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Last week 3 members of the family got hit with the GI bug while Caleb and I got an upper respiratory infection which was then doubly unkind and hit Lily only days after she got over the GI bug.

Although her appetite hadn’t fully returned from the GI bug, she stopped eating completely accompanied by a low-grade fever and worsening lower abdominal pain.

This seasoned ER nurse practitioner saw a lot of the classic symptoms of pediatric appendicitis although there were some outlying symptoms as well.

Long story short my spunky, sassy, spirited girl was lethargic by the time she ended up in the ER after the pediatrician’s office.

Well, almost lethargic.

Lily with a fever has more stubbornness and stamina than most healthy adults without a fever and her commentary for the 4-hour ER stay left me torn between laughing and crying the entire time.

She was already super offended when we left the pediatrician’s office because she had to pee in a cup (despite a temp of 102.4 she resisted for almost an hour until she was about to explode).

Then when we got to the ER she was furious that she had to spend another second with “more doctors.” Every time someone walked into the room, whether they were medical or not, (the poor registration guy) Lily would glare at them and exclaim, “Seriously?!”

When asked where her belly pain was (which of course happened a lot), she would point to every part of the body but her belly – a knee, an elbow, her nose.

I knew she wasn’t critical due to the fact she could maintain such a level of orneriness.

When we left the ER I was carrying her past the vending machines when she pointed and said, “This place was not fun, but they do have Cheetos.”

What? This child.

The next day I realized I left my Kindle in the ER and was bemoaning the fact that I had to go back in to pick it up. Lily looked at me in consolation and said, “I know you are sad, Mommy, but it is your fault.”

I died. She wasn’t wrong.

All that to say she was diagnosed with an extremely rare medical condition for her age called intussusception (the bowel telescopes on itself), and the pediatric surgeon discharged her to be monitored at home for worsening symptoms. We praise the Lord that a couple of days later she finally was able to eat without pain and although she needs a follow-up ultrasound to confirm resolution we are so thankful for her recovery.

Thank you for the prayers, the kind notes, the messages of follow-up, and even the “fun” gifts you mailed Lily. My word. This community has been such a blessing. It is during days like these that I find myself even more grateful for the rays of sunshine piercing through the clouds. If you are in a dark season, then please accept my virtual hug. You are not alone, and I pray today that would see and feel the sun.

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Have a great weekend!

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