A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
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A Day At Cherry Crest Farm

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Join us for a day of family adventure at Cherry Crest Farm located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.


I first visited Cherry Crest Farm years ago as a little girl when their main attraction was a corn maze and a food stand. Many years and many visits later, I now come every fall for a fun-filled day with my own family!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Lily and I are ready for our annual fall adventure at Cherry Crest Farm!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Cherry Crest is open in the summer through the end of October. Tickets are slightly cheaper if you buy them online.


Zach’s family joined us for the day. Love us some, Aunt Aubrey!!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

The corn maze can take up to 2 hours itself with activities throughout. We skipped it this time, but with elementary aged kids this is a really fun activity!!


The rubber duck races are one of the first things my kids want to do.


Ok, let’s take a moment to appreciate this ingenuity. I have gotten several awesome ideas from Cherry Crest that I hope to incorporate into our property when we build. These swinging hammocks are one of them.

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

This game tent is super fun and also has a lot of fun ideas. Caleb was very into the shuffleboard.

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Daddy was hard at work while Lily was enjoying one of Cherry Crest’s famous hot apple cider donuts.


These DIY jenga blocks were HEAVY. Like break a toe heavy which definitely upped the ante in our heated competition. #likemotherlikedaughter


We were nearing the end of the tower, and Gracie was having a hard time getting her block out. She looked at me and said, “Mommy, how about we not have a winner and a loser?” Like any good mother I replied, “Gracie, there will always be winners and losers in life, and you’re about to lose.” The mom across the table looked at me like I had grown horns. Haha.


For the record Gracie did NOT lose, and when I pulled the last block and sent them all tumbling I reminded her that success does not always mean winning but working hard and finishing well. This means accepting our wins and our losses with grace (and style). Jenga for the life lesson win.


Speaking of wins and losses, this game was boys versus girls (brothers versus sisters).

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Nice move boys.

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

But this face wins for overall cuteness.

[wpvideo 1VSiB2q2]

Also how on earth did Gracie’s forty some pounds beat my one hundred and mmm, mmm pounds down this slide? Physics for the win??!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Sling shot. Want some help buddy?


Mommy and Caleb power!!


Caleb had a blast at the DIY log cabin station.


Without a doubt this little man would have stayed here all day.


And he might have except . . .

[wpvideo QTvZ6CRq]

. . . the big trampoline was across the way!!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Does anything bring out our competitive spirits more than a classic mallet striker game? Swing it girl!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Go Caleb!!


And of course, two swings and hit the bell. It should be noted, however that his father got it on the first swing. (Zach said his “hands slipped.”) Uh-huh.


Show off.


Go Tyler!


Aunt Diana’s turn.


Ok this is harder than it looks.


I got close but I was sweating by the end.


They have another section that is all sports related which is a lot of fun. The first – soccer, or the “introduction sport” as our buddy, Chris Rich, would say.


To football. A bunch of Fulmers throwing footballs. What’s new. Ha.


Show ’em how it’s done, Lil!

[wpvideo DZGpWGZt]

Alright Coach. Future quarterback material right here?? Bahahaha. Oh Caleb.


Daddy’s turn. Yup. Show off.


Gracie was crushing hoops.


Aunt Diana, showing the youngins how to throw a ball 😉


Cherry Crest has a big line up of campfire sites like these that you can reserve for a day or a weekend. You can add a canopy, multiple sites etc, but it’s so fun because you can set up “camp” with a big group of people while you enjoy the farm.

Check out their reservation options here!

A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Tractor pull.


Amish country at it’s finest.


Hammock pergola on the top of a hill? Yes please.


Sweet babies. Blessed mama.


I love how Zach is just watching his father and cousin struggle.


So Lily. How about those Miami Dolphins…




And if there isn’t enough to do here . . .


The only way to exit the farm is through the general store.


Yup. So many cute things.

[wpvideo 1iLbDy3H]

The Strasburg Railroad steam engines run right through the farm. 60 attractions sprawled across 25 acres of beautiful farmland, Cherry Crest is a must-do on your next visit to PA!

Till next year Cherry Crest!

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    A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
    A Day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

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