to cut through the clutter and choose the best protein powder for you.

15. PBFit Powder

pb fit powder

This peanut butter powder is a great low carb option to fill you up.

16. Interlocking Home Gym Floor Mats

interlocking home gym floor mats

We have been using these Interlocking Home Gym Floor Mats for the past 7 years or so. They have gone with us through several moves and several different home gyms.

17. FASTer Way virtual fitness and nutrition program + app with meal guide and exercises

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A premier 6 week virtual fitness and nutrition program that includes meal plans, macro tracking, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective 30 minute workouts,

18. Glass Meal Prep/Leftover Containers

Glass Meal Prep/Leftover Containers

These Glass Meal Prep/Leftover Containers are perfect for making lunches ahead of time or storing leftovers for the next day.

19. Anchor Hocking Freezer Baking Dishes

For a couple of years I used to make monthly freezer meals. I would make casseroles and put them in tin foil 9x13s that I would giveaway or or save for later. The dishes that were for our family I would make in these Anchor Hocking Freezer Baking Dishes.

20. Body Fat Caliper

Body Fat Caliper

These body calipers are what I use to calculate body fat %. There are so many reasons to ditch the scale. I talk all about them here.

21. Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Extra Thick Yoga Mat

22. Foam Roller

Foam Roller

We use these Foam Rollers to roll out hamstrings, quads, ileotibial bands, calves etc.

23. Roman Hyperextension Chair

Roman Chair

This Roman Hyperextension Chair is an awesome way to strengthen your lower back. Use this video to learn 9 exercises with the Roman chair.

24. Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumb Bells & Stand

This Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumb Bells & Stand set is possibly the best home gym fitness essential we have ever bought.

25. Water Jug Dispenser & Pump

I keep this set up in my office/gym for convenient hydration..

26. Motivational Timer Water Bottle

Speaking of hydration this Motivational Timer Water Bottle is an encouraging way to consume your daily water intake.

27. Strength Bands

strength bands

Strength Bands are a fabulous alternative to dumbbells, and we take these bands on vacation or when traveling. Most of the FASTer Way workouts in my program include a strength band alternative.

28, Yoga Block

yoga block

I use a Yoga Block during a lot of my workouts. Using it properly improves pelvic floor tone, slims the inner thighs and can improve lower back strength. You can get my 9 Minute Ab Blast With Yoga Block here!

29. Adidas CloudFoam Slip-On Sneakers

Cloudfoam Slip On Sneaker

These Adidas CloudFoam Slip-On Sneakers are perfect for home workouts. I would not recommend these for running.

30. ASICS Running Shoes

ASICS running shoes

These ASICS Running Shoes have been my go-to running shoes since I ran track in college. I have tried many brands over the years, and ASICS are my favorite.

31. Deck Of Cards Workout

workout cards

These cards are a convenient workout ideas on vacation or when you’re traveling. We typically just bring a deck of playing cards and makeup our own workout, but this deck is a great idea as well.

32. Wireless Ear Buds

air pod ear buds

Don’t overpay for expensive airpods when these Wireless Ear Buds are effective and nearly indestructible. I run with these all the time. I have put them through the laundry on accident and even bought a second pair assuming they wouldn’t work. Guess what? They came out of the laundry in perfect condition. When they say they are waterproof – they are waterproof.

33. Arm Band For Phone

arm band

A lot of leggings have a pocket for your phone while running, but I always feel like my pants are going to fall down. I prefer this armband instead.

I hope you found something useful in this list. Happy exercising!


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From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget friendly fitness essentials.
From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget friendly fitness essentials.
From amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment, here are 33 of my favorite budget friendly fitness essentials.

What we love strength bands for the most is we take our bands on vacation or when traveling, so it’s a great way to still get a strength workout in while not needing dumbbells or super heavy equipment. Welcome to the Imperfectly Empowered Podcast with DIY Healthy Lifestyle Blogger on a former empowering you to transform your life one imperfect day at a.
Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the Imperfectly Empowered Podcast. I am your host, Anna Fullmer, from amazing Amazon workout tops and bottoms to the best home gym equipment. Today I am sharing 33 of my favorite. Budget friendly fitness essentials. I am frequently asked about home gym equipment, the dumbbells.
I use strength band recommendations, protein powder ideas, workout clothing go-tos that you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on your home for. So I compiled a list of the exact sources products that we use here in our home, both my husband. That are tried and true tested products that we can actually vouch for because we use them on a regular basis.
So let’s get to it. 33 of my favorite budget friendly fitness essentials. As always, the links to these products are in the show If you’re on YouTube, scroll and check the description below. Product number one that you may not have even thought about as a fitness essential is a printable before and after body measure.
Sheet. If you have not been around here for long, then you may not know this, but I believe you should ditch the scale unless you are pregnant or have one of a few chronic medical conditions. The average adult should not be weighing themselves and should be taking measurements or tracking body fat percentage.
Instead, So I have made this body sheet available the before and after measurements sheet that tells you exactly where and how to measure in order to track your progress. A side note, you should not be measuring on any less than four weeks apart, meaning you take your before measurements and then you should not recheck them for four to six.
Four to six weeks and make sure that you write the date above your before and afters. So I’ve shared the sheet that I send to my clients that gives you measurement instructions, and then fitness essential number two that goes along with this is a body tape. I think this body tape might be $3 on Amazon.
I’ve had one for years. You can also use it to measure for clothing, et cetera. So the before and after sheet, the body measurement sheet, and then a body. Are two of my top fitness essentials. Three Flavorless collagen peptides. Unflavored. Collagen peptides are a frequently mentioned supplement and get a lot of attention in the fitness industry, but the reality is collagen peptides are really protein that is more beneficial for hair.
And nails as well as your joints. Just to be clear, if you’ve not listened to my protein series, you want to go check that out. Collagen is really not gonna do anything for Muscle Build, but it is still a very essential protein that will benefit hair, skin, and nails as well as joint health. And I put one scoop of this in my coffee every morning and I shared the one that I personally use Vital Protein.
Number four, a body mirror. Now I know what you’re thinking. A lot of you, especially my mommas out there or the women out there are thinking I do not want to watch myself work out. I can understand that sentiment. I very much resonate with not necessarily wanting to see , the, uh, unflattering early morning lack of makeup face.
I’m speaking to myself specifically, but here’s the deal with the essential workout body mirror, is that having a full length mirror wherever you work. Will help you maintain proper form. It will enable you to increase your range of motion because so often you don’t even realize that bicep curl, you’re actually not getting full range of motion.
You’re only going a third of the way. A mirror helps you to be able to see in real time your range of motion. It helps you to also prevent injuries. Make sure that that knee is not going over your foot. A full length body mirror is essential to maximum. Your workout and listen, we wanna work smarter, not harder.
You’re already putting in the time to work out. A full length body mirror can help you work out smarter and get more bang for your buck. So if you did not catch the recent DIY Home Gym Mirror that I just posted on my blog, you can catch the link in the show notes. It is the easiest diy. You can create a full body mirror for 25.
No tools needed. It is so cheap and super easy and it looks great, so you wanna check that. Fitness essential number five is a workout bench. In full disclosure, any bench works I, in our last several fixture uppers and now currently in this rental home, until we find our forever property, I am still using our piano bench.
Our piano has ended up in my office, which is also my workout space in our last two houses. So I use our piano bench for my home workouts, but I did include a link for a space friendly workout bench. That. I also encourage my clients to invest in that you can really keep in any, any space in your home, but any bench works, even a piano bench, fitness essential number six is a lifting power rack.
With plates. Now, this is probably more for the men listening. I personally, rarely, rarely ever use Zach’s power Rack, but one of these days I’m gonna get him here on the podcast to share his own fitness story. And one of the number one things that he would say is it was a game changer for him when he invested in the equipment that he needed to live well and exercise regular.
At home and a power rack was a huge part of it. I shared the budget friendly one that we have. It is still a little pricey, but compared to a lot of power racks, this is incredibly budget friendly for sure. I wanna say it might be 300 some dollars. So I shared the power rack that Zach uses. If you are really, really wanting to get into the aesthetic side as a woman, then certainly a power act would be a great in.
I don’t think it is as essential for women because we can usually max out, unless you’re really wanting to get into body building. We can usually max out weight just with dumbbells. So I shared that power rack and the one that Zach uses. Number seven, My Fitness Pal is an amazing free app that my clients actually use to.
Macros. Now I coach for the faster way to fat loss, a virtual fitness nutrition program. They have their own app. I will be completely honest. I still actually prefer My Fitness Pal, and partly for other details. You can actually put in like a whole casserole recipe and then. Divide the servings. It’s a little more user friendly for families, but it’s free.
Here’s the thing, even if you’re not in a fitness and nutrition program, My Fitness Pal is a free app that you can start learning how to track the food that you’re consuming and see how it breaks down into macronutrients. If you have not listened to that podcast episode, you need to do so right now. If you’re still counting calories, you need to come to the light
You need to track macros. I. I talk about why, again, counting calories is not wrong, but if you are strictly counting calories, it is incomplete, possibly dangerously incomplete. You need to be tracking macros as well. So check out that podcast episode. But my fitness pals an excellent, excellent, free app to use to track the food that you are consuming, as well as enter your own recipes, et cetera.
Fitness essential number eight. I shared my favorite budget friendly four pack of race or back crop tops from Amazon. The majority of my workout clothes are from Amazon and they’re amazing. So I shared this four pack. They come in a lot of colors. It ends up breaking down to I think like six bucks a top.
You cannot beat. And they’re just the right length. I did mention you wanna size up in these. I typically wear smalls, but in these I wear medium, so I would size up number nine. Keyhole crop Top tanks. These are also from Amazon. This is probably my favorite workout top. It has an opening in the back. I also like it because it’s slightly longer in the back.
I don’t know, it just looks more flattering. I don’t know why. It’s a little shorter in the front. It’s true to size. I wear smalls lots and lots of color options, but especially in the summer, that keyhole in the back really keeps it. It keeps the breeze flowing through. I run in that top all the. Number 10.
Okay. My very, very favorite workout pants in the world, they’re called Slim Fit Joggers. They are amazing. These are my favorite workout pants. I have also been known to call these the Magic Pants . They’re so flattering. They are so comfortable they can be dressed up. I have warned them with. Wedge sneaker sandals.
So for a slightly dressier but casual look, these are amazing pants. You cannot go wrong with these. They have a really nice wide waist band. They have a great tapered leg. They have pockets. They’re absolutely incredible. So the slim fit joggers, number 10, you definitely want to check these out. My favorite long pants to work out in, or a lounge around in.
And then my favorite shorts, I have two. So number. Are the quick dry running shorts from Amazon. These took me a little bit to get used to because they’re really, really high wasted. So the secret I think to, to working out in these and feeling comfortable is using, pairing them with a crop top. And actually the crop tops that I shared work really, really well with these shorts.
It’s a really high waist and when you wear like a normal length shirt, It just looks really bunchy and it, it just doesn’t really work. So I will give you that disclaimer with these shorts. They are amazing. They’re really, really wide waist, which is great for running. They have side slits. They have a pocket for your phone.
I do recommend wearing one of the two crop tops that I mentioned with the these shorts, and it will definitely go together a little bit better. They run true to. My favorite compression shorts or biker shorts are the seven inch shorts from, I don’t know how to say the name of the company. I think it’s Bay Leaf, maybe.
They are very budget friendly. I have, I don’t know how long I’ve had mine now. They’ve held up really well. They are definitely not the same quality as, say, Under Armor. I’m a big Under Armor fan, but you pay, I could buy like three of these for one pair of Under Armor, shorts, . So we’ll see how long they last the elasticity, but they’re really nice length.
I love the seven inch. They’re very flattering and they’re comfortable running. They don’t ride up really high. So the seven inch compression yoga shorts, I highly, highly recommend. These are my favorite spandex shorts, also from Amazon. Number 13, a fitness watch, in case you have not heard me say it before, activity is not the same as exercise.
You still need to. Exercise being defined as keeping your heart rate to a moderate high intensity, which means you wanna get it above 130 beats per minute. If you go on a long bike ride, that’s great, but if your heart rate is not getting above a hundred because you’re just leisurely biking you guys, that’s not exercise.
That is activity. It is still preferable to sitting in front of a TV inside. But again, understand exercise is not the same as activity. People ask me, Well then how do I know if I’m actually getting the right amount of exercise? One of these watches, these fitness watches, is an excellent way to be able to determine that because you want to watch your heart rate.
Your heart rate should be sustained above 130 beats per minute to really benefit from the the cardiovascular element of exercise. So you wanna keep your heart rate up, these fitness watches, you can go hardcore and get the really, really expensive ones you, It’s not necessary. All you need is a cheaper fitness watch that can basically include a heart rate monitor while you work out.
It can track your steps, et cetera. I did link one very budget friendly. This might actually be an Amazon brand. Highly, highly, highly recommend one so that you can really start honing in on that heart rate. And also track your steps, steps or activity. Unless you’re speed walking and that gets your heart rate above 130, then we’re hitting exercise 14 or gains grass fed.
WHE protein powder is an essential in our house. Again, if you missed our protein series, be sure to check that out. I talk all about how to cut through the clutter of protein powders, understanding protein, the best food sources for protein, how to actually consume protein, in order to build muscle and shed fat.
You do not wanna miss that series. It was highly requested for the last several months, so I finally got around to doing, it’s a three part series. You wanna check that out. But the bottom line for gains, WHE powder is WHE protein Powder is my favorite. Chocolate and vanilla. But again, be sure to, uh, check out those podcast episodes.
Number 15, pb. Powder. So this is a powder form of peanut butter. What I like about it is that it is a great low carb option that still fills you up. Now, I’m not gonna get into it here, but just to be clear, protein, believe it or not, is actually not a significantly beneficial source of protein. It is a huge misnomer in the nutrition world.
People say, Oh, protein’s a great source, or Peanut butter’s a great source of. It actually isn’t. It’s a better source of fat. And here’s a side note, if you are not consuming all natural peanut butter, guess what else is in it? Sugar. If you are not consuming an all natural peanut butter, then you are likely consuming almost as much sugar.
There’s probably more sugar and fat than there are protein grams . So learn to read your labels, understand what you are eating and why, but this PB Fit powder I like because it is a low carb option, but still gives you a nice boost of protein that I will actually mix in with my protein powder with my WHE protein.
So PB Fit Powder is a great, great product to have in your fitness and nutrition arsenal. Number 16, interlocking home gym floor mats. These last forever I was, as I was writing this, I was thinking we’ve been using these. Floor mats for probably, gosh, probably seven years now. They’ve, This is the third house that these floor mats have.
Oh my gosh. No, I take that back. These were in our very, very first fixer upper Wow. So it’s been like eight or nine years since we’ve been using these floor mats. They last a really, really long time. Highly, highly recommend them. They lock, they’re like sort of a foam, so it is really nice, especially if you’ve got weights and you’re dropping ’em on the floor.
A very budget friendly option for a workout space anywhere in your home. Number 17. I would be remiss if I did not put this in here, but it is the faster way to fat loss virtual fitness nutrition program. I would love to have you join my program. In fact, the next round, my next six week virtual round starts on Monday, October 24th.
I would love to have you sign up. You can click on the link in the description or on the blog post show notes. I can’t say enough good things about this program. It is not original to me. I coach for a umbrella program, but in my groups I give you several hours of bonus material that clients have told me many times how much they appreciate.
So you do not want to miss that if you are ready to get fit and healthy before the holidays. Control of your health. Then you definitely want to join this next round, starting October 24th. I’d love to have you. We talk about everything from macro tracking. It includes meal plans. All the 30 minute exercises are on the app, intermittent fasting, carb cycling.
I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. The great investment for yourself before we go into the holidays. Number 18, glass meal. Leftover containers. I actually need to invest in more of these. Basically they are glass containers that just we, we try to prioritize glass over plastic when we can for multiple reasons, but these ones have little compartments and that are great for making lunches ahead of time or for storing leftovers.
Or if you are tracking food and you’re trying to create portions, again, it’s. It’s great for so many different things. You can reuse them a million times. This leads into product number 19. Which are my favorite freezer baking dishes. You might be like, What is a freezer baking dish? Well, Anchor Hawking is the name of the company and what’s unique about these glass dishes is they are thicker for one than the average, like nine by 13 baking dish.
This was several years ago now, but there was a season in my life when I was. My second master’s program, my second nursing masters, and Zach was coaching, he was also in a master’s program. It was just like a super guy. I had lots of little kids at home, so I was really into making monthly freezer meals. I really should get back to doing that, but what I would do is I would make these taser rolls and soups and crock pot recipes ahead of time, and I would Castros, for example, I’d put in these glass.
Freezer baking dishes from Anchor Hawking, and then they have this sealable lid that you put on. But the beautiful thing is you, you freeze them in these dishes and then you can take them from the freezer, thaw it, and put it right into the oven. They’re absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend them. We have two eight by eight eights and two nine by thirteens.
I use them all the. They’re great. Then you also store the leftovers in them. You just pop the lid back on, but you can also put ’em right in the freezer, so anchor hawking freezer baking dishes. Highly recommend you have tried it all. Worried you will never lose the extra weight or reclaim the energy you once enjoyed.
Want to achieve fat loss without spending hours in a gym or eliminating entire food groups from your diet? Well, now you can In the virtual faster way to fat loss. With Anna, my six week fitness nutrition program, you will learn how to pair effective 30 minute workouts with all natural evidence-based nutritional strategies to leverage what you eat and when you eat, to reset your metabolism and burn fat fast.
Even that stubborn belly. I am a dual certified nurse practitioner, passionate about teaching sustainable strategies to promote fat loss and prevent disease. I have cheered on thousands of clients who have done just that with the Faster Way program. In my six week program, the average client currently sheds seven inches of body fat.
93% report more energy and 89% state that their mental health has improved. 100% of clients report. They feel this program is sustainable. Curious to try the program, but not sure if the strategies will work for you. Try the faster way strategies for free. Head to and sign up for my free seven day fat.
Accelerator course today and start your own transformation story number 20, a body fat caliper . I, I love my clients here. We talk about body fat cas and they’re like, Ah, I’ll just use a body tape instead. People get real, real intimidated when I talk about measuring your body fat percentage because that’s really.
Really what I’m all about, it is a much better indicator of your overall health and wellness. Not to mention your disease risk as your body fat percentage. It’s not hard to measure. I know it feels very much like invasive, like I don’t wanna know how much body fat I have, but you guys wouldn’t. You rather have a number that you can actually use as opposed to the arbitrary number on a scale that is merely a reflection of your relationship with gravity and a terrible picture of your overall.
The answer’s yes, you should be nodding your head yes, . Don’t be scared of measuring your body fat. It is a much, much more accurate number, and you can actually determine your disease risk and truly calculate a number that matters and track a number. That’ll make a difference in the way that you live. So I included the body fat caliper.
It is, again, very cheap. It is an easy thing to have at home. If you have not looked at that blog post yet, I included the link, but you can learn how to measure your body fat percentage at home, and then how to find yourself on the body composition spectrum, meaning you measure your body fat percentage, you put yourself on the scale.
Body fat spectrum, not like the skill that you stand on and you see where you land. And the goal is to land smack in the middle. Smack in the middle. I feel like I’m saying that wrong. Smack dab in the middle, , I need more coffee. But basically on this body composition spectrum, you want to live in the middle in this healthy fit body fat percent.
That’s the goal. In order to truly thrive, prevent disease, and live well. Don’t be afraid of measuring your body fat percentage, and please be sure to check out that post and the links to learn how to do that. 21, an extra thick yoga mat. Here’s why I say extra thick because. I feel like I go through yoga mats yearly and I realized the reason was I was buying the like cheapo target version that is super, super thin.
And because I do all my workouts from home, I’m always on this yoga mat and it wears through. And it’s super thin by the end of the year with like holes starting to form in it. So get the extra thick one. I linked the most popular yoga mat on Amazon. This is actually on my own personal Christmas list, to get and invest in, but prioritize an extra thick one and also give you more support.
22, A foam roller. If you have really tight muscles, maybe you were an athlete and you had an old injury, and you are prone to hamstring pain or quad pain, or maybe it’s a calf tear that you still experience pain from. These foam rollers are amazing. It’s literally how it sounds. It’s a roller that’s made out of a really, really dense foam and you use your body weight to help roll out these muscles.
You can use them for your shoulders, you can use them for your back. So many different ways to use them. Your butt, I included that on it. These foam rollers are really beneficial. I used one for years to roll out my ilio tibial band, My it band. It’s the, um, band that basically runs from your hip down to your knee.
Zach, um, uses them a lot for his, his hip as well. Number 23, a Roman Hyper extension chair. One day when we finally build our house. I would like to get one of these. I do not own one of these. To be clear, I have used my mom’s multiple times and I love it. There are so many ways to use these. They’re not expensive, but it’s a great way to strengthen your lower back, and then you can use it for a lot of other things as well.
I will say this, there are some hacks to using these Roman chairs to extend your range of motion. For other exercises, you can use it for bicep curls, you can use it. There’s a lot of ways to use it. I actually included a link to a video to learn nine exercises that you can do with a Roman chair. This is a great addition to your fitness arsenal at home.
It really is to your home gym, and they’re not incredibly expensive. Number 24, This fitness essential is possibly, possibly one of the best investments Zach and I have ever made for our home. And again, to give you perspective, Zach and I have not owned a gym membership since we’ve been married. So that’s like what?
Oh, this is bad. I think 11 years. 11 years now. So we invested in this core home fitness adjustable dumbbell set with a stand. Oh my word. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Now we don’t have a million sets of dumbbells. It is one set that is adjust. And then we have them on a stand. Highly recommend them. Core Home Fitness is the name of the company, and we use them well.
I use them all of the time, and they take up a lot less space than a full dumbbell set. Highly, highly recommend. Number 25. This is a little hack for your home gym. Wherever you work out in your home is getting a large water jug dispenser with a. You will often see these in offices or in businesses, right, where they have like the big like five gallon water jug with like a pump on it.
You guys, you can just buy these on Amazon and keep them in your bedroom. If you work out in your bedroom, if you work out in your basement, it makes staying hydrated a lot easier cuz you’re not like, Oh man, I totally forgot to fill up my water bottle now if you’re run upstairs. But I don’t feel like it type of a.
So I just keep mine right here with my adjustable dumbbells, and when I run outta water, I don’t even have to run into the kitchen. I just pump it up right there. This is also my office, so it’s also nice during the day to help stay hydrated. I just use this five gallon water jug. So I included the products there so that you can create your.
A water bottle. This seems like an obvious one. I did link a really unique twist on a water bottle. It’s called a motivational timer water bottle. I think this is especially nice for people who have desk jobs who are working from nine to five or whatever, kind of have a normal day job because it actually has.
Times on it to remind you. So by two o’clock you should have drank this much water. By three o’clock you should have this much gone. So, you know, it’s kind of a nice, and it has like cute little phrase, like, Woohoo, go for it. You know? If you need some encouragement to drink to drink your water and stay hydrated, then maybe you wanna check out this motivational timer water bottle.
But invest in a good water bottle is the bottom. A good one, a big one that will help encourage hydration. If you did not listen to my 13 Ways to Consume More Water, you definitely wanna check that out. Side note, it’s possible that your headaches, your muscle spasms and palpitations might just simply be because you are not getting enough water.
Check out that podcast and I give lots of tips how much you should actually be drinking. It’s an easy formula and tips to get more water in every day. Every day you’ll be amazed how much better you feel. So be sure to check out that podcast, episode number 27, Strength Bands. Strength bands are a fabulous alternative to dumbbells.
One of the added benefits to strength bands is they often require a little bit more core stabilization to use because you have to get a little bit more creative. You often have to step on the bottom of one band in order to get enough range of motion to leverage the tension, and it’s often a great core workout as well.
What we love strength bands for the most is we take our bands on vacation or when traveling. A plug for the faster Way to Fat Loss program is almost every single workout has a strength band alternative move. So what I love about it is when I go on vacation, like when we go to the beach for two weeks, I take these strength bands along and I do strength workouts still at the beach using the strength band.
So it’s a great, great way to still get a strength workout in while not needing dumbbells or super heavy equipment. Number 28 is a yoga block, a yoga block. I use a l a yoga block during a lot of my workouts. Using it properly improves pelvic floor tone. Can help slim the inner thighs and improve lower back strength.
What I do is a lot of the moves, again, because I do all my own workouts from home. Anytime that I am laying on my back, like for chest work or even like shoulder stuff, I will elevate my hips and go into like a bridge position while squeezing a yoga block between my knees. I’m activating, This is a compound move.
I’m activating a lot of muscle. For one move. I also do this in my ab workout, so I created my own ab workout a long time ago. It has morphed. It originally was a, um, gosh, what’s the name of the program? I think it was an ab workout from P nine Dx that I did like, oh my gosh, probably nine years ago now. And I loved it, but I started to modify it over time to try to make the move.
More compound, meaning I was getting more bang from my buck. One of the things that I did was added a yoga block to improve my pelvic floor tone. It has definitely made a difference in like thigh strength, like that inner thigh, everyone carries fat in different places. For me, it would be more like truco.
So for those of you that don’t know what that means, that would mean like belly. So that would be where I would tend, You know, for some people they put it on their hips or their butt. Everyone carries differe. By including a yoga block and a lot of my exercises between my knees, I have definitely toned my inner thighs much, much more.
I have actually included the link to get my nine minute alast. I do this twice a week, twice a week. If I really, really, really wanted to cut in addition to significant nutritional changes, I would probably up this to three times a week. But on a regular basis, I do my alast twice a. Typically on Tuesdays, and then once over the weekend at some point.
So, and I use a yoga block, so you can get that. You just click on the link and it, you can enter your email and it’ll go right to you. Highly, highly recommend it. Get a lot of bang for your buck with that workout. Twice a week. Twice a week. To tone your abs, your pelvic floor, and your inner thigh. Number 29, the Adidas Cloud foam slip on sneakers.
Now if you read the description for these sneakers, they will suggest that they are running shoes. As somebody who ran track competitively for eight years and still love running today, a do not recommend running in these shoes, . These are not running shoes. Am I? Personal opinion, do not be running in these shoes.
They are, however perfect for home workouts. I love them. They are super easy to slip on, slip off. I keep them actually here in my office. I just slip them on for my workout. Again, I workout for the most part first thing in the morning, and they’re super convenient for really easy home workouts. Again, I do not recommend these for running.
So what do I recommend for running? Well? This is gonna be number 30. As somebody who ran competitively for eight years, I also ran for a couple years in college. I went through a lot of different sneaker brands. There are some really, really good ones out there. This one is not the end all be all, but I have been using asics running shoes for years and years.
They are my personal favorite. I included the link to the running shoes that I have been buying. Uh, probably since I ran track in college, actually asics are the brand that I landed on that I just loved. Many, many professional runners will also back up that Asics is an excellent running brand, so I highly recommend asics.
31 is called a deck of cards. Work out now. These are super fun. In full disclosure, I have never actually used this specific deck of cards. I love deck workouts, So card deck workouts, basically. Um, this is one of the other go-tos that we do on vacation when we’re traveling. I just stick a deck of cards in because we bring them along anyway to play games.
So what I will do is I’ll use a deck of cards and you assign four exercises to each suit. So say pushups, Russian twists, um, plank with shoulder taps and jump lunges. I just made that up on the spot, but each of them would be assigned a suit and then when you pull a jack of hearts, that would be say 11 jump lunges if hearts are jump lunges.
So huge, huge card deck workout. But I found these online where it’s literally exercise cards that one are exercise cards for body weight, one are exercise cards for strength bands. Like there’s all different categories, which I thought was super, super cool. So I included the body weight one because it’s a no equipment workout.
Which is really convenient. So store this for when you travel. This is a great resource for when you travel or you’re going on vacation. A resource like this that is a, you know, no equipment workout. So body weight exercise cards is what it is called. 32 wireless earbuds. If you are watching this on. These are the exact earbuds that I am talking about when I speak on podcasting.
I’ve done a couple presentations now on podcasting and obviously one of the essential pieces of equipment are earbuds to prevent feedback from the sound. And I found these, and I have been using these for some time now. I had no idea what people were paying for earbuds. These are like 30 some dollars.
Made by Toso, I think is the name of the brand. And you guys, these are like indestructible. I have two pairs of these. I have a ping pair and a white pair. The ping pair initially bought for running and I accidentally put them through the wash. I stuck them in a pocket of my shorts and then washed them.
And I was so mad at myself cuz I was like, oh my gosh, I just, you know, wasted 30 bucks. Put them through the washing machine. They went through the dryer as well. I bought these then cuz I was like, well there’s no way that they still work. You guys, they still work fine , they, when they say they’re waterproof, that is no.
They’re waterproof. So now I run in the rain with these like they’re absolutely amazing. So these earbuds do not pay a hundred dollars for these earbuds. Oh my goodness. Don’t do it. These work really, really well. They are waterproof. You can put them through the washer and the dryer and they’re still work.
That pink pair is what I use for running these, I strictly use for podcasting. So anyways, Pozo wireless earbuds, cannot recommend them. Work smarter, not harder, and save some bucks in the process. The last one, number 33, along with the running earbuds, is an arm band for your phone. We’ve been using Arm, Zach and I both have been using arm bands for some time, and um, they often rip, I don’t, maybe we were just getting really cheap ones, which is entirely possible, but this, the one that I linked is by far my favorite.
Arm band. If you follow me on Instagram and you see when I post videos, running videos, um, you’ll probably see this. I wear it every time that I run. I know that a lot of the compression shorts or like for example, the shorts that I just shared, both have a pocket for your phone. I don’t like working out with my phone in my pocket.
I feel like my pants are falling. I mean, phones are really big nowadays, you know what I mean? It’s like a mini computer, it feels like, and they’re just heavy and I, I don’t like that feeling, so I don’t like running with my phone or even working out with my phone in my shorts. So I definitely prefer the arm band.
This arm band is my favorite so far. It is definitely the best quality that I have had yet it is also waterproof. I, I run in the rain with this arm band with my phone. And these earbuds and have never had any problems. So I hope that you guys found something useful in this list. Again, these are tried and true products that I back with my own experience.
These links that I included will take you to the exact product to make sure that. I’m actually referring you to the exact product that I am using, and I hope that you can move smarter, not harder, and save some pennies. In the meantime, happy exercising. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Imperfectly Empowered Podcast.
I would love to hear your thoughts from today, head to your preferred podcasting platform, and give the show an honest review and let me know what you. Remember, you cannot be redefined, only redeveloped one imperfect day at a time. Your story matters and you are loved.

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