Meal Plan #90 & Carved Pumpkin Hacks

Meal Plan #90 & Carved Pumpkin Hacks

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Happy meal planning Monday! Enjoy this week’s healthy recipes and 5 ways to prevent your carved pumpkins from turning into a mushy mess.

Pumpkin carving and decorating is a fun October activity, but they can easily turn into a slimy, mushy mess in as little as three days. If you would like to prevent this from happening and keep your carved pumpkins proudly on display, try some of these simple preservation hacks.

Soak your pumpkin in a bleach solution

Dunking your pumpkin in a bleach solution can prevent it from molding for over 7 days. The bleach kills those pesky microorganisms that cause your pumpkin to rot. To make your solution, combine 3 teaspoons of bleach with 3 gallons of water and allow your pumpkin to soak for 2 minutes. Let air dry and enjoy!

Use an opened silica packet

You know those little packets that sometimes come in a new purse or a new pair of shoes? They are called silica packets and they prevent moisture, which helps stop mold from forming in a carved pumpkin too. Sprinkle some inside – just make sure to keep them away from kids and pets.

Meal Plan #90 & Carved Pumpkin Hacks

Spray it with WD-40

The main ingredient in WD-40 is mineral oil, which helps keep your pumpkin protected from moisture and looking fresh. If you’re preserving a carved pumpkin, make sure you spray the inside and outside until it is saturated. WD-40 is flammable, so make sure you are not using a real candle inside. Stay safe and opt for a battery operated one.

Rub it with petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is another easy way to keep your pumpkin looking perfect for a little bit longer. It seals in the natural moisture while preventing additional moisture from forming, so you won’t have any wrinkly, rotting pumpkins. Spread it throughout the inside and also on the cut areas.

Spread vegetable oil on it

Just like with petroleum jelly, using a vegetable-based oil like olive oil will hold that moisture in while creating a barrier. Apply it throughout the inside of the pumpkin as well as the cut areas. With both of these methods, it does help to reapply as necessary.

Now onto this week’s meal plan. In case you missed any posts last week you can read them here!

In case you missed any posts last week you can read them here!

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #90

Download a healthy weekly meal plan with a grocery shopping template for macro-friendly recipes to make meal planning easy.

Click HERE to download a macro-friendly healthy weekly meal plan to your phone/desktop with linked recipe instructions and a digital grocery list template to make your life easier!

Watch the video below to see how to use my digital meal plan and grocery list template.

All of these recipes include macros per serving and can be added to My Fitness Pal by typing “fat macro” etc in the ingredient search tool.

Bon appetit!

This fajita sheet pan salmon and green beans recipe takes all of 10 minutes to prepare, 15 minutes to cook, and no time at all to eat! 

This skillet sausage and peppers recipe can be prepped, made, and served in 15 minutes for a quick and easy dinner!

Loaded with meat and veggies simmered in a flavorful red sauce, this gluten free and dairy free slow cooker chicken and veggies marinara recipe is perfect for enjoying by itself or add pasta with this hands-free slow cooker trick! 

This low-carb, gluten-free Cheese And Ham Squash Casserole is a burst of nutritious flavor and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

With whole proteins and a rainbow of veggies, this cheddar chicken and broccoli quinoa casserole makes for a delicious nutrient-dense dinner.

Here is to a great week friends!

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Download a healthy weekly meal plan with a grocery shopping template for macro-friendly recipes to make meal planning easy.

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