Thanksgiving At The Cabin 2021

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One of my favorite places with some of my favorite people – today I am recapping our family’s fun for Thanksgiving at the cabin this year.

This cabin has been in my family for decades.

It is quietly nestled in the middle of the mountains here in PA off the beaten track, and it is one of the most laid-back retreats in existence.

There’s no technology. No tv. No radio. No screens. And part of the decor includes a large wooden hammer called the “cell-phone smasher.”

We have celebrated Thanksgiving here as a family for 20+ years.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – the works 🙂

There are now 4 generations here each year.

I couldn’t get Caleb to stand still for more than 5 seconds, but if we had him in this shot yet it would be 4 generations of puzzling men.

Pun intended.

My kids LOVE playing games with Gram. They have already logged hours and hours of their little lives playing games together!

Playing games with Aunt Emily who is dating cousin Tyler. Confused? So were my kids at first.

Emily is my sister, and Tyler is Zach’s cousin.

When I first told Gracie they were dating she instantly said, “But then Emily who is my aunt would be my cousin, and Tyler who is my cousin would be my uncle.”

She didn’t skip a beat. First, I explained to her that dating is not a marriage license, and at least this way she gets a two-for-one deal of some of her favorite people. Ha.

It was so sweet to watch these cousins play Monopoly Junior together.

Great Grampa and lily.

Great Gramma and Lily.

My girl.

No Makeup. No shower. No problems. #cabinlife

The cousins formed a train and entertained us with their aesthetically pleasing height-based order.

For quite a few years now it has become a tradition to run down the mountain.

One person drives us up to the top, and then we run the 9 miles back.

When we aren’t running through the beautiful mountains, walking to the candy store or playing at the park you will find us eating an unnecessary amount of food or doing a group workout by the fire. Haha.

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I hope you are enjoying this amazing holiday season and Christmas in full swing at your house. I will see you back here for coffee and conversation on Saturday!

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  1. What fun and memories…reminding us that holidays are more than decor and food. I loved all the activities, games, and most important a phone/Ipad free holiday! Hugs, I hope you have a great Holiday Season, I’m sure you will!

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