Refreshing Mountain Zip Lines Obstacle Course

Refreshing Mountain Zip Lines Obstacle Course

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Join our day of family fun at the Refreshing Mountain Retreat zip lines obstacle course in Lancaster Country, PA.

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For Christmas, my parents bought the kids a day on the ziplines obstacle course at Refreshing Mountain Retreat.

My siblings and I did the zipline course here years ago as kids, so it was super fun to do it with my own kids.

If you are local, then you need to check out Refreshing Mountain Retreat!

They have cabins you can rent out year-round, an amazing pool, high ropes course, zipline, and a Christmas lights display over the winter.

Refreshing Mountain Zip Lines Obstacle Course

Here we are getting geared up!

They have 2 guides that help you get geared up and lead you through the course.

My dad stayed on the ground with lily Bug and my mom, Gracie, Caleb and I went through the course.

First you zipline to the beginning of the top level of the high ropes course, and there isn’t a lot of easing into the height.

Gracie was feeling very panicky at the top and opted out of the ropes portion, so she walked across the bridge and waited at the next zipline pole for us as my mom, Caleb, and I finished the ropes course.

Above you can see my mom, myself and Caleb on the ropes.

Caleb was cracking me up. He kept telling me every couple minutes that he was going to die, but he still wanted to do the whole thing. Haha.

There are 2 levels below the high ropes course which are a separate course and unconnected to the high ziplines.

Next ziplines here we go! There are 5 total in the high ropes course.

There goes Caleb!

My dad accidentally missed Caleb and me going down, but here goes my mom!

We had a picnic dinner by the pool and they also have a little cafe there.

Pool time!

We had so much fun! Have you ever been to Refreshing Mountain Retreat? Where are your local favorites?

For more of our local favorites be sure to check out:

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Refreshing Mountain Zip Lines Obstacle Course

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